Qatar Airways sees improved Zagreb loads


Qatar Airways handled 25.300 passengers on its Doha - Zagreb service during the January - May period according to the statistical office of the European Union - Eurostat. The figure represents an increase of 96.2% on the same period last year but is still down 54.5% on the pre-pandemic 2019. Its average cabin load factor on the route for the first five months of this year stood at high 89.5% compared to 57% last year and 67.7% in 2019.

Qatar Airways Zagreb performance, January - May 2023


  1. Anonymous10:31

    85% load is decent once they upgrade it to either NEOs or MAX's (no idea if NEO order is still a thing, but I know they operate some short MAX flights for crew to adapt to the new aircraft)

    1. Anonymous18:27

      @ 89.5% get some glasses, will you!

  2. Anonymous10:55

    I flew them twice in may, Zagreb - Doha had quite some empty seats, would say LF of about 60%.
    Doha - Zagreb was completely full.

  3. Anonymous11:00

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  4. Anonymous13:04

    How come the load factor stood at only 67.6% in 2019

    1. Anonymous13:07

      Lots of capacity. Double daily flights. Since QR relies on transfers from Asia and Australia, it is often full one way at certain periods of time in the year and empty in the other way. Korean and Emirates flying to ZAG back then probably did not help.

    2. Anonymous17:29

      But even that, they planned to upgrade QR217/218 to dreamliner in 2020, but then covid hits...

    3. Anonymous17:31

      They didn't plan it at all. They didn't schedule any flights. The Dreamliner legend was just expectations from people here commenting. In S23 they planned 2 daily to ZAG with A320 and launch of Dubrovnik.

    4. Anonymous17:32


    5. Before pLandemic Qatar was seriously evaluating deployment of Dreamliner to ZAG, to compete with Emirates, for cargo, and increased Far East to Croatia demand. Information provided by Qatar Airways Zagreb station staff. So it's far from being a legend. It was serious possibility which never came to realization because of Corona "crisis"

  5. Anonymous19:33

    Decreasing flights improved their loadfactor.
    Less passengers on flights out of Zagreb indicates that outbound is weaker than inbound.
    Actually now with less flights and better lf the chance to once get widebodies on the route significantly improved.

  6. Anonymous01:50

    Maybe stop being so damn greedy and put your prices down. I loved Qatar Airways, but close a different Airlines this year due to the exorbitant cost!


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