Wizz Air Abu Dhabi boosts Sarajevo to daily


Low cost carrier Wizz Air will boost frequencies between Abu Dhabi and Sarajevo to daily flights from the start of the 2023 summer season, commencing March 26. All flights will be maintained by the 239-seat Airbus A321neo aircraft. The carrier had initially planned to run four weekly services between the two cities this coming summer, which runs until October 28. Abu Dhabi will be Wizz Air’s sole route to Sarajevo this summer, as it plans to discontinue operations from London Luton in late March.


  1. Anonymous10:39

    wow nice

  2. Anonymous10:39

    What stops them from launching Skopje?

    1. Anonymous11:14

      Demand I guess

    2. Anonymous11:47

      SJJ has a very strong Middle East P2P demand. In SKP the ME flights usually are highly transfer from Australian diaspora.

    3. Anonymous13:06

      2 weekly Skopje-Abu Dhabi would work I guess now that neither Qatar Airways and FlyDubai are serving Middle East.

  3. Anonymous12:34

    Great news! :)

  4. Anonymous12:55

    My god, A321 with 239 seats.. this must be comfortable.

    1. Anonymous13:46

      Ali bitno Abu Dhabi i Dubai da se vide na instagramu. Dok ovi bogati Arapi ne znam sta traze u tim avionima.

    2. Anonymous14:41

      Pa nisu svi Arapi bogati

    3. Anonymous19:30

      There are seats with more legroom for those that might think they won’t fit in the regular ones. I’d say for everyone below 180 cm, regular seats should be fine.

    4. Anonymous04:13

      I went to Tenerife with Wizzair A321, 239 seats configuration.
      It is not problem with seats, but seating there for hours, with no screen even for commercials, drives you crazy for 4.5 hours.
      That plane is quiet, it is not noisy, not anything to say wrong, but at least, make some entertainment for people, even with commercials to make some money out of it.
      Nice plane A321Neo, smooth operator.

  5. Anonymous14:47

    U Sarajevu većina arapa sada dolazi sa Wizz Airom , pomeli su Fly Dubai .


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