Wizz Abu Dhabi to boost Belgrade, Sarajevo operations


Wizz Air Abu Dhabi is increasing services to both Belgrade and Sarajevo this coming winter season. The budget carrier will initially run three weekly flights to both cities, increasing to four per week from mid-December. It will add an additional service for five weekly rotations from mid-January, which will be maintained until the start of the 2023 summer season in late March. Wizz Air Abu Dhabi maintains operations with its 239-seat Airbus A321neo aircraft.


  1. Anonymous13:30

    Day of wizzair news lol

    1. Anonymous18:40

      Happy wizzday :-)

  2. Anonymous13:53

    5x per week with A321 is a lot of capacity. Good work.

  3. Anonymous14:03

    How come Wizzair doesnt launch any ZAG flight ?

  4. JATBEGMEL14:08

    I've got a feeling those AUH-BEG frequencies will not last, especially once visas are returned for Indian passport holders, which is expected by the end of the year.

    Quite a number of Indian nationals are denied boarding in AUH, some overstay and illegally work in Serbia while visiting as a 'tourist', most try illegally to cross over into the EU (Croatia, Hungary and Romania) with which the EU is not impressed and has again put pressure on Serbia. Previously it was Iran.


    Wizz is the popular way for them to get to the doorstep of the EU.

    1. Anonymous14:21

      Oh no, how will Serbia boost its visitor numbers, if "free entry for everyone" policy doesn't work? (As we joke about this issue, Serbia allowed Turkish citizens to enter Serbia even without passport, let alone visa :) )

    2. Anonymous14:37

      Interesting comment. I also heard there were some issues with Bangladeshi workers in Romania. They most likely fly via AUH but in reality many of them do not want to stay in Romania but rather go to Western Europe. A classic.

    3. Anonymous14:40

      I highly doubt visas will be reintroduced. The President’s office tends to release press info for the sake of PR and nothing ever happens. On top of that, already dwindling support for the EU will plummet if this visa reintroduction is coupled with the EUR 7 totally-not-a-visa ESTA-like authorization - very bad optics for the EU, forcing Serbia to reintroduce visas for Indian nationals while also reintroducing visas for Serbian nationals.

    4. Anonymous15:02

      I don't think Indians are violating a visa-free regime. However, with Iranians, it was a different story and in the end the right decision was made to re-introduce visas for Iranians.

    5. Anonymous15:10

      It was reported the issue is with India and Tunisia migrants and visa regime is expected to be reintroduced soon.

    6. Anonymous15:17

      This route has nothing to do with migrants and it is so silly to suggest it in the first place. In order for these people to even access this flight they would need a visa to get into the UAE, which is not easy to get for people from these countries. It is not difficult but there is vetting process. Wizz Air does not sell transfer flights.

    7. JATBEGMEL15:32


      I don't trust the government on their word either. However, this isn't the first time that Serbia was forced to alter a visa free regime it put in place to attract 'tourists'. As mentioned, Iran is an example. Serbia doesn't stand to lose putting visas back on Indian nationals, I think it was a stupid move that we didn't benefit from anyway (Serbians require visas for travel to India so the move wasn't reciprocal). It'll most likely be a move to appease the EU for a while as Serbia continues to refuse putting sanctions on Russia. I also think Cuba will be added to the list. Any further altering might sit negatively with Serbs especially, as you mentioned, EU starts implementing the ESTA style system.


      I don't think there will be a change with Turkish citizens. Turkish citizens don't seem to be an issue here and go through legal ways when seeking employment here in Serbia. Personally, my experience with Turkish tourists here in Belgrade has been positive and they seem to enjoy their stay here. Serbia-Turkey relations seem quite high as well. EU jumping into the passport free travel we have with Turkey might not sit well with Turkey, nor our citizens which benefit from the deal. I believe over 250.000 Serbian tourists will have visited Turkey this year and over 100.000 Turkish tourists Serbia.

    8. JATBEGMEL15:48


      There are increasing numbers coming from the UAE on Indian passports that are overstaying here in Serbia. I've seen UAE ID cards and papers thrown in the street from Indian nationals here in Belgrade. The UAE have hundreds of thousands of unskilled and low paid workers who could easily be motivated to seek better conditions in Europe.

      Georgia allows visa on arrival entry for Indian nationals with UAE residency visas yet many are denied entry in Georgia and sent back as INAD. This has resulted in airlines in the UAE being more thorough at check in, which is also noticed with the Wizz Air flights between AUH-BEG. It's not just a problem specific to Serbia.

      Besides, for years, Serbian police have met inbound aircraft from the UAE where passports of each and every passenger disembarking are checked prior to allowing pax enter the transit zone as UAE is considered on the higher risk side for illegal migration. This procedure isn't done with flights from the EU or ex-YU for example.

    9. Anonymous17:26

      Personally I think this increase has more to do with FZ prices from Dubai. There is spillover effect. Indian arrivals are falling anyway.

  5. Anonymous15:43

    It's silly to even have visa restrictions. Allow anyone to visit regardless of nationality.

    1. Diwali16:07

      Says an Indian or Tunisian passport holder.

    2. Anonymous16:48

      Dying German economy needs anyone. Just their Slavic puppies do not understand that.

  6. Anonymous19:12

    How much is net Wizz cabin crew salary in N.Macedonia?


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