Second attempt to sell Adria Airways’ HQ


The headquarters of Slovenia’s former national carrier Adria Airways have been put up for sale for a second time following a failed attempt last year. Built in 2009, the four-story building features 4.400 square metres and includes offices, classrooms, a car park and a warehouse. It is located next to Ljubljana Airport. The starting price for the building complex has now been set at 3.7 million euros, down from 4.1 million the first time around. Interested bidders must also pay a 185.000 euro deposit. Adria Airways’ bankruptcy trustee will inform all interested parties of the outcome of the public bidding within fifteen days of the deadline, which has been set for June 13. Bankruptcy administrator, Janez Pustatičnik, previously said a foreign investor had expressed interest for the building.


  1. Anonymous11:02

    It won't sell again.

    1. Anonymous11:58

      Auctions in the Balkans always fail the first time so that the price gets cut for the second one. When the second one comes, the most serious buyer either goes all out for it or buys out other participants so that they do not bid and makr easy money. Then the price gets slashed again, and the third auction is a success.

    2. Anonymous19:46

      Next time 2.9 million euros and will be sold to the only party interested.


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