Incident on Montenegro Airlines flight

Panic attack forces Montenegro flight to return to the airport
Yesterday morning, Montenegro Airlines flight YM160 departed from Podgorica to Frankfurt just after 11.40 CET only to return to the airport several minutes later. The captain decided to return to Podgorica after a twenty seven year old female passenger tried to enter the cockpit claiming that other passengers had firearms on board. Upon landing, the police arrested three men from the aircraft, one Montenegrin and two Macedonian citizens, on the suspicion of carrying weapons. The passenger that claimed the three had firearms told the police that she heard the three men saying that they had guns and would put the flight at risk. She informed one of the crew members, pushed her away and ran towards the cockpit to warn the pilot.

Following detailed checks, the Montenegrin police concluded that the three accused passengers had no weapons and the flight to Frankfurt resumed at 13.30, together with the three passengers in question. The twenty seven year old who made the claims is from Stuttgart but is of Montenegrin descent. The prosecutor said that no charges would be laid against her. However, the police later found out that she had spent time in Montenegro without reporting her stay in the country. The police will begin court proceedings against her.

Yesterday’s flight was operated by the airline’s Fokker F100.


  1. Doot10:38

    Typical balkans bullshit.

    Call the cops, and have them promptly start an investigation - ON YOU.

    Not registering? Gimmie a break. When you try to register in MNE, they laugh at you and tell you to stop wasting their time.

  2. JATBEGMEL11:00

    They should charge her with disrupting the flight. For 1 pax to divert an aircraft because of something she overheard...itll teach her to shut up and butt out of other peoples conversations. Imagine the feeling of unnecessarily being questioned by police, especially about firearms.

  3. Anonymous11:17

    Even if she butt out, she did a right thing. I would do the very same. You know, up there there is no place for jokes about bombs and guns. For me, it is not funny to become a hostage to some crazy people. At the same time, it is not funny at all even to listen to the jokes of hairy Balkans machos joking bravely about the bombs and guns.
    Well done young lady!!!
    For the thing you did you can be prosecuted only in Montenegro. At same other places you could be honoured!

  4. Anonymous11:41

    You'd eventually manage to calm down a panicking pax, but when she's talking about guns and bombs on board, you simply cannot afford NOT to take her seriously, even if you think she might be out of her mind. It's just a risk YOU are not entitled to take, for the sake of the remaining ~200 souls aboard.

  5. AirKoryoTU-20412:30

    200 souls aboard a ERJ-195 :0 Montenegro must pack the pax in very tightly!

  6. Anonymous15:44

    It was F100, max 95 POB.

  7. Anonymous16:18

    Hmmm...samarcnina je iz raja izasla ;)

    A nice quick slap would bring her from fairytown back to reality...

  8. @ last Anonymous

    You are a big Seljacina

  9. Anonymous08:33

    It's not about being seljacina or not it's about bringing her back to reality. Look at the mess she caused, how much extra expenses did she create for Montenegro Airlines? Not to mention to the passengers that lost their connecting flights in Frankfurt!

  10. The safety of passangers should be always on the first place. I don't care about the extra cost Montenegro Airliens had due to the incident or any missed flights. There is no place for jokes about guns on an airplane and people should know it by now. The lady did the right thing and those two idiots who made a joke should be prevented from flying ever again.


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