Air Montenegro to launch Radom charters


Air Montenegro will commence regular charter flights between Podgorica and Warsaw’s Radom Airport on June 23. The service will be maintained once per week, on Sundays, until late September and will cater for Polish tourists visiting the country. It comes after LOT Polish Airline cancelled plans to introduce scheduled seasonal flights between Radom Airport and Podgorica. The new flights are being operated on behalf of the Rego-Bis tour operator. “We are happy about the growing opportunities and expanding cooperation with Air Montenegro. We carefully selected the partner to handle these flights. Air Montenegro offers the quality with which we want to be associated”, President and owner of Rego-Bis, Gabriela Manka-Sokullu, said. Air Montenegro’s representative on the Polish market, PMA Aviation, added, “We are cooperating with Rego-Bis for another year, which allows us to jointly promote Montenegro as an attractive tourist destination and helps strengthen Rego-Bis's leading position on the Balkan market”. Radom Airport is located some 100 kilometres from Warsaw.


  1. Anonymous13:57

    Nice to hear. 4O is really focusing on charters, it seems, considering how poor their actual network is

    1. Anonymous15:43

      That's good because they can keep a decent profit

    2. Anonymous05:12

      Until they don't.

    3. Anonymous12:56

      1357, passive aggression.

  2. Anonymous18:31

    Random airport


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