PHOTOS: Lufthansa marks Sarajevo milestone


Lufthansa has marked 25 years of operations at Sarajevo Airport with a ceremony in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital. The airline commenced operations to the city on March 29, 1998 from Munich with an British Aerospace 146 aircraft. The airline replaced its Munich service with Frankfurt on May 3, 2021 and now maintains up to nine weekly flights between the two cities. A total of four Lufthansa Group airlines serve Sarajevo today. In addition to Lufthansa, they include Austrian Airlines, Swiss and Eurowings. “After 25 years, the Lufthansa Group is more present than ever in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With up to 31 weekly flights from Sarajevo, the local population can connect to any of our 250 destinations across the world”, Gabriella Galantis, the Lufthansa Group’s Senior Director for Sales in Southern Europe, said. Sarajevo Airport’s General Manager, Alan Bajić, added, “Over these 25 years, more than fifteen million passengers have been handled by Sarajevo Airport. Flights operated by the Lufthansa Group have significantly contributed to these figures. In just the past decade, it accounted for 23% of all passengers. We hope the expansion of the terminal and apron will also result in growing Lufthansa Group’s network out of Sarajevo, which will further increase passenger numbers”.


  1. Anonymous14:29

    Would be nice if Eurowings opened a base in SJJ.

  2. Anonymous14:47

    Congrats SJJ. When you think of it, SKP will just now receive its first ever LH regular flights. Crazy times.


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