Ljubljana loses out in Eurowings vote


Eurowings will not launch flights to Ljubljana this coming 2018/19 winter season based on its recent "You Vote, We Fly campaign" where the public was asked to choose between six shortlisted cities in order to select the budget airline's newest destination. Ljubljana came fourth in the vote, which closed today at 15.00 CET, behind Košice, Cork and Friedrichshafen, but ahead of Aarhus in Denmark and Stavanger in Norway. The Slovenian capital won 8% of the vote. The three top ranking cities will now proceed to the second and final round of voting, which begins tomorrow. In the first installment of the "You Vote, We Fly" campaign late last year, Mostar came out victorious, with the airline to launch flights to the city this summer.


  1. Anonymous15:28

    Cork had a great campaign on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Ljubljana mentioned it twice on Facebook three days after the competition started. So yeah, no wonder.

  2. Anonymous15:46

    Iako je i brac izgubio eurowingsov manager za nove destinacije je na konferenciji u zagrebu bio izjavio da je u zavrsnoj fazi pregovora sa zracnom lukom brac i da ce u 2018 sigurno letjeti prema bracu...do sada letova nema u ponudi a kako je krenulo izgleda da ih i nece biti u s2018..a spominjale su se 3 destinacije...

    1. Svi letovi vode na Brač

    2. Anonymous17:20

      They have a fleet and crew shortage as was mentioned a few times here. They put all plans for ex-Yu and expansion on hold.

  3. No marketing campaign no wonder

  4. Anonymous01:01


  5. JU520 BEGLAX09:27

    Slovenia needs to invest in small but beautiful hotels around the country like u see it in Austria or Südtirol
    This wld attract people to come and stay longer than the just averagely 2 nights


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