Sarajevo Airport registers busiest October on record


Sarajevo Airport has recorded its busiest October ever by handling 110.580 passengers. The figure represents an increase of 15.6% on the pre-pandemic 2019 and growth of 30.9% on last year. The result was achieved primarily due to Wizz Air, which closed its base at the airport on November 1. The closure has resulted in the termination of almost twenty routes. The carrier will continue to maintain flights from London Luton and Abu Dhabi to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital. During the January – October period, Sarajevo Airport welcomed 1.242.066 passengers through its doors, making 2022 its busiest on record. The figure is up 22.1% on 2019 or an additional 224.462 travellers.


  1. Anonymous13:36

    Final month of good results

  2. Anonymous13:56

    Now we wait and see a drop in November.

    1. Anonymous16:36

      What would be the numbers without Wizz?

  3. Anonymous14:48

    The dream run is over now that Wizz left…

  4. Anonymous15:52

    Really curious to see if Ryanair will come in as a replacement for Wizz. Anyone know Wizz air figures for this year out of Sarajevo?

  5. Anonymous00:23

    True. I hope more airlines leave SJJ so it will be even more pleasant.

  6. Anonymous18:36

    Time to give same conditions to FlyBosnia and restart ops, it would be fair+local airline


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