Passenger clears Podgorica security with gas cartridges


Air Serbia has filed a complaint against Podgorica Airport after its flight JU173 from the Montenegrin capital to Belgrade was delayed last Friday evening when a passenger cleared security with two gas cartridges in her carry-on bag, which she reported to have with her to the cabin crew after boarding and prior to departure. The passenger, who is a mountaineer and used the gas cartridges for her kettle, passed security at Podgorica Airport but was not enquired about the items. After she reported them to the cabin crew the captain called the police and the items were removed from the aircraft. The Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro has determined that the security staff member checking bags at the airport made an error and has been fined 150 euros for the omission. Gas cartridges and canisters are not permitted in carry-on luggage or checked baggage.


  1. Anonymous10:36

    Lol, why even have security then?

  2. Anonymous10:39

    150 euros fine is hilarious. 50+ passengers could’ve potentially been at risk and all they did was give a small fine. Ridiculous

  3. Slav.Man10:42

    Lucky this wasn't on a flight to Germany, France or UK. Those countries
    They would shut down the airport

    1. Anonymous10:53

      That's unfortunately not lucky, those kind of security errors are absolutely unacceptable. Imagine if this passenger had bad intentions, thank god he did the right thing and informed the crew...

    2. Slav.Man11:28

      This is the South slavic nations. This is not new York, London or a big popular Western airport

      We are not targets of "bad intentions" on commercial flights. People want to smuggle soup in their bags not weapons

    3. Anonymous11:33

      Ever heard of flight 367?

    4. Anonymous17:43

      Or of the one that was hijaked exqactly in Podgorica, in 1981, because airport militiamen were not doing their job...

  4. Anonymous12:26

    This does not surprise me, while traveling to Podgorica and from it, the security there seemed very "loose" there was a ground handling employee going past the security to beg us passengers to buy duty free cigarettes. That itself was strange to me, but stranger was that the person went from the "check-in" side past security machines, not through them to the shop area. This seems to be a standard practice and I know those people don't mean harm, but you never know.

  5. Miroslav NY00:01

    It was an innocent mistake by the passenger. I am a mountaineer and my ice ax is considered a weapon so it has to be in the checked in baggage.
    The same can be said of fencers. While I fenced in college a famous coach was tackled to the ground by security because he told the security personnel that he had his weapons in the bag he was carrying on-board.


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