Pristina confronts Skopje over Wizz Air

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Pristina Airport has again accused the Macedonian government and Skopje Alexander the Great Airport of unfair competition as a result of the subsidies it is providing to Wizz Air for flights from the country. Pristina Airport's Managing Director, Haldun Fırat Kokturk, says, "They are directly subsidising one company. Depending on the passenger quantity, from eight to thirteen euros per passenger, which is around a 30 - 35% discount per passenger. That is a big amount of money. But they are doing it only for one airline. This is totally against European Union regulations". The Kosovo Civil Aviation Authority has lodged a complaint with the European Commission against subsidies the Macedonian government is providing to Wizz Air. In its latest progress report on Macedonia last month, the European Commission said, "Concerns remain over financial incentives granted to air operators to apply requirements under phase I of the European Common Aviation Agreement". Earlier this year, Wizz Air said the subsidies it receives from the Macedonian government are in line with EU regulations. “Financial support is provided on a transparent basis through public tenders. We are fine and we have no issues with Brussels”, Wizz Air’s CEO, Jozsef Varadi, said.


  1. Anonymous13:18


  2. Anonymous13:38

    It's kinda sad when no airline wants to take up your new route incentives offer, so you have to resort to crying foul over your neighbor one's. Such a dreamy destination this Prishtina.

    PRN-BCN, getting launched on Jan 1st two thousand never.

  3. Anonymous14:43

    F#@$ PRN! Stop crying and do something to grow your market.

    Even if they were unfairly subsidized (which they are not) MK is not in the EU.


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