Armenia’s FlyOne to launch scheduled Tivat flights


Low cost carrier FlyOne Armenia, a subsidiary of Modlova’s FlyOne, will commence scheduled seasonal summer flights between Yerevan and Tivat. Services will commence on June 27 and run twice per week, each Tuesday and Thursday, with the Airbus A320 aircraft, until September 28. It will mark the first time the two countries have been linked through a scheduled air service, with Air Montenegro maintaining regular summer charters between Podgorica and the Armenian capital. Further flight details for the new route can be found here. Tickets have been put on sale through the airline’s website. The Chisinau-based FlyOne launched its Armenian subsidiary in December 2021. Since the start of the war in Ukraine in 2022, the carrier has accelerated growth in Armenia due to the impact the conflict has had on the Moldovan market.


  1. Anonymous10:35

    Great news!

  2. Slav.Man10:51

    well done for armenia. nice to see them having something grow.
    would be great to see more travel between Armenia/Georgia and the Yug.

  3. Anonymous11:15

    Moldovan-Armenian-Romanian airline;))
    Bravo Armenia you have over 5 scheduled carriers, now in LJU have only 0, with connections to 10 cities.

  4. Anonymous11:17

    From what country is FlyOne?
    They don't have aircraft on its moldovan AOC?

    1. Anonymous11:18

      It says in the first sentence!

    2. Anonymous18:37

      Yes but they have only aircraft in Romania and Armenia?

    3. Anonymous11:24

      Two moldovan A320's are leased to their Armenian unit.
      They also leases A320's, B737's from other airlines. Now they have 10 dry and wet leased aircraft.

  5. Anonymous11:33

    Montenegro keeps winning!

  6. Anonymous12:14

    I was impressed with what it seemed was an A320neo for a Moldovan-Armenian airline in the photo, but then realizing they just painted the neo mask on ceo aircraft, I'm even more impressed by the pointless yet such bold idea. Real Balkan vibe

  7. Anonymous12:15

    Wizz is also growing in Armenia and fly to Sofia from Yerevan so hopefully they look to maybe Belgrade or Podgorica to also add flights.

    1. Anonymous12:19

      As an EU carrier they can't fly between Armenia and Serbia/Montenegro.

    2. Anonymous12:22

      Guess I will have to continue to get the bus to Sofia then!!

    3. Anonymous17:08

      Only one flight from Belgrade to Tivat and from there you can fly to Saudi Arabia,Oman, Armonia ..
      If that is not good enough you can take bus also!

    4. Anonymous18:35

      Most of Bulgarian diaspora and Russians uses EVN to fly indirectly to Russia.

    5. Anonymous21:21

      Yes, flying from Moldova to Russia is banned so they relocated to Armenia.
      Armenia allows flying to Russia.

    6. Anonymous21:23

      ^ they did not relocate. They fly from Moldova to many destinations. They opened their Armenian subsidiary before the war in Ukraine. It just requires you to read the article.

    7. Anonymous07:53

      They come to EVN as new low-cost carrier in autumn 2021.

  8. Anonymous21:32

    Wasn`t Air Montenegro supposed to fly to Yerevan?
    I think it would have been charters.
    But good for Montenegro and Russian tourists.
    At least Air Montenegro started its second daily flight Tivat-Belgrade. which should improve its financial performance a lot.

    1. Anonymous21:33

      It would be useful to actually read the article. It says that Air Montenegro will be flying TGD-EVN regular charters. I mean the article is a few sentences long.


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