Belgrade Airport's T2 expansion delayed

Belgrade terminal expansion delayed as airport prepares for US flights

The multi million euro expansion of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport's Terminal 2 (T2) building has been delayed, while work on other related projects are on track as the airport prepares to handle its first transatlantic flights in over a decade during 2016. Touted as the airport’s first greenfield investment in years, the T2 expansion (pictured), valued at fifteen million euros, was to begin this December and scheduled for completion in August 2016. While necessary tender procedures have been completed and a contractor selected, the Serbian Ministry for Transport is yet to issue its final approval. Initially, the airport anticipated to get the all-clear by November in order for construction to begin a month later. The new wing of the two-level terminal will feature passenger boarding bridges, primarily intended for larger, wide-body aircraft. Two common waiting lounges will be built, with the departure lounge on the upper floor equipped with four jet bridges (four parking positions for single-aisle aircraft or two for wide-body jets), while the second, ground floor lounge, will have four gates from which passengers will be bussed to remote stands. The new part of the terminal will also feature large areas for commercial space, such as a duty free, shops and restaurants. It is unknown when the ministry is expected to give its final approval in order for construction work to begin.

On the other hand, the airport has concluded several projects with the aim of improving its facilities ahead of transatlantic services in June 2016. A new staff building, valued at 500.000 euros, has been completed, while the construction of a de-icing platform, which will be located next to the taxiway near the Terminal 2 gate area, will be finished by June 2016. "Consequently, we will improve de-icing procedures during the winter months which will speed up aircraft movement at the airport", Managing Director, Saša Vlaisavljević, says. The project is valued at four million euros. Furthermore, the airport has refurbished part of its Terminal 1 building. The United States Transport Security Administration will evaluate Belgrade Airport and its security oversight in February next year. As a result, the airport is investing five million euros in new technology, including body scanners, bomb detectors, additional fire trucks and screening equipment.

Belgrade Airport plans to finance all of its investments from its own funds. During the first three quarters, it recorded a net profit of just over seventeen million euros, up from 10.3 million during the same period last year. It expects to log a record twenty million euros in profit by the end of the year. So far in 2015, the airport has seen its passengers numbers improve 3%. Over the weekend, the airport broke its all-time passenger record. It handled 4.65 million travellers by Monday, thus registering its busiest year in history. The airport expects to register passenger growth of 4% - 6% next year.


  1. Anonymous09:07

    The rumor is the ministry isn't giving the permit because apparently the terminal will be given to Air Serbia/Etihad like it says in the contract with Etihad. That's why they are upgrading T1 so it can serve foreign airlines.

    1. Anonymous09:34

      I hope this doesn't apply to the gates but then again, JU doesn't need all the check-ins either. Giving them an entire terminal is beyond silly, they don't need it. If anything it's megalomania.

    2. Anonymous09:39

      It is just rumor. But if you read the Serbia-Etihad agreement on the Serbian government website it does say that Air Serbia will be granted an entire terminal.

    3. Anonymous09:42

      Yes but BEG is a small airport and does JU really need a dedicated terminal? Realistically speaking. I mean, just because it writes so in the agreement doesn't mean JU will ask for it.

    4. Anonymous10:02

      It is about ownership of one terminal. There is rumor that Jat was investor and by the books owner of one terminal. In that case Etihad will be 49% owner of that terminal and can enter into airport business. So, they will be the one to charge for services and fees, they will rent space for restaurants, bars, shops... And in that case Belgrade Airport will be in deep shit for incomes + it will have competition in same backyard. Lufthansa, Aeroflot, Turkish, Wizz etc. will decide on which terminal they will be on, and to who they will pay.

    5. Anonymous10:15

      For the 100 time: existing terminals can not be separated! If Air Serbia gets for example T2, other airlines at T1 have no way of going through arrivsls passport control and baggage claim! The ONLY way Air Serbia can be given a dedicated terminal is by building a brand nee terminal for Air Serbia!

    6. Anonymous10:26

      Highly doubt that W6, LH, OS, LX and others will switch to JU/EY terminal given the problematic relationship between the airlines.
      And anyway, JU can barely retire the Boeings, even less build an entire new terminal.

    7. Anonymous10:43

      Retirement of Boeings and new terminal are not related at all. New terminal was clearly visible in plans presented back in April. Air Serbia will not pay for it. It will be paid by the new airport owner OR by joint 49/51% investment by Etihad and the government. New C gates will become part of that new Air Serbia terminal 3 and all other airllines will stay at existing terminals T1/T2

    8. Anonymous12:59

      Problem with T1 is not Etihad/Air Serbia problem, but problem of Airport and Air Serbia. Etihad have it in contract and insist on it!!!! They want it, they have it in contract, they will get it. For free!!! And how will BEG airport be financed after that?

      Relations is problematic when you can not financial benefit from it. When Etihad will get their terminal they will have to use it as much as they can. And will be competition to BEG. With discounts and better conditions they will have to attract users. LH and other including. And those will stop to be in war a second when they will get some extra benefits.

    9. Anonymous13:51

      * Problem with T1 is not Etihad/Air Serbia problem, but problem of Airport and Republic of Serbia.

    10. JATBEGMEL16:35

      JAT was always the owner of one of the terminals. Documentation was found stating this which is why there is a push for JU to be returned one of the terminals for its use. Actually, JAT built quite a few of the airports across the ex-YU.

    11. Anonymous18:24

      So, that means 49% of one terminal is in ownership of Etihad and Etihad management will manage one terminal in BEG. Congratulation to Republic of Serbia for very good contract where they gave 50% (or more) of airport for nothing what they could get several hundreds million EUR.

    12. JATBEGMEL23:04

      Congratulations should be given to the Republic of Serbia for the distruction of Serbian Aviation in general. BEG and INI are poorly run, Jat was until it became Air Serbia, BEG has had an extremely slow renovating process and still has a lot to do, not to mention the hundred of illegal houses built around the airport without permits. Who knows when KVO will be operational after millions were spent on it, UZC is empty. Just look around to the entire infrastructure, from roads to rail.

      Btw, it was the Etihad team who brought to light this fact. Let them via JU use it if it will bring investment back into Serbia since the Serbian government for sure wont invest in it anyways.

  2. Anonymous09:11

    Why am I not surprised...

  3. Anonymous09:12

    Congratulations on the passenger results. I think that's the third record year in a row.

  4. Anonymous09:24

    Bearing in mind that the national airline does not meet regular obligations towards the airport (money-wise) those results are not bad at all! It would not surprise me at all if they cancel upgrading project because they run out of money!

    1. Anonymous09:27

      The had EUR 20 million profit which is unprecedented for any airport in the region (Dubrovnik for example a few days saying they have record EUR 6 million), so I don't think they are running out of money just yet.

    2. Looks like they have been told what needs to be done before they are rubber stamped for USA flights by the USA authorities. Seem like getting this in order (they have until February) is a priority over the terminal expansion.

    3. "Bearing in mind that the national airline does not meet regular obligations"... and who says they do now? If they make accounting profit, it does not necesarily mean they have actually received payment - they can easily end up in accounts receivable. More importantly, we need to see free cash flow (FCF) figures, in order to understand the actual cash conversion. Thanks.

  5. This article covertly tells us why Belgrade has not been given FAA/TSA approval for USA flights yet. It obviously did not meet the criteria in the last review evident in why a second one has been scheduled for February.

    So a February review should be successful since you would assume Belgrade has been told what they need improve to meet the criteria but when will the approval be granted... April, May??

    Cutting it close for a June NY service!

    1. Anonymous10:00

      Those flights will be even more loss making than originaly thought...

    2. Anonymous11:22


  6. Anonymous09:33

    Record financial result is result of creative calculating. Republic of Serbia gave money for old Jat debts to Belgrade Airport from budget and then Belgrad Airport decide to pay dividend to all share-holders. Almost all shares are State owned, so basically Airport pay back that money to budget. Because of money which was few days in account Belgrade Airport was financially so good.

    So, one can not be sure if there is really money for this expansion. Foreign airlines which pays full amount of money cuts frequencies and close routes. Even airport can not hide that fact. And Air Serbia is paying so little as Serbia throw exemption of paying taxes and services pays their share of investment in Air Serbia. So where can Airport get money from? Yes, you can make some creative accounting some time, but sooner or later it will come out.

    Expansion is delayed... Why? If there is money, if tender is finished why than? Sapienti sat!

    1. Anonymous09:44

      Pamti li ko kada i koja kompanija je poslednja počela da leti za BG, a da još uvek leti pa makar i sezonski? Vueling čini mi se?

    2. Anonymous10:06

      Neke su se vrlo kratko zadržale, no nisu toliki problem one koje dođu i ne uspiju pa se povuku. Daleko je veći problem činjenica da kompanije koje su tu već desetke godina smanjuju frekvencija i odlaze, te da Beograd ima sve manje glavnih igrača (BA, AF, KL, SN, IB...), što smanjuje povezanost sa Svijetom i konkurentnost, ali i postavlja neka ozbiljna pitanja. Posebno što su neki od njih letjeli još prije 25 godina za BEG (KL, SK, BA, AF...)

    3. Anonymous10:08

      Sve te kompanije oje navodis su se povukle pre nastanka Air Srbije.

    4. Purger10:12

      Ne kažem da nisu, ali se nisu ni vratile, a to je jako znakovito i nije dobro za zračni promet u Srbiji. A daleko veći broj ih se povukao ili smanjio frekvencije nakon osnivanja Air Serbije. Uključujući i Swiss, TAP, Lufthansu, Turkish...

    5. Anonymous10:26

      Normalno da su smanjili kada imaju jaku domacu konkurenciju. Nisu oni budale.

    6. Anonymous10:28

      I u Zagrebu su povecali letove kada su shvatili da je Kroacija nacisto pukla, tako je bilo i u Beogradu kada je Jat bio pred bankrotom.

    7. Anonymous11:15

      @Purger.. TAP se povukao zbog ASL?! E svasta... Naravno da su Swiss, Lufthansa i Turkish smanjili frekfencije kad je dosla ozbiljna konkurencija.

    8. Anonymous11:26

      A3 not only hasn't reduced frequencies but it both increased number of flights and changed Q400s to A320s.

    9. When there is a very limited market such as Serbia, if one airline comes in and adds ONE MILLION new passengers overnight, it will have consequences on all other airlines.

      All the weakest or least interested players will drop like flies.

    10. Anonymous12:26

      And what happened to JAT when many airlines left the region?


    11. Anonymous13:10

      Not true. There are lot of examples where local airline huge expansion generate big expansion of other companies (which benefit from connection). I am also talking about double % expansion. Aegean, LOT, Norwegian, Iberia + Vueling (IAG), Swiss...

      But here is not a problem of Air Serbia expansion that should make benefits from others because of connections but it is about protectionism. Wherever there was protectionism there was cutting of other companies frequencies and routes (Turkish, Moldova, Ukraine International...).

    12. Anonymous15:13

      So, how do you distinguish this "protectionism expansion" vs. "normal expansion"? Apart from the row with Turkey over TK, IST slots and charters, no airline has been denied landing rights in BEG, nor it could, as per ECAA agreement.

      Sure, BEG doesn't charge JU (as much as they should). But, prices haven't gone up for the others, the conditions are as they used to be. JU cannot afford fare dumping anymore, and they stopped doing that, so how come nobody's introducing new flights?

      Almost any European destination is cheaper with LH, AZ, LX than JU - and I won't even go into LCCs.

    13. Anonymous15:23

      The demand for travel to and from BEG is weak.
      Most Serbs can not afford to fly frequently for pleasure and also not enough foreigners come to Belgrade/Serbia as tourists or for business.
      It is not JU's fault any of that.
      The "easiest" way to boost their passenger numbers is to offer cheap connections but that needs to be financed from somewhere since most of the time the connecting fares are below cost.

    14. Anonymous16:08

      You said all. For sure non of the company can not react in 2-3 weeks. Will there be increasing of flights after stopping dumping we will see. But for sure Air Serbia not paying most of cost at BEG airport makes other not is same position and noncompetitive.

      Argument of demand would be OK if Air Serbia passengers number also goes down. But they are not. Just foreign airlines decline number of passengers not Air Serbia. Enough said.

    15. JATBEGMEL17:59

      LH, YM and TK have all shown increased pax numbers to BEG despite the reduction of flights.

      TK had to reduce flights for violating the air traffic agreement between Serbia and Turkey. Turkish carriers still to this day violate the agreement, both in frequency and capacity.

      QR next year will increase capacity in BEG.

    16. Anonymous18:29

      All of them make reduction because of Air Serbia (some because of dumping, other because of direct fight including government who support all JU fights like it's own, TK is good example of it)

      Yes, all those companies you mentioned reduce frequencies and routes, on some cases that did not influence number of their passengers, but most of the companies that reduce flights also reduce number of passengers (easyJet, Wizzair, Adria, TAP, Swiss...)

    17. JATBEGMEL20:14


      TK isn't a good example. They violated the bilaterals. Even today, technically Turkish carriers should only be operating a max of 7 frequencies to BEG and nothing larger than A320/B738, yet we see them from time to time with the A321 and B739, as well as the TK Cargo A330, and 11 flights p/w more stipulated in the bilaterals regarding reciprocity. Serbia only reacted when JU was denied its slots in IST and forced to move to SAW.

      LH had not JU competition on the MUC-BEG route and still dropped its frequencies by 7 p/w. LH however has competition on BEG-FRA and still operate the same frequencies, and have increased pax numbers.

      Wizz for a couple of years had a better arrangement at BEG than Jat did, didn't pay for practically anything, yet not a single complaint. Wizz complained the moment JU expanded, as they expected Jat to go bankrupt and stop flying. After pulling back, theyre starting FKB in march.

      JP was weak in the BEG market, and couldn't compete with JU on frequency, price, ac, anything really. They pulled out and agreed to codeshare.

      LX has increased capacity recently, and these days their A321 is daily on their ZRH-BEG, regardless of the fact JU has double daily flights to ZRH.

    18. Anonymous21:45

      Well said, of course if someone wants to se the truth

    19. Anonymous23:19

      No, really if it is about one of two companies, but so many routes that stops and so many companies to cut frequencies. For all of them you can try to find excuse, but you can not be so ignorant not to see connection between huge and unfair Air Serbia privileges in BEG and reduction of almost all other companies. Companies are not satisfied in BEG you could clearly see that when BEG try to move them to T1, Wizzair said so, and Montenegro and so many of them loudly speaks in public!

    20. JATBEGMEL23:43

      It is not excuses but fact. Your denial to such is your problem.

      The fact is most if not all companies in BEG are not happy, This goes down once again to the poor management at the airport.

      Also, Wizz has practically from Day 1 been in T1. One of the terminals belongs to JU for decades. Its not like Serbia is corruption and scandal free that people are shocked that BEG has been charging airlines the usage of property belonging to another business. The same airport that has no clear strategy, has a criminal duty free, mafia running the ever needed casino...need i say more?

    21. Anonymous01:37


    22. Anonymous14:09

      Most of the companies at BEG are not happy? Pass them a tissue.

  7. Anonymous09:48

    Svi radovi na terminalu 2 su odlozeni do resavanja imovinskog stanja tog terminala, posto je drzava u ugovoru potpisanom sa Etihadom jedan terminal pripisala AS.
    Logicno je da aerodrom nece da ulaze u nesto sto ce kasnije da pripadne AS, pa je primoran da saceka resavanje te komplikacije, koja je davno trebala biti resena.

    1. Anonymous10:09

      Eto ga... pa zar nije taj ugovor bio toliko bajkovit da je to skoro pa najbolji ugovor na Svijetu a i šire?

      I što kada Etihad postane 49% vlasnik jednog terminala. Tko će naplačivati usluge, iznajmljivanje prostora restoranima, trgovinama, barovima...? Na koji će terminal letjeti ostali prijevoznici? Što ako Etihadov/Air Serbijin terminal bude jeftiniji, funkcionalniji, povoljniji, bolji? Kome će onda ići pare?

    2. Anonymous10:41

      Ako kompanija ima svoj terminal onda ona leti sa njega i njeni partneri ostali deo usluge ide aerodromu.

    3. Anonymous11:18

      A ne ako Etihad tvrdi da je Jat bio vlasnik jednog treminala. Onda Etihad postoje vlasnik tog 49% terminala. A on to tvrdi.

      Konačno, ako je to tako onda ne postoji izgovor da "BEG ne treba investirati u treminal koji će i ovako pripasti Air Serbiji". Pa i FRA i MUC investiraju u treminal koji dedicate koristi Lufthansa. Ekipa, ovo NE DRŽI VODU!

    4. Anonymous11:22

      Ja ti kazem da ne vredi brisati kategorizaciju da je budaletina. Etihad jeste vlasnik 49% ASL i svih njegovih kapaciteta. Ne moram valjda da vadim kako je Milo oteo aerodrom JATu na primoriju i nikada nisu platili punu cenu vec samo 5 miliona.

    5. Anonymous13:14

      Ma Etihad se ne tiće što je Milo radio u Crnoj Gori. Njih se tiće da je Jat upisan kao vlasnik terminala, oni tvrde da su to znali kod potpisivanja ugovora, tvrde da je to bio jedan od bitnih razloga zašto su preuzeli Jat i traže taj terminal u vlasništvo. I zašto i ne bi? Bili bi glupi da to ne učine.

      Eventualno glupi potezi Jata prije toga (a pretvaranje duga prema Aerodromima Crna Gora u otpisivanje vlasništva Jata nad terminalima to sigurno jest) ih se u ovom konkretnom slučaju ne tiću.

    6. Anonymous13:35

      Pravno gledano vlasnik tog terminala je jos uvek BEG.
      Kada se taj spor okonca, vlasnik ce biti ASL. Etihad jeste vlasnik 49 posto ASL, al ne i tog terminala, sto za neupucene znaci da ne mogu oni da raspolazu sa pola terminala vec iskljucivo ASL kao pravno lice. Druga stvar je npr ukoliko se proda terminal pa podele dividende akcionarima, odnosno vlasnicima. Po tom osnovu jedino je moguce da novac pripadne Etihadu pa na kraju i vladi. Rs

    7. Anonymous13:49

      E pa nije to baš tako. Ako terminal pripadne Air Serbiji on će ući pod upravljačku strukturu Air Serbije, tj. njime će upravljati Air Serbija. A tko upravlja Air Serbijom... ups... management Etihada predvođen Danetom Kondićem koji zajedno sa senior managementom ima ugovor sa Etihadom, a ne sa Air Serbijom i Etihad fakturira njihove troškove Air Serbiji.


    8. Anonymous15:22

      Bok decki December 22, 2015 at 1:49 PM
      U tvom postu se nazalost vidi ljubomora, na koju je suvisno bilo sta pisati.

    9. Anonymous15:32

      Majko moja, koja crna ljubomora?

      Air Serbia = 49% vlasništvo Etihada
      Etihad upravlja Air Serbijom (njihov management)
      Etihad traži svoje ugovorno pravo na terminal
      Kada ga dobi upravljačka struktura Etihada će upravljati terminalom
      Još jednom, upravljačka struktura Air Serbije je pod ugovorom sa Etihadom.

      Koja od ovih činjenica nije istinita?

    10. Anonymous16:09

      Ljubomora, ljubomora i samo ljubomora...

    11. Anonymous16:15

      Gluposti, gluposti i samo gluposti...

      Nije dovoljno reči "ljubomora" treba i argumenirati tako što. U protivnom se svodite na razinu osnovnoškolskog prepucavanja po načelu "moj autić je bolji od tvog".

      Ponovo pitam, koja rečanica, dio rečenice ili riječ nije točna u toj konstataciji?

    12. Anonymous16:22

      Pa ti daj argumente zasto je lose sve to sto si naveo, ljubomorni komso...

    13. Anonymous17:02

      Mislim da opsta situacija u nasem vazduhoplovstvu je najbolji dokaz zasto je u pravu.

    14. Anonymous18:20

      @5:02 Opšta situacija u našem vazduhoplovstvu je loša?! Hmm.. zanimljivo.. Aerodrom belezi treći put za redom istorijski maksimum a nacionalni prevoznik se digao i z pepela. Stotine mladih ljudi je zaposleno a situacija je losa, ako sam vas razumeo...

    15. Anonymous18:33

      Pa to je ekstremno loše radi:

      1. Mogli ste za aerodroma (ili jedan njegov terminal) dobiti nekoliko stotina milijuna EUR. Ovako ste ga dali za đabe, u stvari za opaku vlastitu investiciju.

      2. Ako Etihad dođe u posjed terminala e tek onda ćete vidjeti što znači utrpavanje državnog novca i izvlačenje para iz Beograda. Dati zrakolovnu kompaniju i aerodrom istoj firmi to graniči sa ludilom.

      Pa što se tu stalo, moglo se još nešto dati pride. Možda cijelu državu, pa me i onda pitajte jel to loše?

    16. Anonymous21:45

      Etihad je vlasnik 49% svega sto je asl-ovo kad budete nasli kupca za ctn javite se.

    17. JATBEGMEL23:08


      1 od 2 terminala pripada JU, a ne celi aerodrom.

    18. Anonymous23:21

      1 terminal je i više nego dosta da se preotme od BEG mušterije i smanji mu se prihod za više od 50%.

    19. JATBEGMEL23:49

      kako moze da bude otimanje ako je jedan od terminala njihovo vlasnistvo? i to decnijama.

    20. Anonymous12:35

      Pusti budale oni nisu shvatili kako je milo oteo Jatu aerodrom i sad ne shvataju da asl treba da ima jedan terminal na BEG, jer je dao nekada pare za njega.

    21. Anonymous15:31

      Divno je to kada se Hrvati brinu oko aerodroma u Srbiji...

  8. Anonymous10:32

    I don't think airport director is telling the truth. Both C concourse extension and Staff crossing D projects have been announced at the construction fair back in April. However in the Blic article the other day Staff crossing D was mentioned as one of the objections for FAA/TSA 91 point inspection. If the staff crossing D was known as one of those points back in April, how come he didn't know other points like scanners, detectors and fire equipment? He now claims investment in those items are reason for C concourse extension delay and tat makes no sense at all. He already knew back in April he would need to buy that equipment just like he knew Staff crossing D had to be made to pass the inspection.

    1. Anonymous10:33

      He didn't mention T2 expansion absolutely anywhere.

    2. Anonymous10:50

      It was mentioned back in April by his staff at the construction fair. And now todays news says T2 expansion is delayed because of preparation for US flights!

    3. Anonymous10:52

      No I meant that that he didn't mention T2 in Blic interview and this article today nowhere mentions that T2 has been delayed because of preparation for US flights.

    4. Anonymous11:09

      What? That's exactly what first sentence of today's article says.
      And what happened to bag drop and newcheck in areas between T2 and T2, no update at all? And why would deice pads be finished by June whene there is no ice in June, or July or August...

    5. Anonymous11:14

      It does not say that all. You obviously do not understand English. It says the T2 expansion has been delayed while other projects are going ahead "AS THE AIRPORT PREPARES" not "BECAUSE THE AIRPORT IS PREPARING". In fact, had you read the actual article you would have noticed "While necessary tender procedures have been completed and a contractor selected, the Serbian Ministry for Transport is yet to issue its final approval. Initially, the airport anticipated to get the all-clear by November in order for construction to begin a month later".

      The de-icing platform will be finished before next winter so it can be used for next winter. Dah.

      And as for the area between T1 and T2, read the [previous article (carefully)

      "Meanwhile, Belgrade plans to purchase five automated baggage drop-off kiosks next year, becoming the first EX-YU airport to offer the service. The self service product allows passengers to check-in their baggage within seconds. The new kiosks will be located in the expanded check-in area at the airport, which will also include an additional seven traditional check-in desks. The airport is overhauling 700 square metres of space for the extended check-in area. A tender to select a contractor to adapt the area closes in February 2016".

    6. Anonymous11:33

      Okay so the money that goes into preparation for US flights has nothing to do with T2 delay? Time will tell if that is true. In the past two years there have been so many conflicting reports about sale or concession if the airport, MoU with Vinci, plans for new gates or new terminal etc that it's hard to trust any of them.

    7. Anonymous13:17

      And CEO of Belgrade Airport did not know about needs for USA flights in April when he announce new C gates and reconstruction of A6-A10 gates? Really????

    8. Anonymous17:46

      Anon at 11:14

      "The de-icing platform will be finished before next winter so it can be used for next winter. Dah."

      Another delay. Slide says it was supposed to be completed by now:

  9. Anonymous12:14

    Expansion, expansion...a industrije nigdje.

    1. Anonymous12:23


    2. Anonymous14:47

      al ima poljoprivreda, sam ona pripada Arapima

  10. Anonymous14:50

    A lot of money they are spending on these US flights. they should listen to Etihad and go were there growth will be China!

    1. Anonymous15:03

      Highly doubt that Etihad wants Air Serbia to fly to China instead feeding their flights to East

    2. Anonymous15:26

      Anonymous December 22, 2015 at 3:03 PM
      That is why JU does not launch flights to CAI, IKA or any other place in the Middle East.
      All traffic must go through Abu Dhabi.

    3. Anonymous15:52

      That is why Alitalia flies to IKA? Oups...

    4. Anonymous15:59

      It is only the incapacity of Air Serbia's managment that can be blamed for this, not Etihad. Alitalia flies East, North, West and South. There is no doubt that flights to Beijing would most likely be more profitable than the flights to the US.

    5. Anonymous16:12

      Što je za Zeusa nije za bika.

      Do not compare Air Serbia and Alitalia. Some of us told you those companies will not be in same situation and that Etihad will put much more in Alitalia (and will give them much more freedom, benefits, oportunities...). And for sure there will be much more examples like that in future.

    6. JATBEGMEL18:23

      There is no logic to fly to CAI via AUH. Many options are available via other carriers (TK, A3, OS, AZ, MS) which is all faster and cheaper. Quick search for BEG-AUH-CAI and I cant find anything.

      As for China, it is longer to fly via AUH. There already is a demand for travel between Serbia and China, and a direct flight could entice pax to transit onwards to a variety of Croatian coastal cities (DBV, SPU, PUY) along with Monetenegro (TIV), Slovenia (LJU), where other carriers many not be so flexible. Trade and relations between Serbia and China are good. Air China have increased their code share offering to BEG via JU.

    7. Anonymous18:42

      Of course there is, as there is demand from Croatia to number of destinations but, Lufthansa does not allow that. Also Etihad would never allowed flights which can be transfer via AUH and feeted Etihad. CAI for sure is not logic, but China is maybe longer but that is not important when Etihad need to feed their flights.

    8. JATBEGMEL20:01

      EY would get decent feed from African destinations, which can be high yielding. Also many Chinese tourists visit the UAE. Many also connect to the GCC and other ME countries ie Iraq, Egypt. Remember that the UAE are limited in their bilaterals to China, who are not willing to give more rights to UAE carriers that easy, hence why EK will open Yinchuan and Zhengzhou. CAN will be upgraded to A380 due to the problems in getting more slots for more frequencies.

      EY can overcome this by using other bilaterals ie: Serbia-China to add capacity in their network ie BEG-PEK. Hypothetical JU to China would have a positive effect to the EY group.

      Connections via AUH is more towards SE Asia (Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia), the Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka as well as Australia, where they do well. Africa also sees some traffic via AUH.

      Where your argument comes into effect is once again what I mentioned above with China, and that is bilaterals. UAE carriers have maxed their rights to Australia's main airports (MEL, SYD, BNE and PER). But what is to stop say an Italian or Serbian carrier operating say FCO-AUH-MEL or BEG-AUH-PER? It wouldn't be the first time EY crew operate on another airline for another airline, think back to A6-SAA and A6-SAB when their arrived. I believe 9W crew fly on EY flights operated with 9W ac.

  11. Anonymous16:42

    First flight Air Serbia A330 from Belgrade to New York will be on 2 June 2016. 5 month and 11 days until then.

    1. Anonymous19:28

      How many months/weeks before first flights ASL would be able to start selling tickets for those flights?

    2. Anonymous21:16

      6 months and 37 days

    3. Anonymous23:20

      Μοre like one month and 7 days...

  12. Anonymous17:05

    Can you please, please stop using these "Because of Air Serbia many airlines left BEG and decreased their frequencies" arguments and embarrassing yourself?

    I mean yes I do understand that you really hate Air Serbia and it hurts you that they won the competition in many routes but using that argument and thinking that you are the smartest person in the world when in fact it shows you have absolutely no knowledge of the aviation industry is really pathetic.

    Basically you blame Air Serbia for not giving up on every route where they have some competition.
    Indeed, having Air Serbia bankrupt would really help you and your life would be so much better, right?

    Sorry, not gonna happen. But don't worry, you can always criticize every single route they open and say how they will lose money without actually being able to know what will happen, that would be enough for you to feed to stay alive.

    1. Anonymous17:12

      On what route exactly did they 'win' as you put it? I am really curious to hear, that is read.

    2. Anonymous17:18

      He was probably refering to bud where they defeated belavia.

    3. Anonymous17:33

      I am still waiting to see how they react to W6 launching Baden.

    4. Anonymous18:05

      "I mean yes I do understand that you really hate Air Serbia..."

      If you understand, then, what's your problem, Anonymous 5:05 PM?

    5. Anonymous18:24

      Well let's take a look:
      Milano Malpensa - Easy Jet stopped flying there earlier this year, I wonder why? -Oh yeah, evil Air Serbia took them away all the passengers. How dare they to have passengers between Belgrade and Milano at all?

      Rome Fiumicino - EasyJet stopped flying to Rome in late 2014, hm I wonder what happened? They said it's due to poor ticket sales, damn evil Air Serbia didn't suspend flights to Rome as well, how dare they to have more passengers on the route than Easy Jet?

      Stuttgart - Germanwings stopped flying to Stuttgart last year and now the route is seasonal, I wonder what happened? I hope that evil Air Serbia didn't have more passengers on the route than 4U, that would be categorized as ejection by evil Air Serbia!

      + many airlines (TK, LH, LOT, Wizz and so on) decreased frequencies as ASL took away some passengers from them

      These are just some of them, we won't count BA, KLM and AF as they terminated Belgrade flights while Air Serbia was Jat, but I really hope you understand now.
      Yeah totally, let's cry about Budapest being terminated destination and still not giving a damn about flights to many new destinations which were launched from 2014 and the New York service which is starting next year. Oh yeah, flights to New York are not going to be profitable so they don't count, because every route of every airline in the world is profitable except Air Serbia's flights to New York, huh?
      But I have to congratulate you guys and to the people like you for magnificent arguments:
      ~Air Serbia launches flights to the new destination
      ~The route becomes profitable and competition leaves the airport or decreases frequencies
      It's really genius, but you could make up something new, this is getting old already.

    6. Anonymous18:48

      It is not problem if companies have same conditions and pay same amount of money (of course with discount for number of passengers). But when one company have much better conditions than other will leave. And there is more than one example where they leave because of not fair conditions.

      YES COMPANY THAT PAYS NOTHING IS NOT FAIR! An idiot can manage that company and kick of competition.

    7. Anonymous18:59

      First of all, your arguments are stupid and here is why. Air One suspended MXP and Wizz Air suspended MXP long before Air Serbia was created which goes to show that the lowcost market between Serbia and Italy is simply not there, it can't work. Nothing to do with JU, sorry.

      TK reduced IST flights because of the bilateral, not because JU defeated them. If anything, JU is stuggling there which is why they have cancelled several IST flights in November and December and even with that their average lf is around 50%.

      LO suspended WAW only temporarily and is returning on 02.01. Before they announced their temporary suspension JU was ready to drop the route.

      Also, the fact that W15 is far more modest than W14 it can only show that there aren't that many markets out there where JU managed to beat their competition.

      Also we are not talking about New York because it's overshadowed by all the reductions and shortcomings. Sorry if you can't deal with reality buddy.

    8. Anonymous19:00

      Aeroflot destroyed JU in SVO, W6 kicked their ass in MMX/CPH and W6 did too in LCA. The only airline JU defeated was JP. lol

    9. Anonymous19:13

      Yeah I forgot JP thanks for reminding me!
      Interesting how you only write about the cases where JU was defeated and ignore all I wrote above. You haters really did overcome yourselves. lol

    10. Anonymous19:17

      What exactly did I miss? Please, do tell.

    11. Anonymous19:20

      Cheerleaders, just like haters, should be ignored. Especially if they are disillusioned like ANon 19.13.

    12. Anonymous19:43

      Yeah it's called subventions my friend, life's not fair. Many countries do this to help their flag carriers, go cry over it somewhere else.

      Where did I say that JU defeated TK? Please read it again, I said they took away some passengers from them. And how do you know that lf on the route is 50%? May I have your source?
      And why didn't you mention 4U and JP? Maybe there is something you can say about that as well just so it wouldn't seem like Air Serbia defeated anyone at all.

      The fact that W15 is more modest than W14 goes to show that they failed miserably on increasing LF which was the intention of cuttings, it shows that the number of connections was much smaller and so they lost passengers, not that they were defeated on almost all markets as you said. Even carriers like LH, LX and OS are cutting their frequencies during the winter season, it's not unusual. The number of cuttings by JU this winter IS unusual and it showed that it is not cost effective at all.

      Even if Air Serbia was losing on every single market, the fact that you and people like you only criticize and don't give some suggestion how to win the competition is pretty much sad, but I understand it's probably because you don't even want them to win so you could put them down.

    13. Anonymous19:45

      Countless examples on how to survive in markets and gain/keep passengers were given here on countless occasions so once again your argument doesn't stand.

    14. Anonymous19:50

      JU barely took away any passengers from TK because they are after a different kind. If anyone lost a few passengers then it's Pegasus.
      My source is our report at work which we receive regularly and IST was around 55% if I remember correctly.

      We don't know what happened to 4U. They are undergoing restructuring and might be back, their withdrawal from BEG probably has little to do with JU.

      Sure, I will give you JP.

    15. Anonymous20:13


      Yeah, by the people who are objective and have arguments, not the haters. Just compare the number of comments saying "they are losing money; they are losing a market; they are the worst airline in the world" with the number of comments actually giving some suggestion. On any topic in the last 2-3 months.


      So, you surely know JU didn't take away almost any passengers from TK and you say 4U withdrawal from Belgrade probably has nothing to do with JU without the actual argument, just so we could be sure it's not because of JU? Interesting, thanks for giving me JP, I was dying without the airline which surely lost to JU on some market, you probably literally saved my life.

  13. Anonymous17:10

    Kad je bio Katar A330 na ANT nije moga da se koristi c3, c4 i c5 a bio je na c4 gejtu. Er Srbija će imati dva A330 pa će od juna biti totalni kolaps na c gejtovima dok se ne napravi taj novi terminal.

    1. Anonymous18:09

      Ne pravi se novi terminal nego produzetak hodnika C.

    2. JATBEGMEL18:10

      not realy. BEG has 27 parking positions, that is 19 boarding gates and 16 air bridges. Minor investment can be made to add a couple more remote stand gates, which would be ready quite fast, 1 month I believe. It is ok for the next year, maybe 2.

    3. Anonymous19:26

      JATBEGMEL, that is possible but it's a step back in service levels. When C concourse extension finally starts construction, existing prop stands that currently occupy C8-C10 space will also have to be moved to those new remote stands, adding to congestion. Bad planning.

    4. JATBEGMEL19:44


      I don't see it as a step back. Yes it does block 2 parking positions for narrow bodied ac, but that is seen in many airports around the world. Boarding is possible from 1 bridge, again nothing new. C7-C10 again are remote stands, and currently there is only 3 such boarding gates (A4a, A4b and C7). The expansion will give 4 new gates, plus 2 new remote stand boarding gates are planned (A8a and A8b). That will give 20 air bridge gates, a minimum 5 air bridges for wide bodies, plus 4 remote stand gates, whilst again there is 27 parking stands.

      The expansion also sees a satellite terminal built, which GVA is an example of this in Europe. I believe the satellite terminals in GVA have 8 gates, if I'm not mistaken. If I'm not wrong, I think CDG also has them as well.

  14. Anonymous17:47

    Trebalo je vec sad krenuti sa novim T3 mislim da bi to bilo najkorisnije i nebi bilo problema sa ekspanzijom.
    I naravno odma poceti i sa novom pistom.

    1. Anonymous18:05

      A novac bi pao s neba...

    2. JATBEGMEL18:14

      Money is available, and if needed, I don't think BEG would have difficulties in taking a loan to fund investment, which would all pay off. The problem is poor management and a will do things in a timely manner. BEG has been updating the relatively small terminal for the past 10 years while other cities have in this time built brand new airports ie Doha.

    3. Anonymous19:59

      That's right, they should have started new terminal construction by now. When all those new C gates and two big A330 are added, congestion at common areas will be much worse. Passport control queue last summer:

    4. Anonymous21:51

      Well, obviously, the issue here is that only two (out of 10) booths were open, that was the OPs grievance as well.

      By the way, even though sometimes lines seem to be long, processing is much faster than at any EU airport I've been to (in all passports lane, of course).

      Also, outgoing passport control in T1 is virutally desolate. At least T1 check-in staff should direct pax there, which they obviously don't at the moment. Also, any JU status pax using premium lounge should head there, as lounge enterance is right beside the exit from passport control.

    5. Jedi22:34

      When New York flights start, Force will awaken and airport will have more attention that could help with sale, concession or announcement of a new terminal deal. But if nothing like that is announced in the next 6 months, foreseeable future will ruled by the Dark Side (i.e. only fixing and expanding existing terminals).

    6. Kao i uvek do sada. Retko se ispunjavaju izgovorene reci ovlascenih licnosti u Drzavi Srbiji. Bar sto se tice aerodroma. Kako T2 C gate na Beogradskom aerodromu, Tako i neostvarenje obecanog uvodjenja Kraljevacke Morave u mesoviti civilno vojni aerodroma u ovom zadnjem mesecu 2015 godine... Jedno je sigurno!. Iduca 2016 godina jeste godina kada ce poceti gradnja, prosirenje Terminala 2. Ujedno i dogradnja i pocetak LC, carter i kargo letova sa ✈Morave✈. Nada nikada ne umire, a vise puta neispunjene reci prave obrazovanog bez obraza. Sticice nekog ove reci. Zivot je cudu. U avijaciji posebno✈...
      Rod & Friend in expection✈✈✈ LYKV✈SYD

    7. Anonymous23:47

      Ja nisam bankar ali sa ovim plusom BEG moze doci kredit od svojih sredstava za finansiranje .
      Mozda nije preko potreban trenutno T3 ali ce biti svakako za 2-3 godina i moza malo manje traje gradnja ali ne treba aerodrom da koci ekspanziju ASL.

    8. Anonymous08:41

      Zasto bi se država zaduživala za gradnju novog terminala? Treba dati koncesiju ili pristupiti javno-privatnom parterstvu. ASL ce imati svoj T2, ko ga koči dete?!

    9. Anonymous15:20

      Ako ASL bude imala T2 samo za sebe gde ce ostali da pokupe prtljag na T1?

  15. Anonymous02:35

    "The airport expects to register passenger growth of 4% - 6% next year."

    LOT is coming back, W6 is starting Baden Baden, expectations are for PRN to start in 2016, JU will have at least one A330 for 5 weekly JFK from June, possibly one more A330. That alone could bring those 4-6% (approx 250k pax).

    Is that it? No further increase in LF, no other new routes, frequencies, charters by JU or other airlines at BEG in 2016? Or.. there will be new routes but also more cuts to existing routes?

    1. Anonymous04:22

      Always remember who runs the airport. Whatever they expect, we can expect it to be spectacularly wrong.

  16. Anonymous12:31

    Sto se tice BEG dovoljno je da naruce dva dupla avio mosta za pozicije C1 i A1. Tamo ima dovoljno mesta za velike raspone krila. Na A1 moze da se organizuje sve potrebno za let u USA. Drzava ne treba nista tamo da ulaze vise na BEG treba da urade novu siru i duzu pistu u Kraljevu radi gostiju na Kopaoniku. Posle ugradnje ISL na niskom polako raditi na Ponikvama radi cartera.


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