Swiss to launch Pula flights


Swiss International Air Lines will commence services from Geneva to Pula this summer season. The carrier will maintain a one weekly seasonal flight each Saturday starting June 23. Operations will run until September 1 with the 145-seat Bombardier CS300 aircraft. In a statement to EX-YU Aviation News, the airline said, “This new route offers Swiss an attractive timetable to meet the needs of the Swiss tourist sector”. Pula Airport handled 595.812 passengers in 2017, representing an increase of 36.5% on the year before. It estimates growth of 15% for 2018 and welcoming over 600.000 travellers. Further details for the new Geneva - Pula service can be found here.


  1. Krmak10:45

    How far will this go, Croatian coast is growing and growing each year with impressive double digits?

    1. Anonymous11:01

      Probably, easyJet has increased SPU from GVA to 10/7.

  2. Anonymous11:00

    The route is scheduled with the CS300.

  3. Anonymous11:15

    So we're talking about 11 flights in total, right?

  4. Anonymous11:26

    I see a lot of growth at Croatian coastal airports but I see no strategy. I feel like the airport managements aren't really doing anything to bring these airlines in but are just waiting for them to come by themselves. Why aren't coastal airports working harder for year-round flights? I mean look at central Dalmatia and Split, population much larger than say Tuzla but with hillarious number of flights during the winter. Someone at the tourist board ain't doing their job properly.

  5. JU520 BEGLAX11:42

    The last two years I spent vacation in Brela (Makarska) in October. As of 15OCT everything changes. Hotels, Restaurant close, just a handful remain open. Fantastic, absolut superbe weather with sea temp of 22 C.
    This needs to change.
    Hikers and Bykers prefer Nov, March on Adriatic
    Gourmet in Istria all year
    Xmas and New Year gets more and popular
    HR needs to extend the season even more than what we see now.
    If I could I would fly to SPU or DBV in February
    The Summers get more and more crowded and clima change forces us to adapt our travel habits. So time for Croatia to adapt their season strategy as well

    1. Anonymous11:52

      I think this is not likely to change because there is not sufficient interest on the market to have all those hotels and apartments open. That area of Croatia is focusing on mass summer tourism and that is not likely to change any time soon.

    2. Anonymous11:52

      Yes JU520 but that requires work. I've been on holidays on the croatian coast since I was a child up until 2012. When I realized that nothing is ever changing there but the prices going up, I started going elsewhere. They are even today like in the 80s offering tourists only the beach and the sea. In Florida there are tons of other attractions other than their beaches for instance.

    3. Anonymous12:12

      Well that is one approach to tourism and it is not necessarily a bad one. People are satisfied with what they get from the visitors and there are other things in life except money.

    4. Anonymous12:22

      Yes but a more progressive approach to tourism would make more jobs for the locals which would then possibly lead to reducing the numbers of emigrants from the country.

    5. Anonymous12:23

      At the moment people (Croats) might be enthousiastic and happy about what is going on (booming) in Croatia, but that's nothing but stampedo. As some commented, the infrastructure is behind and strategy does not follow. In the best case will happened the same as in Spain (no thank you) but unfortunately Croatia is not able to cope with it's potential.

    6. Anonymous13:40

      The number of inhabitants in Croatia is decreasing and that will drive the standard of living up just based on the rent position given the coast. So there is no huge incentive to make more out of it and that is why it is progressing slowly. Which in the long run can even be an advantage :)

    7. Anonymous13:59

      Decreasing the population and thus making economical advancement in the long run? I hope you didn't study economy, cause that my friend in the long run is how a system fails and not progresses.

    8. Anonymous14:08

      Of course it does. Those who will remain are those on the coast and they will live from tourism owning the resources. The poor of Slavonia and Lika will emigrate the country and those parts of Croatia will fall to ruins. What is not clear to you?

    9. Anonymous15:21

      Those who remain will be dependant on 3 months of tourism and the share of the tourism industry in the countries GDP would skyrocket to 50%. What a great strategy. What happens when the tourists go elsewhere to destinations that put up an effort and offer more for less money than Croatia? Well I guess then the coastal population can leave aswell, the last one can turn off the lights. Mentality lezi lebe da te jedem.

    10. Anonymous15:34

      There will always be visitors within several hundred millions of Europeans, don't worry. Who wants to work can go somewhere else, those who can will enjoy life.

    11. Anonymous15:55

      I am literally laughing of all of your statements above. Nobody enjoys life without working for it. No pain no gain.

    12. Anonymous16:04

      Speak for yourself buddy. I bet those who got rich by inheritance are not enjoying their life, right LOL

    13. Anonymous16:27

      And they represent 95% of the population of Croatia? Very well, I stand corrected.

    14. JU520 BEGLAX20:25

      The infrastructure in HR is not that bad, they have heavily invested into hotels, marinas, airports and the highway to Ploce is top. They need to be careful not getting to expensive and start squeezing tourists like it was done back in YU when there were two menu cards. One for Yugoslavs (Diaspira YUs were lucky), one for the rest. Strategy needs to ge on tourists visiting HR repeatidly and not just once.
      Then the day will come where tourists will have more dest pptions again and double digit growth will be history.

    15. Anonymous08:28

      Given its position in Europe Croatia will always have tourists and it can charge premium for security (compared to Turkey and North Africa). There is no need for double digits growth anymore, just to maintain the current numbers and slowly increase the price for the quality of hotel accommodation that is improving steadily. There is no reason why Croatian coast should be cheaper than Italy or Spain. The days of ex-Yu are long gone.

    16. JU520 BEGLAX09:20

      The problem is not that HR is cheaper than Spain, at some stages it has already surpassed Spain.
      Main problem Italy and Balkans: both tend to rip off mentality. Worst u can do to a customer is by showing him disrespect

  6. Anonymous15:32

    Bravo Hrvatska!


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