Jazeera Airways boosts Sarajevo to double daily


Kuwait’s Jazeera Airways will further increase operations between Kuwait City and Bosna and Herzegovina’s capital, with the airline to maintain two daily flights between the two cities. Starting July 1, it will run a morning and early evening service out of Kuwait. The double daily rotation will be maintained until September 9, when it will be decreased to thirteen weekly, followed by a reduction to two weekly from September 16, prior to their conclusion for the season on September 28. During the peak summer travel period in July and August, Jazeera Airways will be complemented by four weekly Kuwait Airways flights, resulting in a total of eighteen weekly services between the two capitals. With the latest additions, there are a total of 84.318 seats on the route this summer season, 82.8% of which belong to Jazeera, while the remainder to Kuwait Airways.


  1. Anonymous10:33

    Sarajevo is on fire this year :)

  2. Anonymous10:46

    Sarajevo Kuwait demand is insane, damn

    How come? Just tourists from the Gulf States?

    1. Anonymous11:31

      I guess, Western Europe became too expensive for the middle-class Arabs.

      My dear neighbor is from Algeria. We had few conversations and he pointed out, that his gulf area clients are reducing their demand for Western Europe. Of course, it’s questionable how representative his example is, but in the end, the Arab tourists have found a few destinations, which suit their needs.

      Sarajevo is full of Arabs, especially suburbs like Ilidza. I think, all tourists are welcome, as long they respect the local laws and customs.

      I hope that Sarajevo will get more European destinations too! It is good to have links to more diverse economic areas. Maybe Germany was a good example before the Russia-Ukraine Conflict, but I also want to outline the current positive air travel development of Serbia. It is surprising and delightful at the same time, how Air Serbia launched some very interesting destinations. In the end, a developing Croatian and Serbian market, will help to facilitate further progress in Bosnia too.

      OU maybe also try to attract Bosnian passengers. Zagreb and Belgrade have so much potential. Unfortunately, the political willingness for increased cooperations is often lacking on all sides. As my dear compatriots, the Sarajevo Nadrealisti would say: Potreban Vam je rjecnik za srpski, bosanski, hrvatski, hercegovacki, crnski i gorski jezik!
      Would be cool if the ex-yu countries would agree on more topics, than that they do not agree. hahahaha


    2. Anonymous13:39

      They also tend to visit more muslim countries, as they don’t need to search for halal food or mosques. Saw many arab tourists in Albania and Kosovo too.

    3. Anonymous15:16

      Only two weekly A320 flights exist between Kuwait and Albania, none between Kuwait and Kosovo. There is obviously a different reason for much higher demand to Sarajevo.

    4. Anonymous16:28

      Arabs doesn't only mean Kuwaitis lol. Regardless, it's true that Albania and Kosovo were quite popular with Arabs in the last few years however it's been gradually decreasing, especially this year.

    5. Anonymous17:50

      Correct, but this article is about Jazeera flights between Kuwait and Sarajevo. Quick check reveals SJJ has far more flights to Middle East destinations than Albania and Kosovo combined. Some people will look for causes, some will ignore it.

  3. Anonymous13:33

    Anonymous11:31 'I guess, Western Europe became too expensive for the middle-class Arabs.' Cost is important but visa-free regime in BiH is a crucial factor here.

  4. Anonymous15:11

    Double daily in summer, none in winter, wow.

    1. Anonymous19:33

      People are escaping to less warm places :))

    2. Anonymous19:37

      Surprising, considering Bosnia also offers certain winter attractions

  5. First-hand, because I have been working with Arabs for over 10 years, the first place is nature, especially forests and greenery, Bihać is their favorite city to visit, Prokoško jezero (lake on the mountain) is their favorite place, and then the "warmth" of the people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, that is, their kindness and willingness to help them (for Europeans they say "cold" too much), and only then comes Islam and halal food. I honestly thought they were more religious, especially tourists from Saudi Arabia, I was really surprised. The most important thing is to explain to them how they should behave and respect the contract for the apartment/car they rented. And don't cheat them, if you have agreed on one price, there is no going over it, they are very sensitive.


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