Lufthansa reduces Skopje operations in March


Lufthansa is temporarily reducing its operations between Frankfurt and Skopje in March, as the carrier is forced to ground aircraft over Pratt & Whitney engine issues on new-generation jets. Starting March 1, Lufthansa plans to maintain between five and nine weekly services between the two cities, spending on the week down from ten weekly. Operations will return to ten weekly in April, after which they will be reduced to nine weekly for the remainder of the 2024 summer season, as previously reported. Changes remain possible.


  1. Anonymous11:09

    Why such big fluctuations.

  2. Anonymous11:13


  3. Anonymous12:24

    Low season.

  4. Anonymous12:34

    How is this ok? It's not ok!

  5. Anonymous12:45

    Why they dont send another plane instead of reducing the flights ? Every flight of this route is always full even now in February.

    1. Anonymous13:12

      Are they stupid?

    2. Anonymous13:17

      @12:45 it could be that other routes are more profitable so they prefer to use the planes for them, or they have a higher connecting percentage vs. P2P.
      @13:12 please educate us on how to run a successful airline, which one are you the CEO of?

    3. Anonymous13:34

      13:17 well this route is used mostly from those who live in germany , but also let say me I use for connection to north america ,and there is always connection pax , I notice that , I was surprised when see how this route is efficient, and its successully.

  6. Anonymous14:54

    flights are back to 9 weekly for the whole of March now


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