Air Montenegro eyes 50.000 passengers on charters


Air Montenegro expects to handle some 50.000 passengers on charter flights by the end of October. The carrier began operating regular charters to a number of markets this April and wet-leased an Airbus A320 aircraft to increase capacity on these services. Some 300 charters have been maintained to the likes of Tel Aviv, Katowice, Yerevan, Bratislava and Cairo so far this year. “Air Montenegro has quickly adapted to the challenging circumstances in the aviation industry and focused on new markets. By expanding the fleet and leasing a 180-seat aircraft, we created the conditions to become more competitive, so the flights are almost fully booked. We plan a large number of charters in September and October as well, which will in turn extend the tourism season. We are especially pleased that, in cooperation with our partners, we managed to present Montenegro as an attractive destination even outside the high season”, Air Montenegro’s Acting CEO, Dragana Frantov Nikolić, said. The airline is in the process of drafting its 2023 summer season timetable and is looking to add a number of new charter routes. “If we finalise all of the negotiations currently taking place, we will have to lease two larger aircraft for next summer season”, Ms Frantov Nikolić concluded.


  1. Anonymous10:42

    One of their e95s will do a C check next month so they will cut their network by half... Not necessarily the overachievers are they?

  2. Anonymous11:31

    And then Ljubljana is dreaming of becoming a charter hub. I'm sure all of the Europe will use it.

  3. Anonymous11:53

    Montenegro keeps winning!

  4. Anonymous14:41

    An airline with two planes :)


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