Air Serbia aims for 100 destinations by 2027

Air Serbia is striving to serve 100 scheduled and regular charter destinations by its centenary in 2027, the airline’s CEO, Jiri Marek, said. This year, the Serbian carrier is maintaining just over seventy scheduled and charter points in Europe, North America and North Africa. It comes following the introduction of seventeen new routes this year from Belgrade, Niš and Kraljevo. “We are currently recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic. This year, we are starting to grow again. We are flying to more than seventy scheduled and charter destinations. Where we are going is very easy. By 100 years we aim to have 100 destinations”, Mr Marek said at a gathering marking 95 years of commercial aviation in Serbia.

The General Manager of Belgrade Airport, Francois Berisot, said, the airport would support the national carrier in its future expansion plans. “Three years ago we unfortunately stepped into one of the most challenging times for all of us. We shared the same pain and same storm with Air Serbia. I want to congratulate Air Serbia and to thank the national carrier for their remarkable recovery and the way they have faced this storm. Air Serbia has proven to be a major key of our traffic recovery at Belgrade Airport. This crisis showed us how much stronger we are together”, Mr Berisot said. He added, “Air Serbia connects Belgrade and Serbia to Europe, to the region and to the whole world. Our goal is to make the airport the best tool to successfully grow and develop together. In the years to come, our national carrier and the airport will continue to strengthen Belgrade’s position as a well-connected regional hub and will continue to reaffirm this part of Europe as a desirable destination”.

Key to Air Serbia’s future expansion plans will be the growth of its fleet. The airline has wet-leased four aircraft to support its development plans this year but has faced operational challenges since the start of the peak travel period, with several flights cancelled over the weekend. “Currently, the situation in passenger air transport throughout Europe is burdened with great challenges, which are primarily related to the effects of the two-year crisis resulting from coronavirus pandemic, and the consequent travel restrictions, as well as a significant decrease in demand. All sectors of passenger air transport in Europe, from aircraft maintenance, through ground handling, airports, to airlines, are now facing exceptional seasonal growth in demand on the one hand, and relatively limited resources on the other, including a shortage of manpower. Passenger air transport is a highly interlinked industry, so delays and rescheduling in any of its segments lead to further phase delays and potential flight cancellations. As a result of the late entry of one of our aircraft to the fleet over the weekend and other technical reasons, we experienced delays and cancellations of some scheduled and charter flights”. Overall, the Serbian carrier cancelled four flights over the weekend, including one service each to Zurich, Hanover, Tirana and Tivat. On Saturday, its tenth Airbus A319, delivered a month ago, entered the fleet.


  1. Anonymous09:02

    Considering they added an average of ten new routes in 2019 and 2022 I think it is possible.

    1. Anonymous11:07

      I m afraid..doesn't work..

  2. Anonymous09:03

    This can only be achieved if they completely renew their fleet.

  3. Anonymous09:03

    Even admin reported it. We talked about the delays many times here and now cancellations. Those huge sudden expansions were never good for smaller companies.
    If they pretend to reach 2027, then definitely new aircraft need to be bought and not only temporary leased.

    1. Anonymous09:06

      "Pretend to reach 2027" what does that mean?

    2. Anonymous09:41

      Yes delays are really getting out of hand and it is not because of staffing issues but because of bad fleet planning and many planes going tech. JU really needs to pull its act together.

    3. Anonymous09:42

      There are staffing issues actually. With the crew.

    4. Anonymous11:10

      Of course when they dont want to hire more people, plus the existing ones are quitting due to considerably worse working conditions in comparison to other airlines...

    5. Anonymous14:50

      Yes I heard many are quitting

    6. Anonymous15:21

      He translated 'pretenduje' as pretend. He should have wrote; strive.

  4. Anonymous09:11

    Some of these destinations could be long haul

  5. Anonymous09:11

    If they are thinking long term then their fleet solution can't be short term like this summer.

    1. JATBEGMEL12:48

      They really underestimated the amount of aircraft they needed this summer, hence why a fourth aircraft has come in. Even 2 dry leases wouldn't be enough considering that scheduled routes are still down on frequencies and not enough for the demand.

  6. Anonymous09:12

    With this kind of fleet planning, I'm not sure about it. Their atr76 already had problems and didn't operate any morning flight (aircraft was scheduled for Ljubljana and the flight was canceled)

    1. Anonymous09:14

      I'm not trying to defend them, but many airlines are having operational issues this summer with lack of staff and fleet.

    2. Anonymous09:17

      Problem je posada a ne ATR.

    3. Anonymous09:21

      So many airlines are having staffing issues. They really have not been well prepared.

    4. Anonymous09:43

      I think the problem is JU. Wizz fired almost all of their BEG staff and then hired them before summer. Now their Belgrade base operates without any problems.

      also staffing isn't an issue, it's their fleet reliablity. Yesterday three A319s were out of service!

    5. Anonymous09:49

      Wizz Air has 15 routes from Belgrade. Air Serbia is staffing over 70 routes. Not the same.

    6. Anonymous09:54

      Doesn't matter, Wizz Air operates a high density A321 with 230 seats meaning that for each plane they need two pilots and five cabin crew. Multiply that by the number of flights they have and you will see that their numbers are not that small for a FOREIGN carrier operating out of BEG.

    7. Anonymous09:55

      If it's staff...why cancel it 12hours before departure, and not day or two ahead?
      Or why even schedule it at the first place

    8. Anonymous09:58

      Because crew gets sick and there is no back up, no one reserve.

    9. Anonymous09:58

      Also you should see the scheduled of JU crew this July. It is crazy. They are only getting minimum rest and working almost every day.

    10. Anonymous10:02

      But having no crew for 3 rotatiosn(ZAG,LJU,VIE) doesn't sound realistic

    11. Anonymous10:20

      Firs for all Wizz didn’t fire all of its employees, but just a few. And needs a lot more than one set of crew per aircraft per day.

    12. Anonymous10:53

      Don't forget that they also cancelled the night flight to SKG which was supposed to be operated by A319.

    13. JATBEGMEL12:59

      I think quite a number of crew are exceeding legalities due to some of the delays theyre experiencing, forcing them to further delay or cancel flights. Crew being sick makes the situation worse.


      Wizz had staffing issues last year to the point that they had to lease in aircraft with crew while their own aircraft didn't have the crew to operate them.

      Wizz are currently being investigated by EASA for putting pressure on crew to fly fatigued.

    14. Anonymous23:37

      They can come over and investigate JU after they're done with Wizz... They would be truly amazing at what they would see :)))

    15. Anonymous00:00

      I read crew being sick so I have to ask of what? I don't think it's corona, the numbers are really low unless all cases from Serbia are from Air Serbia.

    16. Anonymous00:09

      Numbers are low because no one is getting tested anymore. But there is some sort of flu going around. Many people getting high fevers for 2-3 days. Myself included and many people I know.

    17. Anonymous00:17

      Covid is on the rise. Daily numbers have doubled in just a week and the same is happening across Europe.

  7. Anonymous09:15

    They need to order neo planes and add more ATRs to the fleet.

    1. Anonymous09:36

      We already should have had a 320neo deployed.....

    2. Anonymous09:42

      JU has no cash for new planes unfortunately. Also, they really don't need the neos at the moment.

    3. JATBEGMEL13:36

      No need for a new aircraft order until they sort out their finances. Leases will do just fine.

  8. Anonymous09:16

    This would be nice and symbolic.

  9. Anonymous09:25

    Who on earth sent YU APN to Heathrow past Saturday departing BEG at 21:15 when destination airport has flight ban starting at 23:00 local time and it was obvious that plane couldn't reach the airport by the time flight ban begins, turnaround and depart back.

    Finally the plane was cleared to land at 23:20 after cruising half an hour and approaching runway from the opposite direction to avoid overflying the city. As a consequence the plane has been held at Heathrow entire Sunday, returning to Belgrade 24 hours later causing further delays and cancellations.

    Sunday cancellations have nothing to do with European havoc, but havoc in Air Serbia itself, and ignorance of its employees regarding planning and basic regulations.

    1. Anonymous09:26

      Grom je pogodio avion.

    2. Anonymous09:41

      Nije grom, već gomila diletanata i to traje već neko vreme

    3. Anonymous09:45

      Operativni se raspada, ne znaju gde biju i jako lose rade svoj posao. Jednostavno malo ko zeli da radi za JU jer su plate uglavnom mizerne i onda tako skuplja s konca i konopca.

    4. Anonymous10:19

      To je vidljivo iz aviona da se sistem raspada i da nema nikakvog planiranja. Roboti bi bolje planirali saobracaj, operativno centar je nepotreban u ovakvom obliku i treba da ih bude sramota.

    5. Anonymous13:01

      The last three comments are probably that guy that's out to get Grozdanic under every Air Serbia article. Probably someone who got fired from JU for sucking.

    6. Anonymous13:07

      Možda bi manje partijskog zapošljavanja bilo adekvatno rešenje.

    7. Anonymous14:52

      JU should not give us ammunition from which to fire at them. Of they were well run people wouldn't be complaining.

    8. JATBEGMEL20:50


      People will complain about anything, just for the sake of complaining. Everything is ammunition.

      Our people love thinking we're the worst for some reason. JU is far from ideal, but not a total disaster. KLM flights inbound to AMS were not taking pax, while AMS for weeks has been chaos. Wizz is being investigated for forcing crew to fly fatigued. Ryan Air crew in 5 countries will go on strike. Lufthansa has again issues with racism towards passengers. British Airways is cutting 10% of their schedule due to crew shortages. An Edelweiss pilot was recently filmed in EDI loading luggage onto the plane as there wasn't enough ground staff to do the job. Easyjet removing seats to lower crew count on flights. And the list continues.

      JU made a poor decision to go light in bringing in dry lease aircraft to their fleet while wanting an ambitious schedule for the summer. It'll be an expensive mistake made in an attempt to save money. But they're far from the worst in Europe.

    9. Anonymous23:42

      Anonymous 09:45 & 10:19 are correct on all counts, but I have to add that the plane WAS hit by lighting strike. Plane and crew was grounded and crew stayed at rhe airport all night and morning because Ops could not find them a hotel due to irregular operations at LHR due to weather. Talk about a shit storm situation.

    10. Anonymous23:55

      No free hotel room in London? I can't believe that.

    11. Anonymous06:42

      You better do.. Because its true

  10. Anonymous09:25

    Hopefully in Europe they will finally consider Portugal.

    1. Anonymous12:11

      Yes, but they first need to secure planes. But yes, LIS and OPO and why not Funchal...

    2. Anonymous18:21

      I read your comments and it's really interesting. I used to work for JU TLV, i flew with them from TLV to BEG and I really miss them like a lot of passengers.

  11. Anonymous09:30

    They need to find a way to improve their sales so that their summer seasonal routes can survive the whole year.

  12. Anonymous09:32

    Good to hear

  13. Anonymous09:32

    Good for ASL! I'm hoping for some expansion news for next spring/summer!

  14. Anonymous09:32

    First thing they should do is get regional jets.

    1. Anonymous09:34

      That would be the logical strategy. But instead they will get more mid age A319s and wet leases.

    2. Anonymous09:37

      Wet leases are anyhow done only in summer.

  15. Anonymous09:35

    I think JU must look into Israel, Egypt or even Africa.

  16. Anonymous09:35

    I hope they try again with VAR. The only thing is that they need to change the schedule and make it similar to the one in SOF.. Anyway, good luck ASL!

  17. Anonymous09:36

    Good. I hope we soon see the next chapter of long haul expansion

    1. Anonymous14:42

      It’s about time

  18. Anonymous09:39

    I wonder if Markek will even be the CEO when the airline celebrates its 100th birthday.

    As for delays, the party continues this morning. These are flights with a delay greater than 30 minutes:

    LCA 06.35/ 08.19
    AMS 06.40/ 07.25
    TIV 06.45/ 08.21
    DUS 06.45/ 07.53
    BLQ 06.50/ 07.31
    PRG 06.50/ 07.38
    TGD 07.00/ 08.24
    BER 07.10/ 07.48
    ZRH 07.15/ 08.42
    TIV 10.10/ 11.20 (already moved)
    LHR 10.20/ 11.25
    ZRH 12.35/ 13.30

    So Marek should maybe stay silent as the airline he commands is experiencing a total operational meltdown. If this situation lasts then there shouldn't be any other choice for him but to resign.

    1. Anonymous09:50

      Did Marek do something personally to you?

      Otherwise I can't understand such a hate against the man who really moved the company into right direction. It is not ok to see so many delays, but let's not forget that sometimes it is also the consequencse of European Air Traffic control which does not allow plane to take off even if it is ready due to the full air space over some countries. Many times I have witnessed that situation. And of course if one flight gets delayed for 30-40 minutes beacuse of that problem it automatically affects all the other flights on that day.

      I am not saying that it is the only reason of delay. There is no doubt that planes going tech or operational activities on the ground also affect on time schedule, but going so directly and personally against the man who helped JU to open so many new routes and develop in right direction could have nothing but deeper and private reasons. Sad.

    2. If companies production is stopped due to company not being prepared, it's usually CEOs fault (even if some of workers messed up), no idea why the same concept shouldn't be used in aviation.

      To have 3 cancelled flights (12h before departure) it's a tragedy for small-ish airline as JU is

    3. Anonymous10:00

      Marek is the CEO, number one person in the airline. He literally approves everything that is happening there. If anything major goes wrong then he is the man to blame.

      He approved an overly ambitious summer expansion without having the necessary planes. He approved to enter these even though new ATRs were not going to come by summer.
      He is responsible for planes going tech all the time and for there not being any replacement.

      So on and so on.

      What Air Serbia is currently experiencing has nothing to do with staffing issues or ATC restrictions, it has to do with extremely poor planning, the same summer planning the CEO supervized and approved.

      Launching new routes can only be a success if they become successful. HAJ was cancelled yesterday while new destinations are always late. Being a good manager also means successfully and efficiently executing a certain plan.

      Marek has not had a single big success since he was in JU. Either with their shrinking market share, non existent profitability or this operational disaster. Constantly going on about launching new routes is not smart given what we have been experiencing for a while now.

      Nothing personal against him but he should refrain from giving bombastic statements like the one today while JU's network is falling apart. Are you aware that not a single flight to Moscow or Sochi have left on time? First flight to Sochi left with a 20 minute delay and returned with over an hour? I am mentioning this because no one is paying attention what ground handling companies are doing in southern Russia, this is the same situation as with KRR where their on time perofmrnace was very bad.

    4. Anonymous10:01

      Judging by departure board it seems that other airlines doesn't suffer delays in the same extent as Air Serbia, who on top of that suffers huge cancellations. SKG, VIE, ZAG and LJU are cancelled this morning so far and it is 10 am only.

    5. Anonymous10:04

      Do you hear yourself? 20 minute delay? That is nothing. And they had an over hour delay from Sochi and you are somehow certain this is JU's fault? Some of you have lost the plot.

    6. Anonymous10:09

      Only one who lost the plot is you last anon.

      12.06 46 min
      17.06 55 min
      46 min

      13.06 74 min
      18.06 66 min
      20.06 48 min

    7. Anonymous10:09

      12.06 46 min
      17.06 55 min
      19.06 46 min

    8. Anonymous10:09

      Total chaos and total confusion with both Air Serbia and with Belgrade airport. Seems they are completely unprepared for the summer season. If they continue in this direction they will end up with less flights rather than more.

    9. Anonymous10:22

      We have whitnessed here that Marek was under constant attack even at the time when he was not CEO. It tells me that this must be something personal and it was not denied. As long as it is personal no objective way of thinking can be applied.

      It has never been said that all ATR 76 will come by summer but during this year. Due to that reason not all ATR 72 have been retired.

      As long as you say that he is responsible for the planes going tech I really wonder what else to say. It sound like he is waiting middle of the night to sneak under the planes and make them unable to fly. Really funny.

      With all the routes launched in June JU market share is going to be improved in BEG. So we have here the situation that you speak against new routes at the same time critisizing JU market share in Serbian capital. Nobody said that so many new routes will go without any problem, but it is not the reason not to start them. It will take some time to make fine adjusting and we just need some patience. Otherwise JU will stay on OU level just asking for more money and doing nothing in return.

      Before pandemic times JU was decreasing the amount of money they were receiving from GoS from more than 100 mil EUR per year to only cca 20 mil. There is no doubt we would have seen further financial help reductions if there had been no pandemic.

      You obviously do not know what means fleet falling apart...It sounds to me that you are quite young, but already full of anger person who might not remember Jat Airways times when they had to take in wet lease Bulgarian B733's with holes in tanks not due to planned expansion but due to missing planes for regular services which had to go on C check. They had just a few operational B733's for whole summer season. That means fleet falling apart and not getting new A319 and ATR76 for regular operations and 4 wet leased planes for planned summer expansion.

      If you have not heard there is war in Ukraine and due to that fact it is terribly challening organizing flights to Russia due to constant bomb threats made to JU flights to Russia. Whole procedure is different and very often we do not even know anymore which flight is affected by those sick persons sending emails about bomb threats. Therefore each passenger flying to Russia now can be nothing but thankful to JU stll flying there and should expect in advance to have flight delay due to the circusmtances being out of JU control.

    10. Anonymous10:24

      Air Montenegro is going to operate today's flights to and from OTP on behalf of JU.

    11. Anonymous10:46

      @10:09 I am not commenting on the first part of your writing but rather the one related to flights to Russia. Yes we all heard multiple times that there is a war and that it took some time to build up a system of protection against these people sending e mail treats. We are in 4th month of this situation and still almost every RU JU outbound flight is not on time. Some facts: Treats are not being made every day, Airports in Russia that JU flies in are operating normally and not congested currently, Competition executes multiple flights daily (TK, Pegas, Qatar, Emirates, Anadolu to just name a few and none of them is so late as JU. So stop finding excuses! Honestly if one buys a ticket now for 1000e (that used to cost 300e)
      would expect a bit more than just have a chance to be thankful for having a flight. FYI there are over 20 foreign airlines flying in / out of Moscow airports.

    12. Anonymous10:53

      Threats are daily. Targeting flights from both BEG and Russia. Just because you don't read about it every day does not mean that they are not happening every day, several times per day.

    13. Anonymous10:57

      These Sochi and Moscow flights are not being delayed because of bomb threats, if there was a bomb threat to Sochi flight wouldn't be late an hour but several as was the case with Moscow in the past.
      We are circling back to their poor strategic planning. I think they shouldn't have planned such a major expansion as they were not ready to execute it. Should have added 2-3 new destinations.
      But hey at least they are charging you €420 one way to fly to Sochi.

    14. Anonymous11:56

      You can always fly with...oups.

      Who else flies there?

    15. Anonymous13:23

      One cancellation more as of today, Sarajevo flight.

    16. JATBEGMEL14:03


      Threats are made on a daily basis. Not only the airline is receiving them, but also shopping centers, schools, Belgrade zoo has had several bomb threats. The threats go into the hundreds in a single day.

      TK, PC, EK, QR are not from countries facing immense pressure to put sanctions on Russia. They are also not receiving bomb threats as is JU. Dig a little into where they're coming from. NATO countries wont threaten another NATO country with false bomb threats, hence why Turkey and Turkish carriers are not getting the threats. UAE and Qatar have resources wanted by NATO countries and wont risk angering them. Serbia however is an easy target

    17. Anonymous14:29

      SKP flight has also been cancelled few minutes ago, that's sixth today's cancelled departure. Wow. What will evening bring ?

    18. Anonymous14:53

      TK also flies to Sochi

    19. Anonymous10:12

      I have a flight in July from France( Paris CDG) to Russia (Sochi) via Belgrade for a total of more than 2000 Euros for 3 people !!! What I would like to know is if I have time to get my 1:05 connection flight in Belgrade, because for more than a week the JU315 flights from Paris have been arriving more and more late, and I don't know what this is for? And for people who know Air Serbia, are there any specific things to do during transit at Belgrade airport for the flight to Russia? Thanks, have a nice day !

  19. Anonymous09:43

    Good luck JU. I hope 2023 will be a year of more nice surprises.

  20. Anonymous09:50

    Potential new/returning routes for JU:


    1. Anonymous09:54

      It would be nice to see all these routes but we all know it ain't gonna happen.

    2. Anonymous09:57

      Munich is still a mistery for me. Why don't they fly there I do not understand.

      Tripoli, Damascus and Teheran probably won't be on the radar anytime soon due to the political / safety reasons.

      I would add here also Krakow, Budapest, Chisinau, Cluj, Varna.

    3. I would have added Maribor, but then I remembered what I had heard a few days ago. Maribor will most probably get shut down.

    4. Anonymous10:14

      Greater chance for Amman than Damascus.

    5. sloavio10:12

      Who told you that? From what I saw in the past few days is that SkyAlps will operate 3x weekly rotations as well as that an ukrainian avio cargo company has set up a base in Maribor

    6. Anonymous11:58

      Reply to Anon 09:50
      Quite agree with MUC, MAN, LIS, CAI, SVX, IKA and KWI but not with Tripoli, Damascus. I'd rather put a focus on the regional market. JU could acquire some ATR42 and launch from BEG : Cluj Napoca, Tuzla, Varna, Burgas, Chisinau, Craiova, Kraljevo, Ohrid, Maribor, Budapest, Bratislava, Kavala, Kukes ( new Albanian airport ), Pristina, Mostar, Brindisi, Pescara, Rimini and increase INI to daily.

      But all in all, if they want to expend on European routes, their A319 is way too big on some markets and for this reason the A220-100 is the perfect sized aircraft.

    7. JATBEGMEL14:09


      JU doesn't need the ATR42. They were quick to get rid of it decades ago in favour for the ATR72. There isn't any benefit to having it.

      Tuzla is around 3 hours driving from Belgrade. It'll be easier to reach once the highway is complete. Most of the destinations you listed could easily be done on the ATR72. JU cannot operate into PRN until an agreement is reached.

      But definitely, the A220 would be the perfect replacement for the A319 and the DC9 that was never replaced.

    8. Anonymous17:29

      JU seems to prefer 30 year old B737s so the A220 doesn't fit their business strategy.

    9. JATBEGMEL18:59


      You are quite correct, 1 temporary lease out of 22 aircraft is over 30 years old, 31 to be exact, which is pretty much their whole fleet. You have quite the talent for maths, you should go on competitions.

  21. Anonymous10:49

    JU definitivno ima problem sa flotom ali nije baš da je sve njihova krivica.Problebm sa osobljem postoji širom sveta.Na Heatrow-u je preključe nastao haos zbog kvara na traci za prtljag pa su svi letovi kasnili a mnogi su bili otkazani.
    A pljuvači ErSrbije bi mogli da pročitaju i sledeći tekst pa da stave prst na čelo.

    1. Anonymous10:59

      Значи свако ко се усуди да било шта каже против ЈУ је одмах пљувач? Иначе београдски аеродром нема проблем са особљем тако да оне не узрокују кашњења као што је то случај широм западне Европе.

    2. Anonymous11:13

      Problem sa osobljem nemaju samo aerodromi već i same avio kompanije. Očigledno da niko nije očekivao ovako snažan oporavak.A kako da nazovem vas koji nakon haosa jednog produženog vikenda u ErSrbiji osujete paljbu i uz pomoć kristalne kugle već predviđate katastrofalno leto i smenjujete rukovodioce?

    3. Anonymous11:44

      А како вас да назовемо који сте слепи поред очију? Па овде се од јануара спомиње неспособно управе компаније да одреагује на промене на тржишту. То се видело па све мањем уделу путника на аеродрому које је имала Ер Србија. У јануару су достигли историјски минимум од свега 37%!

      И то све у периоду када је београдски аеродром почео нагло да расте. Већ на почетку године се знало да ће сезона бити јака јер се ишло у том смеру. Друго већ месецима се уговарају чартер летови тако да су и ту могли да виде шта и како ће бити када дође лето.

      Ово није криза која траје неколико дана, ово је кулминација једног процеса који траје већ скоро 7 месеци.

    4. Anonymous11:49

      Ko je slep pored očiju a ko zlonameran,pokazaće meseci pred nama.Puna podrška Srpskoj nacionalnoj avio kopmpaniji.

    5. Anonymous11:53

      Наравно, посебно када стигне њихов финансијски извештај. До тада тумачимо на основу онога шта имамо, као што смо то радили месецима уназад.

    6. Anonymous11:54

      Niko u Evropi nije znao da će oporavak biti ovakav samo vi sa kristalnom kuglom jeste. Šta je JU trebao da uradi?Da iznajmi više aviona koji će sledeće zime biti prizemljeni pa da ih optužujete kako zbog lošeg planiranja gube novac.

    7. Anonymous11:58

      Требало је пажљиво да крену у ширење. Место 10-ак дестинација требало је да уведу 2, 3 које би лакше могли да контролишу у случају распада. Овако су мегаломански закорачили у експанзију и ту се све распало.

      Друго, већ када су кренули у ширење, морали су да се потруде да замене све АТРове до летње сезоне. То је био неки минимум који нису испунили.

      И треће, нису смели да организују саобраћај без одговарајућих капацитета у резерви. Овако им један авион испадне из саобраћаја и откажу три регионалне дестинације у јутарњем шпицу а Хановер и Лион смање на АТР.

      Дакле не ради се о кристалној кугли већ о стратешком планирају и излагању ризику.

    8. Anonymous12:17

      Da su uveli 2-3 nove rute onda bi na wet leasing uzeli 1 a ne 4 aviona i opet bi imali problem da im u isto vreme ispadnu 2 aviona. Kako ne shvatate da JU nema taj luksuz da imaju jedan avion koji će im stajati u rezervi.Svaki avion koji je iznajmljen mora da leti.

    9. Anonymous12:31

      Iznesi to u kompaniji, mani se prica po forumima. Ionako pises u radno vreme.

    10. Anonymous13:02

      Neko radi i drugu smenu.Ajd zdravo,odoh da zaradim platu.

    11. Anonymous14:54

      Па не пишу сви из Србије хахаха
      Има више временских зона

    12. Anonymous19:46

      Anon 11:13 Ta osoba što piše komentare je radila u JU tako da je i više nego jasno zašto ovako piše. Nećemo o tome zašto više ne radi u JU.

  22. Anonymous11:33

    Maybe Brac will be next...

  23. Anonymous11:52

    Just noticed on the FLUGHT RADAR that they have 2 departures to Hannover and Lyon at 18:10 with the ATR's ! If it is true are they for real??!!! And later at 19:35 departures to Zagreb and Ljubljana. I wonder how much the delay is gonna be !

    1. Anonymous11:55

      Just one departure to both Lyon and Hanover and it seems like they have been downgraded to ATR.
      Also, please do not write such things, we are only allowed to praise JU and its management.

    2. Anonymous11:59

      Flight radar is not your best source for information. Many routes have a schedule change days in advance (sometimes even weeks) and passengers are informed about it. Flightradar treats it as a delay even when it actually isn't.

    3. Anonymous12:01

      If you just checked, you would've known that both Hannover and Lyon are A320/319 flights, but it is a lot easier to be ignorant.

    4. Anonymous12:03

      I was finding W6 flights on Flightradar from BEG to LIS 3 months after Wizz announced they would not operate them back in 2020.

    5. JATBEGMEL14:42

      For years, the JFK flights were also listed as JA500, which were always showing as canceled or unknown. FR24 is a great site, but has a number of glitches.

  24. Anonymous12:21

    HAJ and LYS are operated by the ATR indeed. I don't think there is much demand for those destinations. If in summer this happens, imagine what is the situation in winter ...

    1. Anonymous12:28

      320 HAJ
      319 LYS

    2. Anonymous18:14

      So much for your "indeed". Both flights boarding on Airbuses. Stop spreading misinformation

    3. Anonymous23:50

      HAJ wasn't on 320 so a lot of misinformation here

    4. Anonymous00:07

      It certainly wasn't on the ATR as you mentioned in 10 comments today.

  25. Anonymous12:51

    Ju is currently in the middle of meltdown, flights canceled, Air Montenegro operating flights, HAJ/LYS on atrs, Vienna, Ljubljana night departures will be moved or canceled... Total clusterf***, not to mention that 733s which are 30+ years old are operating regular flights and a319s are on charters...

    1. Anonymous12:52

      How many times do you have to be told that neither HAJ or LYS are on the ATR. It's a glitch on Flightradar. One will be with the A320 the other with the A319.

    2. A320 already has 1,5h delay landing from TIV, and JU522/523 are scheduled on A320, so it's either gonna be a huge delay or atr flight...

    3. Anonymous18:15

      Both flights are on A319. Stop spreading misinformation.

  26. Anonymous13:21

    As of this morning five canceled flights and several hours delays of some flights... The season has just begun, so what to expect in the next three months?

    1. Anonymous13:23

      I'm scared to book flights via beg as last time at I did it I got stuck in Beg for 16h

    2. Anonymous13:59

      Please, do not be scared. Everything is going to be alright. Just do it.

    3. Anonymous14:42

      @13:59 is that the usual Serbian proverb that you are praising "nema problema"? From experience whenever they say that I know that there is trouble on the horizon!

    4. Anonymous14:55

      Air Serbia are now better communicating issues and delays. It doesn't solve the problem but at least helps customers understand.

      If you are worried about booking flights via BEG you should be even more worried about Heathrow, Brussels, Amsterdam, Dublin and every other airport having delays, lost baggage or traffic meltdowns recently.

    5. Anonymous18:59

      National strike in Belgium today, 0 departures from main airport in EU capital... I don't hear anything crying and nagging about it.

      Spanish Ryanair cabin crew announced 6 days strike few weeks ago. Ryanair did not say a word about it, but they will cancel the flights the day before. Image a tragedy if your summer holidays is cancelled without any alternative, rebooking offer etc (or if did for much higher prices). Yet, I didn't see people crying like some do here.

    6. Anonymous23:47

      Because you live in Belgrade, not Belgium?

    7. Anonymous01:25

      I don't live in Belgrade. People living in Belgrade also care abut the mess at other airports if they plan to transfer at those aiports.

  27. Anonymous14:43

    100 destinations is possible by 2027 if most of the new destinations are low frequency, seasonal or charter. Permanent fleet has to grow.

  28. Anonymous14:50

    Today delays in BEG of other airliners longer than 30 min

    Larnaca W6 00:25 / 01.10
    Stuttgart EW 08:00 / 08:54
    London Luton W6 10:45 / 11:27
    Amsterdam KL 12:05 / 13:23
    Munich LH 12:25 / 13:57
    Doha QR 12:40 / 13:34
    Frankfurt LH 13:20 / 14:40
    Dusseldorf 13:40 / 14:15

    And it is not even 15:00h

    1. Anonymous14:57

      Amstersam Airport has actually capped the number of people they can handle per day. Crazy.

    2. Anonymous15:00

      Yes, I think it is 70.000 per day.

    3. Anonymous15:56

      Sofia JU 126 00:20 Departed 01:56
      Bucuresti JU 146 00:20 Departed 01:50
      Tirana JU 216 00:20 Departed 02:53
      Skopje JU 166 00:40 Departed 03:05
      Athens JU 516 00:40 Departed 02:15
      Salonica JU 526 02:20 Cancelled
      Kefalonia JU 9648 06:15 Departed 11:24
      Larnaca JU 880 06:40 Departed 08:19
      Tivat JU 186 06:45 Departed 08:21
      PodgoricaJU 170 07:00 Departed 08:24
      Zurich JU 370 07:15 Departed 08:43
      Ljubljana JU 190 07:30 Cancelled
      Vienna JU 600 07:45 Cancelled
      Zagreb JU 230 07:50 Cancelled
      London JU 380 10:25 Departed 12:08
      Palermo JU 9272 10:40 Departed 12:51
      Skiathos JU 9540 12:00 Departed 13:41
      Zurich JU 372 12:35 Departed 14:33
      Salonica JU 522 13:15 Departed 14:41
      Sarajevo JU 112 13:25 Cancelled
      Skopje JU 162 13:25 Cancelled
      Sofia JU 122 13:30 Departed 15:02
      DubrovnikJU 242 13:35 Departed 14:23
      Split JU 252 13:35 Departed 15:28
      Frankfurt JU 334 17:30 Delayed

    4. Anonymous16:14

      Expected situation until 17:45

      Foreign carriers delay more than 30 min: 12
      Air Serbia delays more than 30 min including cancelled flights: 25

      Total number of arriving flights of other carriers: 42
      Percentage of delayed flights: 28,5%

      Total number of JU arriving flights: 63
      Percentage of delayed flights: 39%

      So, comparing to other air carriers we see that the difference is really not so dramatic as presented here.

    5. Anonymous16:22

      It is worse for JU because they have so many cancelled flights while foreigners have none. Also JU has a lot more flights with a more than 2 hour delay.

    6. Anonymous16:46

      JU334 is not delayed

      Frankfurt JU 334 17:30 Air Serbia C14 Go to gate

    7. Anonymous17:31

      It's 17.31 and FRA is nowhere to be seen.
      Hopefully it shows up real fast. I'm checking FR24

    8. Anonymous17:41

      Frankfurt JU 334 17:30 Air Serbia C14 Gate closed

      Btw, you should check arrivals and not departures. 20-30 min delay in departure usually means no arrival delay in Frankfurt.

    9. Anonymous18:56

      FRA just took off, 79 minutes late.
      18.49 in stead of 17.30. I guess it will compensate inflight.

    10. Anonymous19:03

      Check Brussels International

    11. Nemjee20:16

      I don't think BRU is the best example as the city is experiencing a general strike.

    12. Anonymous21:12

      Gate was closed at 17:40 so it clearly shows that plane and crew were ready for take off at that time.

      It is very obvious that again European air space was so full that they did not allow JU334 to take off for Frankfurt.

      And I would really like to know how on Earth it could be JU's fault.

    13. Anonymous23:45

      Well they closed the gate late, no?

    14. Anonymous10:21

      No, 10 min later is not considered as late.

  29. Anonymous15:49

    It was reported elsewhere that JU issued an apology for delays and they cited two reasons, issues at other airports and lack of aircraft as there are delays coming from maintenance.
    Air Serbia did not mention they had staffing issues so we should no longer use to justify their total operational meltdown.

    Air Serbia being a premium carrier that they are, they should rush to lease another 35 year old B737 and add it to their already diverse fleet. Like that they will keep the trust passengers have in them.

    1. Anonymous16:04

      You only had to actually read this article to find their explanation.

    2. Anonymous16:22

      Not really, there is more to the story.

    3. Anonymous16:24

      It gives you the exact reason. But you have to read.

      "“Currently, the situation in passenger air transport throughout Europe is burdened with great challenges, which are primarily related to the effects of the two-year crisis resulting from coronavirus pandemic, and the consequent travel restrictions, as well as a significant decrease in demand. All sectors of passenger air transport in Europe, from aircraft maintenance, through ground handling, airports, to airlines, are now facing exceptional seasonal growth in demand on the one hand, and relatively limited resources on the other, including a shortage of manpower. Passenger air transport is a highly interlinked industry, so delays and rescheduling in any of its segments lead to further phase delays and potential flight cancellations. As a result of the late entry of one of our aircraft to the fleet over the weekend and other technical reasons, we experienced delays and cancellations of some scheduled and charter flights”

    4. Anonymous16:29


    5. Anonymous23:51

      They need more staff!!!! Piltos, cabin crew and mechanics to start.. Even loaders...ops center personnel.. And they need to increase compensation tobe able to attain n and retain the above mentioned staff.

  30. Anonymous16:07

    Nice way Air Serbia to celebrate 95 years of SRB civil aviation and to present yourself to each guest at least with a guaranteed hour of delay if not a flight cancellation. Way to go and you will probably not celebrate 100th birthday.

    1. Anonymous16:17

      Everyone has the right to dream, but the reality is different, sorry buddy!

    2. Anonymous16:23

      Maybe they will reach 95 delayed flights to celebrate each year of existence.

    3. Anonymous16:35

      Maybe you are just mean.

    4. Anonymous17:25

      Anon 16:07 - a guaranteed hour of delay is a lie. Only a small fraction of the flights experienced an hour or greater delay. Please correct or delete your post.

    5. Anonymous17:30

      Unfortunately that's not the case anymore my friend. I wish it were but...

    6. Anonymous17:41

      Simple check of scheduled vs actual times for departed JU flights at BEG today clearly show most flights were not delayed by more than an hour. Most delayed flights shortened that delay during flight, as flight schedules are padded for extra time.

      Unfortunately "guaranteed hour of delay" is NOT a fact - it's a lie.

    7. Anonymous17:46

      Last Anon I guess that's your right to believe that.

    8. Anonymous17:53

      You must have some "alternative facts" LOL

    9. Anonymous19:09

      Anon 17:41

      From 00:01 until 19:00
      Total number of JU flights 64.
      Number of flights delayed 60 and more minutes: 27
      Number of flights delayed 45 and more minutes: 9
      Number of flights that have not departed yet but delay larger than 45 minutes is obvious: 6
      Number of cancelled flights: 6
      Total number of affected flights: 48 out of 64 or 75%

      I agree with you... a really small, almost insignificant number of delayed flights

    10. Anonymous19:21

      This is a perfect example why Air Serbia haters are so much fun to taunt. They don't have enough capacity to comprehend "guaranteed hour of delay" is NOT a fact. They are actually providing evidence proving it's not a fact! WOW!

    11. Anonymous19:46

      Please don't use the boring victim card. Are you blind? Don't you see things ain't going well? Why would someone bash on JU if it ain't working? Please accept criticism as it is because it is true!!

    12. Anonymous19:54

      Let's shift away from the guaranteed hour of delay argument we lost, is that the strategy now? Is that how you plan on escaping this? It won't work. No one says Air Serbia does not deserve to be criticized for delays, they do. But there is a difference between constructive criticism and monstruous hate in "you will probably not celebrate 100th birthday". There's a difference between criticizing only Air Serbia while IGNORING dozens of other airports and airlines having even worse meltdowns recently. Croatian Airlines ZAG-FRA in the air is more than an hour late but you don't want to see it? That's why your hate against Air Serbia has absolutely no value, no impact and no place here.

    13. Anonymous21:11

      Nobody is hating on your beloved JU. When they are late, they are late. We came here to debate about delays and not your romantiscm towards the airline.
      Read all comments, most are related to delays and cancellations. Anything wrong? Nope
      Some argue about the new CEO failure others about BEG new facilities, etc. Just take it easy man. Nobody is offending your airline.

    14. Anonymous21:41

      Nothing wrong, nobody hating on JU? Unable to have a good read on comments hoping Air Serbia would not survive until 100th birthday? Nothing false in statement about guaranteed one hour delay by Air Serbia? All the flame focused in this Anon 16:07 initiaded thread are fine when directed only at Air Serbia but no issues with zero negative comments about all other meltdowns? I wish I could say those are reasonable views by a netural and sane observer but I can't, you are clearly not one of those.

      Most of the jealous neighbours and others having some interest in seeing Air Serbia fail have moved on to their web asylums where facts and reality are optional at best. Your attitude is sure to have better traction over there.

    15. Anonymous23:41

      OK, everyone hates JU. But what to do with all these delays and cancellations?

    16. Anonymous23:50

      Not everyone. What do you suggest LHR AMS BRU and yes JU do about it?

    17. Anonymous17:19

      I.e. Easy decided to cut the flights by 10% and to inform people in advance. That's fair thing to do in this mess. So JU should really check again their plans and yes, cut certain % of flights in order to save its remaining passengers and reputation.

    18. Anonymous20:19

      Checking current flights in the air, most Air Serbia are in green. Quick look at bunch of other airlines delayed by more than an hour:

      5W7044 Wizz BEG-AUH sched 18:20 actual 20:00
      TK1083 Turkish IST-BEG sched 18:50 actual 20:38
      LH1737 Luft BEG-MUC sched 17:20 actual 19:18
      W64205 Wizz BEG-GOT sched 18:30 actual 19:42
      W64201 Wizz BEG-NYO sched 18:00 actual 19:04

      Where is the all the b***ing now? Or was it selectively applied ONLY towards Air Serbia? Yes, that's what eliminates those who only complain about Air Serbia but NOT others. You have no moral ground to b***h and complain.

    19. Anonymous21:22

      Why are facts accepted as criticism? Yes, live with it. There are ongoing delays. Why? Because there are few aircraft. Why would this be jealousy just commenting that there is an issue. Who is jealous and OF WHAT? Please, wake up.

    20. Anonymous22:09

      You must be new here if you are not aware of jealousy. Doesn't take long to get it.

  31. Nemjee18:05

    Don't think the number of destinations should be their priority. They should focus on adding frequencies and on making sure they reduce seasonality by as much as possible.
    Working on their brand should also be one of their priorities as they have a lot of work in that regard.

    Turkey and Romania seem like two large, untapped markets with a lot of growth potential. It's laughable that they can't operate more than daily flights to IST in summer.

    1. Anonymous19:44

      Nemjee, they don't have enough planes. They "launched" 17 or God knows how many new routes and this is the result. Havoc and delays which were discussed much before this in this blog. I know you are a JU fanboy, but facts are facts now.

    2. Nemjee20:15

      lol ... I am not a fanboy, I am merely speaking from a theoretical point of view. As in what they should do in the future.

      This summer season is botched and unless they pull their act together it won't get any better. Yes, many airlines and airports are struggling but JU has only themselves to blame for the mess they are in because they didn't secure enough planes.

      Air Serbia needs someone like Dane. He might have had his flaws but when it came to operations and standards, he was fantastic.

    3. Anonymous21:06

      Okay, good arguments. I am sorry Nemjee but Czechs were never good CEOs. Look at Czech Airlines today. A diaster of a company!!

  32. Anonymous18:11

    JU needs to speak to Vueling about this atrocious delays. I really understand that the summer season is here but the current situation is crazy. Delay here delay there, and what about the luggage??? What about the reviews?!! They need to lease more planes...

    1. Anonymous18:52

      Have you seen luggage pile at LHR?

    2. Anonymous19:41

      No, dear. But I know UK today is nothing but a chaotic country. Look at all those easyJet cancellations. Such an embarrassment.

  33. Anonymous20:31

    I flew this early morning Vueling from Belgrade to Barcelona. Check in process moved extremely slow, kind agents (especially the woman, my favorite) however it all went too slow where after check in she ran to the boarding gate and begun boarding us at 03:05, the departure time, even though the plan arrived early:…. Something is not adding up. From what I see often, they open up check-in WAY too late for all flights from BEG (airport’s fault). flight seemed to be 50% full to BCN however I believe todays load was lighter than usual.

    1. Anonymous21:03

      BCN got too aggressive. JU deployed their sole A330 and W6 the A321. Someone will loose this battle sooner or later. Honestly, VY have so many overbooking issues and delays. I would choose Wizzair on the route as JU also cancelled my flight to BcN

  34. Scott Peters20:58

    People are traveling more because they know once Fall comes it will be tricky to go anywhere. Economic crisis is coming so this summer is like retirement party for most of folks.In Canada is complete collapse of travel industry.People are waiting 3hr through security and check in. Cancelled flight left and right especially called LCC companies. To get passport is almost 3-4 months wait time. Collapse.

    1. Peter Scotts01:23

      What is your basis to write that people or folks will travel knowing severe economic crisis is coming?

  35. Anonymous21:10

    Well after this long day of comment arguing about JU, ill leave us all with some info from FlightAware, which is slightly more relyable than FR24

    Listed cancellations for JU today: listed as either 4 or 11 depending on where you look on the site (idk why), around 3-8ish% of operated flights
    Mostly all LJU, ZAG, VIE and SKG. Should be noted that cancellations were primarilly departures from OTHER airports, towards LYBE. All but SKG are ATR cancellations, indicative of issues already talked about with both old and new ATR's

    Listed delays: 37% of total flights operated today

    As for all the other stuff talked about, ill leave us with some conclusions - you all forget that we are just guessing. Now, we are making some very likely good guesses, but still, only guesses.

    The truth of the matter is probably somewhere inbetween. Yes ASL definitely needed another firm dry lease, and to have it come in May not June/July. Yes they probably should have negotiated the ATRs to come in at a quicker pace. And yes, staff issues are presumably gripping BEG a little bit, since i have seen them even advertising on instagram for summer work positions.

    But on the other hand, we all know the pressures the aviation industry is experiencing rn, in Europe especially, which is important since as i mentioned, not all delays and cancellations are coming from BEG. Theres also the invisible effect of ATC restrictions all over Europe which has literally been a growing issue in Europe for literal YEARS before this, it is completely stupid to ignore it.

    Not much remains for us to all hope and pray that ASL, BEG, and others manage to sort this all out before we all start travelling, unless some of you already have lol

    1. Anonymous01:27

      What are we all just guessing about?

    2. Anonymous01:29

      So thoughts and prayers.... good one.

    3. Anonymous09:14

      Let them hire of course but will they find people? The aviation industry is hit very harshly eh.

  36. Anonymous00:59

    Evo ukratko, otkazani letovi prethodnih dana su iskljucivo jer nema posada na atr. Nikakvi kvarovi, nista slicno, samo fali 15 kopilota, sitnica. Ljudi rade pod pritiskom na slobodne dane, nema ko da radi.

    1. Anonymous01:21

      To ne objasnjava misteriozna kasnjenja aviona koje je Er Srbija uzela na lizing sa posadom.

    2. Anonymous10:29

      Misteriozna kasnjenja su slotovi koje nam dele zapadne zemlje kao samare, udjes trazis start up, toranj kaze ctot za 1.30

  37. Za ovih 52 godine letenja i preletenih oko 7.500 sati leta u svojstvu putnika, od cega oko 100 uzletanja i toliko sletanja na Beogradski aerodrom. Razlicitih iskustava sam imao na ovom aerodromu Srbije. Od svega o cemu pisemo, jedno je najvaznije. Air Srbija, Njena stogodisnjica i buducnost su primarni imperativ civilne avijacije zemje Srbije i sire.
    Razvoj drzave i Aerodromskog Haba u Beogradu, su osnov prosirenja flote i stotinu destinacija. To je i realno u ovom delu Evrope. A anonimusi su stidljivi ljudi sa osnovanim, kao i nerazumnim pricama. Ulaganja stotine miliona evra od strane VINCI AIRPORTS CORPORATION jeste i pretpostavka frekfrentnog saobracaja. Redovnog, LCC. ULCC, cartera, kargo, Ad hoc... Lako je anonimusima. Nije tesko ni onima koji nisu. Vera i trud je osnov ostvarenja. I sto destinacia Er Srbije sa Nikole Tesle. Bitno je da je zivot i promena u toku.
    Kako za Srbiju, tako i za Njenu civilnu Avijaciju i Aerodrome.
    Iskreno i otvoreno: Rodney Marinkovic and Aviation Enthusiast Associate Group. 😀🛫🌐✈🇷🇸✈

  38. Complain when no work due to covid then complain when there is too much work now


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