LOT turns Sarajevo into seasonal service


LOT Polish Airlines will maintain flights between Warsaw and Sarajevo on a seasonal summer basis. The carrier plans to operate its final service between the two cities on October 29. The Polish carrier inaugurated five weekly flights between the two cities on May 30 with its 82-seat Embraer E175 aircraft. Services are scheduled to resume on March 28, 2023. 


  1. Anonymous10:46

    Hope they come back in 2023.

  2. Anonymous10:52

    Winter is coming

  3. Bad news. No ski in Jahorina this winter :(

  4. Anonymous12:12

    i feel like Sarajevo wont be the only capital city to be seasonal

  5. Anonymous12:24

    Hope they will back next year. I tested this connection last week and it was most comfortable way to get from Warsaw to Sarajevo (And the cheapest one - I bought promo tickets). Fingers crossed for soon come back of this connection.

    1. Anonymous13:56

      I hope as well. There were a lot of Polish tourists these days in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mainly in Međugorje.

  6. Anonymous13:57

    Sarajevo Airport had 1 million passengers in last Saturday. 2 months before recorded 2019. Hope a progress will continue.

  7. Anonymous12:26

    Great news for Sarajevo.

  8. Anonymous15:31

    LOT offered an excellent alternative to Austrian for my Sarajevo–London/Amsterdam "commute" and I was secretly hoping they would maintain at least a couple of weekly flights. Their business class product is possibly the best for European standards plus connecting through Warsaw is a breeze. Needless to say, I am avoiding Lufthansa like the plague (Frankfurt dare I say...).

  9. Anonymous22:04

    Love the "Peglica" in the photo.


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