Rijeka Airport most improved in 2011

Rijeka Airport sees largest passenger growth in 2011
Most of Croatia’s airports maintained passenger growth throughout August. Rijeka continued its comeback, Zagreb saw solid growth while both Zadar and Osijek saw numbers slide.

In August, Zagreb handled 249.159 passengers, an increase of 7.8% compared to the same month last year. So far in 2011, Croatia’s busiest airport has handled 1.568.005 passengers, an impressive surge of 14.2%. However, growth in Dubrovnik slowed with numbers increasing only 1% despite an increase in the number of flight being operated to and from the airport. In the first eight months of the year Dubrovnik has welcomed 977.085 passengers while Split saw 944.907. With 18.282 passengers, Rijeka Airport enjoyed a 35% increase. So far this year, Rijeka has seen the biggest boost in passenger numbers out of all of Croatia’s airports by handling 59.694 passengers, improving its figures by 24.5% on last year's result. In 2010 due to sliding figures and finances there were suggestions to shut down the airport.

On the other hand, Zadar continued its downward slide. With 49.956 passengers, numbers fell by 11.8%, even though the number of flights operating this August increased. Meanwhile, Osijek handled only 4.124 passengers.

Below you can review the performance of Croatia’s airports in August 2011. Overall, Croatian airports handled 932.045 passengers, an increase of 4.1% compared to August 2010. The statistics have been provided by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics.

AirportPassengers AUG 2011Passengers AUG 2010Change (%)
Zagreb249.159231.155 7.8
Dubrovnik262.262259.638 1.0
Pula86.68678.996 9.7
Split257.031246.221 4.4
Zadar49.95656.624 11.8
Osijek4.1245.041 18.2
Rijeka18.28213.544 35.0
Mali Lošinj1.7971.298 38.4


  1. Corrected numbers:

    Zagreb 249,774
    Dubrovnik 264,651
    Pula 87,785
    Split 258,579
    Zadar 52,166
    Osijek 4,132
    Rijeka 18,995

    You did not take into account the transit passengers.

    For example, Dubrovnik has handled 988,671 (Jan-Aug)while Split has handled 957,470.

    The difference is not that much but still, let's be accurate.

  2. Riječanin10:29

    I do think that Rijeka Airport could achieve a much better result if it would be privatized.
    As the croatian government is the major shareholder of Krk airport it does not provide the necessary financing, investment for enhancing the infrastructure, due mainly to political reasons, unlike other dalmatian airports.

  3. Stefan10:32

    Normally transit passengers are not counted because they are counted only at their final destination in Croatia (they can’t be counted twice just because they passed through a hallway in Zagreb). So only when you pass through passport control should you be counted so the figures are correct.

  4. Stefan, I beg to differ! When airports in the world statistics are complied ALL passengers are counted (which includes transit passengers which only pass through the halls of Heathrow, Bangkok, Frankfurt, etc.)
    So, the statistics here ARE incorrect!

  5. correction:

    I meant to say 'compiled' not complied

  6. Anonymous12:08

    RJK was to be expected, Ryanair started three new seasonal routes which have been quite succesfull. Why Bol is not listed?

  7. Anonymous12:42

    At my airport here, ( schiphol-amsterdam ) we count transfer pax 2, 46 million in total of all in 2010 i belive

  8. Anonymous18:30

    off topic, but have u heard of plans to establish Morava Air? The same guys who sometime ago worked on Air Maxi are back together and working on a new project?

    i need more info pls!

  9. Anonymous18:41

    good news for croatia, sve naj!! :) i hope they have profits along with JAT, but I still dont see this happening until they remove the people in the airlines who steal money.

    I see Croatia airlines and a Serb national carrier being the only successful carriers at the end. JAT should merge with Montenegro and Bosnian airlines, and Croatia should merge with Adria. So Croatia would have hubs in Croatia and LJubljana leaving rooms for other airlines in Pristina, and JAT have hubs in Srbija, Bosna, and Crna Gora.

    @ last anonymous

    where did you hear this?! i think a new national carrier of srbija would be better, but if someone has the chance of a new LCC... wasent Centavia the name of the LCC?

    my opinion, i would first like to see JAT or a new national carrier prosper along with belgrade, and then a LCC to help out Kraljevo, Uzice, and Nis airports.

    Morava air - is the name based on the Morava airport in Kraljevo, or just the Morava river?

  10. hi gang. a bit off-topic, but not too far off...related to LDZA.

    check this one out. I have collected a total of 13 videos of interesting aircraft taking off and landing at some great spotting places near Zagreb airport. My camera is from a plain cell phone, so quality is not superb, but it's OK. hope you like it...cheers


  11. Nice stuff! Thanks for sharing this post recently. I'm looking forward to reading more.

  12. Aleks,

    I don't see Jat merging with BH Airlines simply because Turkish already has a great stake in BH. That is unless Turkish decides to buy Jat (or the Jat name at least). It would greatly save on marketing costs. The palnes would have to be blue and white, but not red or gold.


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