Lufthansa and Turkish coy on Croatia Airlines talks

Lufthansa and Turkish remain quiet on Croatia privatisation talks

Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines have neither confirmed nor denied media reports that they are in talks to acquire a stake in Croatia Airlines, raising speculation that the two Star Alliance members, along with Aegean Airlines, are indeed entering a second round of negotiations with state's privatisation consultant - the International Finance Corporation (IFC), as similar claims in the past have been shut down quickly. Following media reports in 2010 involving the German carrier and its potential acquisition of Croatia Airlines, Lufthansa was quick to deny the rumours. Andreas Bartels, the Head of Media Relations at the Lufthansa Group now says the airline cannot comment on such a sensitive matter at this time.

The Lufthansa Group, which comprises of Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian and Germanwings/Eurowings, as well as its equity investments in Brussels Airlines, jetBlue and SunExpress, has made it no secret it will seek new partnership opportunities, particularly in Europe. CEO Carsten Sophr recently said, “In Europe, the progress of consolidation in the airline industry still has a long way to go to reach the level achieved in North America, for instance. Existing partnerships are to be expanded, while new partnerships and cooperation agreements will be examined wherever they serve the strategic development of the Lufthansa Group and support its sustainably profitable course of growth”. He added, “This approach is followed both in the passenger business by reviewing further joint ventures with a regional focus, as well as in our service companies by looking at possible partnerships in the areas of logistics, MRO and catering”.

Lufthansa and Croatia Airlines have a long lasting relationship and the Lufthansa Group maintains a strong presence on the Croatian market. "Our business relationship with Croatia began the moment the Boeing 737 aircraft joined its fleet. We have been providing technical services to the airline without interruption ever since. We maintain cordial relations and have a true partnership of equals", the German carrier says. The group offers the largest number of seats out of Zagreb after Croatia Airlines and has a notable share in both Split and Dubrovnik during the summer months. Furthermore, Germany is by far Croatia Airlines' biggest country destination by seat numbers

Meanwhile, Turkish Airlines told EX-YU Aviation News that, "Any major issue concerning Turkish Airlines such joint ventures require a board decision of our company, which must be communicated to the Stock Exchange for advising our shareholders. Since we don’t have such a relevant board decision, we are not able to comment on such rumours". In 2013, the airline ruled out interest in the carrier when it was thought it was negotiating a takeover. Over the weekend, the "Večernji list" daily reported that Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines and Aegean will enter a second round of negotations regarding a possible acquisition or recapitalisation of Croatia Airlines. However, it has been noted that an international tender will take place, during which any investor will have the opportunity to place a bid, regardless of whether they participated in prior talks or expressed interest. The delayed privatisation process is expected to be finalised during the summer of 2016.


  1. Anonymous09:06

    It makes sense to me that Lufthansa is interested. I know I will be attacked by haters, but I think LH is looking to keep some control in the region which is being taken over by Turkish and to some extent Air Serbia. In order to have a larger market share in the region this is the best way forward for them and puts them in a much better position than just basing Eurowing planes in Zagreb.

  2. Anonymous09:07

    Like the last statement says anyone can participate in the tender. I think it will be someone completely different than any of the mentioned interested parties. But we will have to wait and see. Good luck to them anyway :)

    1. Anonymous09:11

      I agree. I don't think it will be either of these three but I do believe they will get sold. Maybe by even a much better prospect than these three.

    2. Anonymous09:13

      And what makes think you think that Turkish and LH are not interested? Milanovic was in talks with LH recently and I don't think that IFC is lying, OU would be a good oportunity for LH to keep the region under control.

    3. Anonymous09:17

      I'm not saying they are not interested I'm just saying that I don't think they will be the final buyers. Like someone wrote maybe an even better buyer comes along. Personally I'm not a big fan of them selling OU to LH. Yes it's a company with a great reputation but in its partnership with OU so far it definitely hasn't been a "partnership of equals" like they say. Truth be told, IFC never confirmed the media reports.

    4. Anonymous09:18

      Since Croatia is under such influence from Germany, do you think if LH decides to buy OU that someone from Croatian government will reject the offer? Most of you hoped OU will go bankrupt and no one would be interested, but things have obviously changed!

    5. Anonymous09:19

      They would have all (Lufthansa, Turkish, Aegean, IFC) denied it by now if it wasn't true.

    6. Anonymous09:21

      "Most of you hoped OU will go bankrupt and no one would be interested"... classifying INN-NS as "most of you" is unnecessary. No, I don't think anyone would reject such an offer.

  3. Anonymous09:09

    If OU gets taken over by LH I think we would see it develop its eastern network, especially the region. To the west I don't think we would see any major development except maybe in Germany. Also maybe Sun Express operates some seasonal long haul charters from Dubrovnik or Split.

  4. Anonymous09:52

    Bravo Hrvatska, great news

    1. Anonymous12:44

      You starting to sounds like a broken gramophone.

  5. Anonymous09:59

    Regarding Aegean/Greece, greek media appear so far not following the story as till today there is not a single mention in nationwide mainstream mass media. Aegean itself keeps quiet.

  6. Anonymous10:58

    If OU is taken over by LH they would certainly put it under their Eurowings (EW) umbrella. They already announced that EW is open to other airlines and especially the likes of Brussels and Air Dolomiti. This way they will further grow their EW concept.

  7. Anonymous11:38

    Mozda je za LH vazna i Tehnika u ovoj priči.Ipak je kod nas jeftinija radna snaga tj radni sat,a već se puno radi za njih.Nedavno je i kapacitet proširen izgradnjom novog hangara.

  8. Anonymous12:35

    Really exciting times ahead and I do hope OU gets bought by a strong investor as it will increase competition in the region. Wondering how Air Serbia and Adria would respond to Lufty buying Croatia.

    1. Anonymous13:15

      To se nece desiti. I Luftika nije nesto sto zelite uglavnom njihove komapnije se ili zatvaraju ili bankrotiraju. Tirolean, Ausburg, Eurowings, Swissair, Contact,...

    2. Anonymous15:04

      Tyrolean je obavljao letove za OS cerka firma radi jeftinih kolektivnih ugovora .

    3. Purger15:15

      Tirolean je inkorporiran u Austrian. Dakle nije zatvoren nego je LH konsolidirala svoju kompaniju u Austriji.

      Eurowings još danas postoji, vremenom je dio Eurowingsa transformiran u Germanwings, a dio je ostao regionalna kompanija što je Eurowings u startu i bio, da bi se ove godine sve to transformira u močnu LCC kompaniju, Eurowings danas ima veće kapacitete nego u najbolja vremena dok su bili samostalna kompanija.

      Swissair nije imao apsolutno ništa sa Lufthansom, čak štoviše Lufthansa je spasila Swiss od drugog bankrota. Od kada ih je preuzela tvrtka raste.

      Contact i Ausburg nisu bile Lufthansine kompanije nego su samo imale ugovore sa Lufthansom. LH je prvo raskinula ugovor sa Contactom, a potom godinu kasnije i sa Ausburgom, i na taj način je konsolidirala svoje troškove preuzevši te linije od strane vlastite kompanije CityLine.

      Najgore što se OU može desiti je sudbina Dolomita, tj. da im baza postane MUC. A to i nije baš tako nevjerovatno, upravo suprotno. Jedina prednost OU je jeftina radna snaga i poslovanje što bi mogla biti prednost da oni lete za LH jeftinije pod brendom Croatie i to ne samo iz ZAG, SPU, DBV, RJK, PUY, OSI, ZAD, nego i iz SJJ, SKP, TGD, PRN, TIA (ovisno o tome hoće li istovremeno kupiti JP ili će to učiniti netko drugi).

    4. Anonymous15:42

      If they sell Croatia Airlines to Lufthansa it would be very difficult for ASL to compete.

    5. Anonymous20:21

      ??? What are you talking about? LH would only be a guarantee of NOT getting any of the stuff that makes JU competitive.

    6. Anonymous20:49

      JU is not competitive, it just burns cash.
      OU as part of a large and experienced group would seriously compete with JU for ex-yu and rest of the Balkans pssengers for fligts to northern and westetn Europe.

    7. Anonymous00:13

      No, I really don't see the case for that argument. They could maybe cannibalise part of LH's current traffic and that's it

    8. Anonymous02:42

      If Lufthansa buys OU, which is most likely scenario now, they'll make OU in to a regional feeder, which if we are honest OU already is.

      OU will get needed investment and smart management from Lufthansa, might actually become very profitable and grow as a result in to a proper airline.

      Under Lufthansa's wing OU will expand rapidly in to a decent airline with 20-25 aircraft and strong player in regional market. 3 million pax is quite possible by 2018 and 3.5 million by 2020, 5 million by 2025,

  9. Purger13:50

    I was already written here several times, even few years ago that Lufthansa would buy Croatia Airlines, and if Turkish or Aegean will do that I will be more than surprised. Yesterday I said to Večernji list that Croatia fits into Lufthansa strategy as glove.

    1. Eurowings is project which attack primarily Air Berlin, Darwin, NIKI and Alitalia. It is not just about bases that are in Air Barlin bases (Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Vienna), but also Eurowings long-haul division which will start from Berlin, not LCC SXF but legacy carrier TXL which is Air Berlin main long-haul base. Attack to Ryanair easyJet and other two MEB3 is just secondary goal.

    2. When Lufthansa start to promote new Eurowings they mention that they will open bases out of Germany and will involved other regional companies in it. In this moment I cannot find any company exempt Edelweiss, Adria and Croatia.

    3. And it is more than logical. Lufthansa must attack Etihad whose target is Lufthansa and only Lufthansa (Darwin/Swiss, NIKI/Austrian, Air Berlin/Lufthansa, Alitalia/Dolomiti). With Eurowings base in Zagreb they will attack Air Serbia and Alitalia. Of course it is much more important to LH, to open bases in Geneva, Rome, Milano, Berlin and Stuttgart than Zagreb, but Croatia is to be sold today not in few years, and it is very cheap for them. I mean you can read that Croatia will be happy with 30 million EUR, and that is really nothing to Lufthansa. Peanuts. In same time they will get planes that are owned by Croatia, slots, technic, hangars and other real estate what is worth much more than 200 million. Of course that is not real price of Croatia, it is about how much one can sell company, but in same time Eurowings needs planes, and they will get 4 A319 and 1 A320 (not so old) + slots + technic + real estate for less than 30 million. You must know that Lufthansa try to cut costs and Croatian pilots, mechanics and other staff are very cheap comparing to Swiss, Austrian, Brussels and especially to Lufthansa staff.

    4. Because of that I am sure they will:
    - involved Q400 and CRJ900 (Embraer 195) into CityLine system (maybe even with name Croatia like they did with Austrian, or they can name it Croatia CityLine or something similar). Croatian Cityline will be organised like Dolomiti and will fly from every small Croatian airport (PUY, RJK, ZAD, SPU, DBV, ZAG, OSI) to MUC, and from some of them to VIE, ZRH, BRU and FRA + ZAG-SPU and ZAG-DBV routes, maybe ZAG-ZAD and ZAG-PUY if they will be satisfied with PSO amount of money
    - maybe leave one or two A319 for FRA and MUC flights from ZAG, SPU and DBV into Croatia CityLine
    - most of A320 and A319 fleet involved into Eurowings which will have bases in Zagreb and Split + flights from Dubrovnik and other Croatian airports. Eurowings will fly most of present Croatia Airlines routes especially to Germany, some of those will be stopped and some new will be opened.

    1. Anonymous14:33


      What do you think will happen to JP. They are basicaly bankrupt. They have nothing left. All the potencial buyer will get is the name Adria.
      What do you think will happen to them? Do you think that there is a possibility that Slovenia will have to establish a new airline?

    2. Purger15:22

      Don't know. If I would be LH CEO I would buy Adria (for nothing) and Croatia (for peanuts) incorporate them into CityLine and open Ljubljana, Zagreb and Split base of Eurowings with their A319/320 fleets.

      But maybe they don't have plans to have 3 bases in just 400 km. Even ZAG and VIE as Eurowings bases are too close, to put one more airport in that small area could not be their goal.

      For sure LH buying OU is not good news for JP. It can happen that LH will buy Adrian and will make LJU as new Graz, with just few regional routes. The same thing happened to Verona when they bought Dolomiti.

    3. Nemjee15:43

      They don't have to have a base in LJU, they could make it some sort of focus city which would be part of W pattern routes. At the end of the day it all depends what they are after. LJU has a good catchment area (even Zagreb is part of it) but it all depends how competent they are at attracting these passengers.
      A base in Zagreb could work, the same way Wizz Air has a base in Belgrade. They could have one or two aircraft based there.

    4. Purger15:50

      If Lufthansa will buy Croatia trust me there will be at least 3 Eurowings planes based in ZAG and one in SPU.

      From ZAG they can fly:

      from SPU tourist routes + TXL, DUS, CGN, STR, HAM, HAJ, VIE, BRU

    5. Nemjee15:57

      Yeah, yeah but what I meant is that they can have let's say a certain number of aircraft in ZAG but some routes might be served by aircraft based elsewhere, the same way Wizz Air does it in Belgrade.

      As far as the coast goes, no doubt about that. It will be a goldmine for them.

    6. Nemjee15:57

      Also, don't you think that there is a market for CPH and ARN as well from ZAG?

    7. Purger17:31

      Of course there is. Even today. But with LCC (Eurowings) there is no doubt those routes have chance:
      - diaspora
      - tourists
      - star alliance hubs
      - European union capitals connected
      - trade

      Zagreb base for sure will be worth the money as pilots, staff, maintenance, operation costs are lower in ZAG than in other Eurowings hubs. Why would Eurowings fly DUS-ZAG with more expensive staff from DUS (Germany) instead ZAG. Even more I thing more planes should be based in ZAG and less expensive would be something like ZAG-LGW-DUS-LGW-ZAG.

    8. Nemjee18:16

      Yeah but what I meant is that if there is a need to open up a new route without there being a market for an additional aircraft in Zagreb, then they will just operate that route with a non-Zagreb aircraft.
      No doubt that it will be cheaper for them to use Croats as crew. I am sure ZAG would be far more competitive in terms of pricing than DUS or VIE.

  10. Anonymous14:37

    OT Air Serbia doesnt need government approvals to fly to China. Air Serbia needs A332.

    1. Anonymous15:21

      Air Serbia also needs loads of money to burn while flying to US and China.

    2. Anonymous23:47

      Lots of money to earn as well.

  11. Anonymous15:08

    Nekoliko pitanja ako LH pre uzme CTN :
    Zar vi stvarno mislite da ce CTN dobiti nove A32A?
    Zar stvarno mislite da ce agresivno ekspandirati po Evropi?
    Zar mislite da ce usluga u Avionima naglo da se promeni i da ce dobiti WI-FI ?
    Zar mislite da ce LH dati jedan A333 za letove ZAG-JFK ?
    Nadam se da ovo nece biti obrisano posto se gora pitanja ostavljaju na pitanje ASL.

    1. Purger15:27

      1. S vremenom da, ali ne OU, nego Eurowings sa bazom u ZAG, SPU, a kasnije možda i u DBV.

      2. Ne! ZAG sigurno prestaje biti hub. Vremenom će rasti, ali prije će Croatia CityLine letjeti iz SJJ, SKP, PRN, TIA, TGD za MUC nego što će LH dozvoliti veliku ekspanziju via ZAG.

      3. Wi-fi je potpuno nepotreban na realcijama od 60-120 minuta, a koje su 95% OU letova. Na koncu to je dodatna usluga koja je preskupa, koju koristi vrlo malo putnika i koja nije ni po čemu referentna. Ona je jednako referentna za prosječne putnike bilo koje kompanije kao i vrsta vina u business klasi.

      4. Ne, to se neće desiti. Osim ako nekim čudom krene ekspanzija long-haul linija u ZAG, ali i tada bi to bila long-haul divizija Eurowingsa, nikako ne OU ili LH.

    2. Anonymous15:27

      I hope that CTN under whomever buys it begins t be run like a BUSINESS!
      Do you know what that means?

      It means aiming to being profitable, well run, punctual, NOT costing the tax payers in subsidies of any kind, not creating debts to airports, tax authorities, national insurance.

      Choosing to invest into what will bring back money to the company and not bring losses.
      Choosing where to fly based on commercial reasons and not political propaganda and being managed by managers who are aiming to maximize return on investment instead of ministers and prime ministers who are aiming only to maximize electoral returns.

    3. Anonymous15:48

      Ko je to tvrdio? Sto hoces s time reci?

    4. Anonymous16:15

      LH je osnovala Eurowings Europe GmbH sa sedistem u Becu i planiraju povecu bazu na Aerodromu VIE .
      Cisto sumnjam da ce EW bilo gde u Hrvatskoj imati bazu .
      Pre ce se desiti da ce prebaciti nekoliko CRJ9 ili E90 ili E95 od CL prebaciti u OU kao sto su u OS da bi feed-ovali BRU,ZRH,FRA,MUC i VIE.
      Nije ni LH voljna se boriti u Hrvatskoj sa gomilom LCC .

    5. Anonymous16:29

      INN ajde se lijeci!

    6. Anonymous16:55

      I jos da dodam da ce leto 2016 biti kasno zato sto ce jedna EX YU kompanija vec da leti za Aziju i USA.

    7. Purger17:39

      Gluposti INN. CityLine leti samo onoliko koliko mora, da feeda MUC i FRA. Ta firma ne donosi profit. Ona je nužno zlo da mogu opstati long-haul linije.

      Pravi profit će biti Eurowings. A320, LCC koncept, svakako donosi više novaca nego regionalna hubna kompanija. Da pojednostavim, što misliš što bi više donosilo na liniji ZAG-TXL:

      CRJ-900 kao Croatia Airlines/CityLines
      A320 kao Eurowings

      Naravno da će Lufthansa imati 4-5 frekvencija sa regionalnim avionima za MUC (iz svih mjestašca u Hrvatskoj) i FRA (iz ZAG,SPU,DBV), ali im nije interes sa regionalcima pokrivati hubove drugih kompanija i moguće konekcije (CDG, LHR, AMS...). Za to će koristiti P2P LCC koji nema šanse za realnim i jeftinim konekcijama. Jeftino, isplativo + nemogućnost konekcije.

    8. Anonymous18:15

      I think we should be excited by the fact that there's an actual company willing to buy OU, including Air Serbia flights to New York, new Zagreb terminal, new flights to SJJ, 2016 should be an excellent year for Ex-Yu in general!

    9. Anonymous20:34

      G Purgeru ja sam mislio da znate malo bolje da citate i da ne izvrcete reci koje sam rekao .

    10. Purger23:24

      Ni jednom jedinom riječju nisam izvrnuo tvoje riječi sinko. Problem je što ti provališ, a kasnije se pokušavaš opravdati da si krivo shvačen, da nešto nije jasno, da te se ne razumije, da tako nisi mislio... Neka, sine, proči će te.

    11. Anonymous23:31

      Ja barem smem da dam odgovor na svako pitanje i kad ne znam nesto .
      LH je osnovala Eurowings Europe GmbH sa sedistem u Becu i planiraju povecu bazu na Aerodromu VIE .
      Cisto sumnjam da ce EW bilo gde u Hrvatskoj imati bazu .
      Pre ce se desiti da ce prebaciti nekoliko CRJ9 ili E90 ili E95 od CL u OU kao sto su u OS da bi feed-ovali BRU,ZRH,FRA,MUC i VIE.
      Nije ni LH voljna se boriti u Hrvatskoj sa gomilom LCC .
      Ko ne razume nisam ja kriv

    12. Anonymous23:35

      U i reci su mi izvrnute nigde nisam pomenuo prifit gore .
      Ja sam naveo mogucnost prebacivanja nekih aviona CL u CTN a nigde nisam pricao o cilju poslovanja CL.
      Ja se ne predstavljam kao vi da sam strucnjak .

    13. Purger23:55

      Gle sinko, već sam ti rekao da se sa tobom neću ni raspravljati, ni dokazivati. Tvoja rečenica "Cisto sumnjam da ce EW bilo gde u Hrvatskoj imati bazu .
      Pre ce se desiti da ce prebaciti nekoliko CRJ9 ili E90 ili E95 od CL u OU" je više nego jasna i moj odgovor je dat na nju.

      Ja se nikada i nigdje nisam predstavio kao stručnjak za zračni promet. Niti sam ikada, ali ikada tražio da me se tako potpisuje ili predstavlja, a ako me se pita za potpis (kao npr. na RTL-u ili drugim televizijama onda tražim da me se potpiše kao zamjenika urednika Aeronautike).

    14. Anonymous01:00

      Ja nigde nisam gore u tekstu napisao koji je posao ili svrha CL samo sam rekao da ce se pre desiti da prebacer odredjeni tip od njih u CTN nista vise.
      Ja nisam ni rekao da vi to to trazite nego cesto se obratitre meni kao da ne znam absolutno nisat a vi da ste Dipl.Ing Aeronautike .
      I jos nesto ako se nalazite u AAustriji u nekom intelekualnom drustvu ne spominjite to gostovanje na RTL televizija nije bas cenjena .
      Vama svakako svaka cast sto izlazite u novinama samo sledeci put nemojte govoriti da neko nema para.

    15. Anonymous07:28

      Kao prvo, inzinjeri aeronautike obicno ne vode avio-kompanije, njihove duznosti su znatno drugacije.
      Drugo, otkud ti znas sta se prica po intelektualnim krugovima u Austriji?
      Trece, u Srbiji, u intelektualnim krugovima, niko ne spominje da glasa za SNS.

    16. Anonymous09:07

      +1 hahahahhha

    17. Purger09:17

      Gle Sine, svi na ovom forumu znaju da je Air Serbija visoko subvencionirana kompanija. Pa te brojke su jasno vidljive. I uz to oni su bili prisiljeni smanjiti troškove, opako srezati linije (čak i pod cijenu rušenja sustava prihvatljivih konekcija što je ogroman rizik), bitno povečati cijene (što je i opet rizik) jer očito za dumping nema novaca.

      Činjenica jest da Srbija nema novaca, to i je jedan razlog zašto se 100 milijuna investicije prebija preko ZL Beograd, a što istoj čini ogroman problem i vrlo vjerovatno jest razlog prolongiranja radova na proširenju i obnovi.

      Isto tako činjenica jest da su "politički razlozi" kao kočnica kupovini glupost i samo izgovor. Jednostavno nema ih. Ako Air Serbia želi kupovinu u Sloveniji, Hrvatskoj, Crnoj Gori ili drugdje ona to može učiniti bez ikakvog problema. Nema baš nikakvih političkih prepreka. Radi se isključivo o izjavi koja je politički motivirana i skuplja sitne političke bodove kod neukog svijeta.

  12. Purger15:43

    od svih kompanija koje sam prije skoro godinu dana naveo da mogu kupiti kompaniju, u uži izbor su ušle one sa dne poželjnosti za CTN. No, sve je bolje od trenutnog stanja.


    Loš odabir za Hrvatsku, ali bolje nego da se Croatia ne proda

    Pozitivne strane:
    + TAV je suvlasnik MZL Zagreb, a TAV vrlo podržava Turkish i „surađuje“ sa njima u ekspanziji
    + TK već leti za Zagreb
    + TK raspolaže ogromnim financijskim sredstvima

    Negativne strane:
    - TK već leti za aerodrome u regiji, i to daleko više nego CTN: Ljubljana, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Skopje, Podgorica, Priština, Beograd, Bucharest, Budapest, Sofija, Tirana, a očekivati je i dalja ekspanzija (poglavito Split, Dubrovnik, Tuzla, Niš) stoga TK nikako nije u interesu širiti mrežu Croatie u regiji,
    - TK neće preko ZAG letjeti za treće destinacije obzirom da imaju preko 200 destinacija gdje lete i da lete gotovo za svako „selo“ u Europi. Croatia nema ni jedne destinacije gdje ne leti TK osim za hrvatske zračne luke
    - TK je Europska predatorska kompanija kojoj je cilj isključivo feedati svoj hub (Istanbul), te neće ulagati u razvoj lokalne flote i regionalnih linija
    - Za Croatiu bi svakako bilo bolje da ju kupi neka kompanija izvan Europe koja bi razvijala Zagreb kao hub
    - Akvizicija u B&H Airlines, koja je bila bitno važnija za TK, ali i za samo B&H Airlines, nije uspjela i zapravo je bila potpuni fijasko, da bi se na kraju TK povukao

    Gotovo uopće ne kupuju, iako su najvaljivali tu mogućnost sa LOT i Maltom.

    TK ima subsidiarye:
    • Anadolujet (100% vlasništva), LCC

    U posljednje vrijeme kupili su udio u:
    • Nord Cyprus Airways (10% vlasništva), kompanija osnovana nakon bankrota Cyprus Turkish Airlines u kojem je TK također imao suvlasništvo, trebali bi uskoro početi letjeti
    • SunExpress (50% vlasništva)
    • B&H Airlines (49% vlasništva), ne slaganje sa Vladom BiH koja je bila 51% vlasništva rezultiralo je povlačenjem iz vlasništva

    TK se više bazira na vlastitoj ekspanziji nego na kupovini. No, najavili su mogućnost kupovine LOT-a i Air Malte.


    Loš odabir za Hrvatsku, ali bolje nego da se Croatia ne proda

    Pozitivne strane:
    + Firma je počela gotovo od ničega i
    + vrlo se brzo šire i planiraju povećati broj putnika sa 10 na čak 15 milijuna putnika u vrlo kratkom periodu
    + zdrav kapital
    + članovi Star Alliance kao i Croatia
    + lete za Dubrovnik, a kreću i sa Splitom

    Negativne strane:
    - Više bi stavljali oslonac na vlastiti razvoj a Croatia bi im bila tek regionalni feeder
    - Nisu velika kompanija
    - Već lete za Beograd, Budimpeštu, Sofiju, Bucharest, Tiranu, Dubrovnik, Split te ogroman broj destinacija u Grčkoj, u strategiji razvoja posebno se planiraju širiti na regiju bivše Jugoslavije
    - Mogli bi našu flotu koja je kompatibilna njihovoj prebaciti u Grčku radi vlastite ekspanzije, te zanemariti naše tržište

    Malo kupuju, prvenstveno jer su malena kompanija

    A3 je kupio:
    • Olympic Air (100%) – 2013.
    • Cyprus Airways

    1. Purger15:44


      Nije dobra opcija za Croatiu, no još uvijek bolja nego sadašnje stanje

      Pozitivne strane:
      + već je de facto vlasnik Croatie
      + Croatia se potpuno oslanja na Lufthansu
      + već lete iz Frankfurta i Munchena za Zagreb, Dubrovnik i Split, te preko Germanwingsa iz Colognea, Hamburga, Stuttgarta i Berlina za Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar i Pulu
      + velika kompanija koja ima strateški interes na našem tržištu
      + treba im odgovor na ekspanziju i napad Etihada koji je u njihovom dvorištu kupio Air Berlin, Darwin, Alitaliju i Air Serbiu (Jat)

      Negativne strane:
      - Do sada su se vrlo loše i maćehinski odnosili prema suradnicima, što je najčešće rezultiralo ubrzanim propadanjem
      - Najavljeno je da će Germanwings, ali i niz regionalnih kompanija ući pod okrilje Eurowingsa, novoformirane ekstremne LCC, što svakako ne bi bilo dobro za Hrvatsku
      - Croatia bi bila isključivo feeder Lufthanse kao što su to napravili sa Dolomitima koji su nakon što ih je kupila Lufthansa ukinuli sve veze za ostale gradove, prebacili bazu iz Verone u Munich odakle lete za svako majušno mjestašce u Italiji (slična sudbina bi bila i Croatie koja bi iz DBV, SPU, ZAG, ZAD, PUY, RJK i OSI letjela isključivo za MUC).
      - LH prioritet daje svojim letovima (lete za Beograd, Sarajevo, Skopje, Ljubljanu, Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Bucharest, Budimpeštu, Sofiju, Tiranu…), ali i svojim kompanijama Austrianu, Swissu i Germanwingsu, a i daleko bolju suradnju ima sa Adrijom, dok Croatiu svodi na simboličnu suradnju.
      - LH se posvetila svojoj ekspanziji i programu restrukturiranja i prestala je kupovati kompanije

      Kupuju mnogo, ali ne u zadnjih par godina

      Subsidiary i suvlasnici:
      • Austrian Airlines (100% vlasništva) uključujući i Tyrolean
      • Swiss (100%), uključujući Edelweiss
      • Lufthansa Regional (100%)
      • Air Dolomiti (100%)
      • Eurowings (100%) – pretvorit će ga u LCC
      • Germanwings (100%), LCC
      • AeroLogic (50%), cargo kompanija
      • SunExpress (50%), charter kompanija
      • Burssels Airlines (45%)
      • Jet Blue, USA (15,9%)
      • Luxair, Luxemburg (14,4%)
      • Bili vlasnici bmi, ali ga prodali Biritishu

    2. Anonymous15:55

      Purgeru, gdje vidis u svemu tome novi zg terminal? Da li ce takav uopce trebati zg u slucaju da ou postane samo feeder?

    3. Nemjee16:04

      Samo da dodam, A3 nije kupio CY... CY je bankrotirao u januaru. Bilo je reci da ce ih kupiti ali nista na kraju posto je firma bila u buli.

    4. Purger16:23

      Da, da... sorry, krivo napisano. Bili su u igri za CY, ali su ovi banrotirali, pa je A3 otvorio bazu. Kad sam to stavljao na CAF, napisao sam točno, ali tu se ne može ispraviti.

    5. Anonymous16:23

      Aegean just based some aircraft in LCA and started flying most of the routes that Cyprus Airways did.
      I don't know though if they are successful or not.
      Nemjee will probably know more about it.

    6. Purger17:55

      Anonymous 3:55
      Rast prometa u Zagrebu nema nikakve veze sa kupovinom Croatije od strane Lufthanse. Čak štoviše isto će povečati broj putnika:

      1. OU više neće biti limitirajuć faktor za ZAG (kojeg se štiti, koji nema ekspanzije, kojeg se "čeka")

      2. Biti će više konekcije iz ZAG prema sadašnjim linijama LH i pulena: FRA, MUC, TXL, CGN, STR, HAM, HAJ, VIE, ZRH, BRU.

      3. Sigurno se uvode nove linije kao DUS, GVA, ali i poneka nova preko Eurowingsa. Nešto će se i ukinuti.

      4. No, za te koje se ukinut doći će novi prijevoznici. To se desilo i sa Veronom. Kad je LH kupila Dolomite i povečala broj letova prema MUC, FRA i VIE iz Verone, ali i ukinula CDG, AMS, SVO, BCN... vrlo su brzo došle nove kompanije. U roku od svega 3-4 godine Verona je narasla sa 1,2 na 2,5 milijuna putnika.

    7. Nemjee18:00

      AnonymousNovember 25, 2015 at 4:23 PM

      Aegean used to have a base in LCA a few years ago but they closed it once the economic crisis started. The second time around they were far more aggressive and their BEY and TLV flights were timed in such a way so as to allow connections via both ATH and LCA to places like Munich, Milan, Paris, London Heathrow....
      Generally speaking these were very successful and I am still waiting to see what they will do next summer. In winter time they still fly to TLV, SKG, ATH, LHR and CDG.

      Like I wrote a few days ago, BlueAir just keeps on expanding in LCA and a new Cypriot airline with a lot of backing might take off in February (or some time before summer). The situation there will become very interesting.

    8. Nemjee18:04

      By the way, I just checked an Aegean plans on having 10 weekly LCA-TLV flights next summer. This is in addition to planning on operating 11 weekly ATH-TLV. With their aggressive expansion in Israel it can only mean that they are having serious plans for eventual flights to the United States.

    9. Anonymous18:49

      Thank you Nemjee, always can count on you for good information!

    10. Nemjee23:52

      You are welcome!

  13. Anonymous16:24

    Purger se drogira losim zagorskim cvicekom Bas je LX sam smislio da dodje na exYU trziste pa posle ukida linije i da mu Lufthansa narucuje avione kao EK za JU.

    1. Anonymous16:25

      Greska EY za JU.

    2. Purger17:45

      Ma nema to veze ni sa LX, niti sa imenom kompanije, niti sa trenutnom ekspanzijom (tako što se vrlo brzo mjenja i LX avioni se prebace na druge linije). Radi se o tome što je jeftinije za LH (grupaciju). LX je skup. Onog momenta kada je LH vlasnik i LX i OU onda gleda što je jeftinije. Pa će sigurno na liniji ZAG-ZRH koristiti OU i to sa više frekvencija nego danas (bar 4-5 polazaka). Na taj način će karta ZAG-ZRH biti jeftinija, a samim time i konekcije preko ZRH.

      Puca ti ona stvar kad si LH tko će letjeti na toj liniji, interesira te što je jeftinije. A OU je svakako jeftinija nego LX, OS, LH...

      Tako da će vrlo brzo postojati privid povečanja flote i kapaciteta, ali zapravo će OU samo preuzeti letove od LH, OS, LX i SN.

      Sorry ne pijem Cviček, nego isključivo Bordeaux.

    3. Purger17:47

      Kad LH kupi OU neće kupovati "za" OU nego za sebe samu. Natpis na avionu je potpuno nebitna stvar. Možda će na "zagrebačkim" avionima pisati Croatia airlines, možda Croatia CityLine, možda Lufthansa Croatia, a možda samo Lufthansa. Potpuno nebitno! Lova će i ovako ići u Frankfurt.

  14. Anonymous17:19

    OT: First new Airbus A321 lands at Hungary's Wizz Air

    Hungary’s Wizz Air has received and already put into service its first Airbus A321 aircraft. The no-frills airline will gradually replace its current fleet of A320 aircraft over the following years. As of now a single A321ceo airplane carries Wizz Air passengers, on the Budapest-London-Luton route.

    Wizz Air’s fleet development scheme has reached a new milestone, as the carrier was delivered its first A321ceo aircraft last Friday and it has already been added to the active fleet.

    The A321 model has more seats than the currently used A320 aircraft (220 vs. 180) and in terms of costs per passenger it is the most efficient aircraft on the market. At such ultra-low-cost carriers, such as Wizz Air, this is key aspect to consider when it comes to building a fleet.

    A total of 26 Airbus A321ceo aircraft are scheduled to be delivered to Wizz Air between December 2015 and end-2018. This spring, Wizz Air signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the purchase of 110 Airbus A321neo aircraft worth USD 12.5 billion. Deliveries are to start in 2019 and be completed in 2024. These will have even more seats. Wizz Air also has agreed With Airbus on uncommitted purchase rights for the purchase of an additional 90 A321neo Aircraft.


    1. Nemjee18:08

      Somehow I don't see them completely replacing their A320 fleet with the A321. There are some markets where 220 seats would be just too much. Places like Nis, Tuzla and Ohrid come to mind... even Belgrade.
      I am sure the extra capacity will be assigned to busy airports like Warsaw, Budapest, Bucharest...

    2. Anonymous19:44

      I hope that since they will have so much planes in their fleet, they will atart to establish routes also from MBX...
      Is this possible?

    3. Why not Skopje ??

    4. Nemjee23:51

      Because, in my opinion, there are two kinds of markets where the A321 makes sense, busy routes and longer flights. If we are to take SKP then there isn't really a market for it. How many routes see daily flights? I don't think it would make much sense to substitute an A320 with an A321 on a route that sees three weekly flights.

      The thing is that an A321 can lower your costs and make you money only if you can actually sell the seats (at a decent price). The only way I can see an A321 in SKP if there is some destination that is operated by an non-SKP aircraft as part of a W flight.

  15. Anonymous20:39

    Panika u Večernjaku: Air Serbia kupuje Kroaciju!!!

    Purger već komentirao u tekstu: nemaju oni para za Kroaciju!

    1. Anonymous21:22

      ... ASL nema, ali Etihad ima.

    2. Anonymous21:37

      "Za Croatia Airlines Šćuric kaže da sad vrijedi, nakon što je država na sebe preuzela dugove te kompanije, nekoliko stotina milijuna eura"?! Koliko je to Purgeru nekoliko stotina milona, 100, 200, 500?! Ja mislim da će CTN biti srecna ako je neko preuzme bez ijednog eura!

    3. Purger23:35

      Dobro, Bohutinski je to malo preuveličao. Rekao sam mu da mogu izračunati koliko bi mogla vrijediti imovina Croatie Airlines, ali me ulovio na telefon dok sam bio usred Šumadije, pa sam rekao da svakako vrijedi preko 100 milijuna, a onako napamet da bi mogla vrijediti 200 milijuna. Naglasio sam i da kompanija zapravo vrijedi onoliko koliko netko želi ponuditi za nju.

      Što je vrijednost CTN-a:
      - 4 A319 i 1 A320 u vlasništvu, otplačeni, prosječne starosti nešto više od 15 godina.

      - slotovi na LHR

      - ostali slotovi (FRA, CDG, AMS, subotom u sezoni u SPU)

      - tri hangara i zemlja na Plesu

      - tehnika koja je vrlo kvalitetna, koja ima opremu i radnike, te know-how, a koja bi se sama mogla prodati za nekoliko desetaka milijuna EUR

      - motori, rezervni dijelovi, ostale nekretnine i imovina, 50% vlasništva autobusne kompanije Pleso prijevoz

      - prava poput Amadeusa, Obzor putovanja...

    4. Anonymous23:38

      Moze Novinama da odgovori a Prof. Aerologic ne sme cudno .
      I jos pritom iznosi ne istine da ASL nema para !
      Ko da CTN kosta ne znam ni ja koliko pa ne moze da uzme .

    5. Anonymous23:43

      Čovek je u pravu. Njihovi Airbusi vrede oko 110 milijona, 14 slotova na LHR oko 60 milijona, tehnika bar 30 milijona...

    6. Anonymous23:45

      Jeste INN ima para, zato i Srbija nije platila 100 milijona nego se to prebija sa aerodromom Beograd.

    7. Purger,

      Sve to sto si nabrojao iako prestavlja realnu vrijednost nije predmet transakcije prilikom prodaje/kupovine nekog biznisa. Predmet je sposobnost firme ili menadzmenta da na osnovu tih hard assets kao i cash rezervi napravi profit. Zato kada se pominje o investicijama cjena se odredjuje na osnovu formule u kojoj je godisnji profit mnozi sa odredjenim brojem, Taj broj zavisi od mnogo faktora ali generalno vrti se oko 5. Tako da u ovom kontekstu, sta LH ili bilo ko drugi dobije u smislu vrijednosti je irelevantno.

    8. Anonymous23:55

      JU je napravila dva (fiktivna) miliona profita... za nju kupovina OU nije nista! Na kraju krajeva, sve to placaju srpski poreski obveznici.

    9. Purger23:59

      SM još jednom naglašavam da sam rekao da kompanija vrijedi onoliko koliko je netko spreman za nju platiti. No, budimo realni, LH može kupiti OU za 30 milijuna, koliko se traži (a sumnjam da će dobiti i toliko), te prodati avione, slotove, hangare i zaraditi 200-tinjak milijuna. To je poanta priče. Kao što i država može firmu staviti pod stečaj i sama rasprodati imovinu, te više zaraditi nego da je proda LH ili nekome drugome.

      Da u ovom momentu separatno rasprodaju sve što vrijedi mogli bi zaraditi i više od 200 milijuna.

    10. Anonymous00:47

      Ako Air Serbia stvarno kupi Kroaciju, Severina bi bila idealna za reklamnu kampanju nove kompanije!

    11. Purger,

      Nisam ni rekao da jeste to rekli. RAzlog sto sam to pomenuo je jer vrlo cesto laici ovdje pominju vrijednost neke kompanije po tome koliko su vrijedne njihove neokretnosti ili cash reserve sto nema nikakve veze sa stvarnosti.

      Slazem se LH bi mogla kupiti OU i sve rasrodati na takav nacin. Istina, drzava se sigurno stiti nekom vrstom garancija jer bi to bio veoma los politicki marketing.

      Mislim da je glavno pitanje kako tolika silna vrijednost u imovini generise jako malo profita. Slucaj OU nije jedinstven, slicno je svugdje. Meni je to pokazatelj kako je ovo tezak biznis za opstati cak i u vrijeme relativno niskih cjena nafte.

    12. Purger09:09

      SM da ste vi Lufthansa i krećete sa LCC ratom protiv ostalih LCC, Air Berlina/Etihada i ostalih MEB3. Zar vam ne bi bilo idealno:

      - otvoriti bazu u Zagrebu (uz ostale koje kanite otvoriti, posebno što je Zagreb stvarno skroman po pitanju LCC letova, daleko ispod ostalih gradova)?

      - istim udarcem uništiti konkurenciju u domaćem prijevozniku (Croatiji), te njihovih 5 aviona prebaciti u svoj Eurowings. Dobili ste flotu vrijednu preko 100.000.000,00 EUR za samo trećinu te vrijednosti. Vrlo jeftino i praktično

      - istovrmeno vam je netko poklonio gratis vrlo vrijednu i kvalietnu tehniku gdje jeftinije servisirate svoje avione (ne samo postojeće nego i ostale avione Lufthanse i grupacije)

      - a slotove (koja prebacite Lufthansi), ostale nekretnine i vrijednosti dobili ste gratis

      Da, Severina bi bila savršena za promociju te nove kompanije. :-)

    13. Slazem se sa vama u potpunosti,definitivno je to za njih sto bi reoko zicer potez, potez koji se vrlo fino poklapa sa ostalim planovima. Tako d ame nebi cudilo da su oni spremni da plate cak i malu premiju. Na kraju krajeva govorimo o vrlo mizernim ciframa.

  16. Anonymous14:02

    LH will buy Croatia for almost free and then AA will be handed over by slovenian govt for free. I'm pretty much sure about that. The stupidity of managment brought JP into corner.


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