Pristina registers busiest April on record


Pristina Airport has continued its record run so far in 2022 by welcoming 261.454 passengers in April, representing an impressive increase of 36.1% on the pre-pandemic 2019. “We thank all our travellers and especially our diaspora”, the airport said. Pristina Airport handled 807.349 passengers during the first four months of the year, up 20.8% on the same period during the previous record breaking 2019.


  1. Anonymous13:51

    Wait a minute, the difference between BEG and PRN is actually now quite low right? If BEG manages to close April with 1 million, then the difference will be barely less than 200,000 passengers! PRN and TIA have shown extremely impressive figures in the entire Balkans.

    1. Anonymous15:38

      Belgrade had in March 294.000 that is 100.000 more than PRN.
      Totally in first 3 months BEG had 744.000 and PRN had in 4 months 807.000. As we expect to have more than 350.000 in April in BEG it just shows BEG will be close to 1.100.000 in first 4 months of this year.
      I would not say that difference of 25% or a bit more is low.

  2. Anonymous14:30

    Bravo PRN!

  3. Anonymous16:03

    Imagine if Kosovo will get visa lib. It can overtake BEG

    1. Anonymous16:29

      True dat. An airport heavily relying on transfers.

  4. Anonymous12:02

    This year PRN ~3 million pax

  5. Anonymous12:35

    Such figures are every Airports dream. Well done PRN!


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