Korean Air plans Zagreb charters


Korean Air plans to operate a handful of charter flights between Seoul and Zagreb this October, the “Croatian Aviation” portal reports. The Korean carrier, which maintained scheduled seasonal operations between the two cities until the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, will return to the Croatian capital this year, albeit on a limited basis. The charters will run once per week, departing Seoul each Friday and returning each Saturday, from October 7 until October 29, with its 218-seat Airbus A330-200 aircraft. Korean Air has not made a decision on its return to Croatia next year.


  1. Anonymous13:42

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous13:46

    Hopefully, this is a sign of their comeback next summer. It would be great to see Korean, Air Canada, Emirates come back again and have United start flights to EWR.

    1. Anonymous19:06

      Unlikely, as United already turning a descent profit on the flights to Dubrovnik so why use their planes on a route with less demand?

    2. Anonymous19:33

      Air Canada doesn't have widebody Rouge fleet to effectively compete against dense Air Transat cabin. Emirates ruled out return to Zagreb. Korean turning charter to regular seasonal flights is the most likely outcome for 2023.

    3. Air Canada : had flights on 330 already planned for this year but consequences of pLandemic are still felt. Emirates did not rule out return to ZAG, they never said it, no matter his you wish it, they said they are evaluating situation on emitive markets. And Korean charters only two months after reopening in July, out of the peak season, are the sign they are returning next year almost for sure

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    5. Anonymous22:02

      Thanks mate. If Emirates said they are "evaluating situation on emitive markets" that sounded like "we are not coming back" to philistine like myself. And what do I know about Air Canada A330 plans for next year? Nothing!

    6. Anonymous09:45

      pozdrav iz Rijeke you are writing wrong info.

      Air Canada planned ZAG for S21 with A330 and cancelled those, at the same time flights to ZAG were cancelled for S22, tickets were not even on the sale for this year.

      Regarding Emirates, they had plan to return to ZAG this summer season but on the end company decided to leave ops for this summer to FlyDubai. S23 is still not confirmed.

      Korean Air is not confirmed for next summer, they will, most likely, resume regular flights to Budapest instead of Zagreb. October is not "out of the season" for them, its actually peak season.

      Bigger chance is that T'way will come to the capital of Croatia, at the moment, they have permit from MOLIT for regular ops.

    7. Anonymous19:51

      Yea, they plan charters to Zagreb and then regular flights to Budapest, even they planned Zagreb this year and even they already operated Zagreb until pandemic. Your prediciton may be your wet dreams, but nothing more than that. :)


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