Azerbaijan Airlines extends Tivat service


Azerbaijan Airlines will extend its seasonal operations between Baku and Tivat this summer. The carrier resumed its flights to the coastal city two weeks ago, maintaining two weekly rotations. Unlike last year, it will continue to operate the service twice per week in September and once per week in October until October 17. In 2023, the last flight between the two was operated on August 31. This year, the airline will run two flights to Tivat with the 122-seat Airbus A319 aircraft, thirteen with the 174-seat A320, and 27 with the 186-seat A320neo jet. Azerbaijan Airlines will face competition on the route for the first time, with Air Montenegro launching scheduled seasonal flights between Tivat and Baku on June 3.


  1. Anonymous13:41

    Montenegro keeps winning!

  2. Anonymous13:54

    Two scheduled services between Baku and Tivat, great job. On the other hand, BEG still missing the link after so many talk about Caucasus...

    1. Anonymous16:58

      BEG has flights to Russia so no need for Baku.
      Unless you think the AZAL planes fly Azeris instead of Russians.

    2. Anonymous18:06

      Is Air Astana flying Russians as well?

    3. Regardless of the Russians. It would be great for JU to build more connections with other nations like Georgia and Armenia, Iran etc. For development of relations, economic, political, cultural, religious etc. Fundamentally important as JU wants to make BEG a real hub in the region.

    4. Anonymous09:57

      @18:06 yes they do!

  3. Anonymous15:07

    What is the duration of Baku-Tivat flight?

  4. Anonymous16:09

    Flights have already started since 2 May


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