Skopje Airport pushes back runway overhaul completion


Skopje Airport has delayed the completion of its runway rehabilitation project by just over ten days. Originally set to be concluded by May 16, work is now expected to be finalised on May 28. Accordingly, the Notice To Airmen (NOTAM) - an aviation document informing all carriers of important and urgent messages - has been amended. As a result, flights will be unable to land at Skopje Airport between 09.00 and 17.00 until the runway work is completed. Airlines which were to increase operations to the Macedonian capital upon the completion of the runway rehabilitation on May 16 have now pushed back their plans until after May 28.


  1. Anonymous11:25

    Guys how is this ok?

  2. Did anyone expected that this will be completed on time :) :)
    It is Balkan and it is normal

  3. Anonymous02:25

    Macedonian construction firms obviously are mediocre as much as they can be. Thus are unable and incapable in working double shifts, and or third shifts as to not disrupt air traffic (or even complete the work ahead of even on time). The airport knowing this has no choice but to be their hostage. That's the simple sad reality. This comes from someone that lives in N. Macedonia.

    1. Yes ,sadly, they are experts only when working on projects abroad.

    2. Anonymous12:45

      All the work is done by a company from Georgia.


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