Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trending in February

March is upon us and preparations for the start of the 2017 summer season are in full swing. Meanwhile, it was an eventful February with a number of new routes announced for the coming months. The most read story was published yesterday and concerned Wizz Air's expansion in Macedonia, which will include the stationing of a fourth aircraft in Skopje, the launch of three new routes, and an increase in frequencies across the carrier's flights from both Skopje and Ohrid.

The full list of the top ten trending stories this February can be viewed below:

A total of 3.488 comments were left on articles published during the month, while visitor numbers increased 43.8% compared to February 2016, despite the month being a day shorter this year. During February, the majority of visitors accessed the site from Serbia, followed by Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, the United States, Macedonia, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Australia.

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