Pristina Airport continues to grow


Pristina Airport welcomed 256.029 travellers through its doors last month, representing an increase of 9.3%. So far this year, it has handled 1.198.094 passengers, up 13.4% on 2017. Pristina Airport has added over 140.000 passengers when compared to the same period last year. Earlier this week, Wizz Air announced the launch of three new routes from Pristina this coming winter season, complementing its two existing services. Furthermore, Pristina Airport has reported check-in cost savings of 20% after migrating to the Amadeus Altaa Ground Handler Departure Control solution in April 2018. Amadeus also provided its cloud-based Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS), to help airlines at Pristina comply with IATA Resolution 753 for end-to-end baggage tracking. “As we continue to grow our passenger numbers, open new routes, and attract airlines, it is vital that we operate cost-efficient, agile, and reliable operations, underpinned by a fully-integrated suite of solutions”, Gokmen Aritay, Chief Operating Officer at Limak Kosovo International Airport, said.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN144.137 17.3
FEB123.565 14.1
MAR150.432 19.2
APR177.732 3.1
MAY168.519 12.8
JUN178.052 23.3
JUL256.029 9.3


  1. Anonymous14:24

    Juli SKP&OHD 273.623 +19%

    1. Anonymous15:10

      It's always easier 2 vs 1.

      Still PRN will change a lot after W6 expansion in winter.
      The ranking in the charts will climb ;) ;) ;) ;)

    2. Anonymous15:32

      After visa liberalization expected in January, where SKP&OHD will be. If W6 increase flights from Pristina, than SKP is back to 1 million. While Pristina easy can reach 3 million+ mark...

    3. Anonymous15:42

      aha ok

    4. Anonymous15:47

      Oh wow...I forgot about the visa liberalisation!!! Oh yes, then my friend, traffic will increase a lot. I am confident that Wizz Air (W6) will base at least 2 Airbuses in PRN.
      Why is PRN-LTN doing extremely well?

    5. Of course you will publish combined figures for both SKP and OHD because SKP alone had lower numbers for July compared to PRN. Nice try though... :)

    6. Anonymous16:11

      and you have visited this blog for the first time obviousl

  2. Anonymous14:31

    Admin: the growth number in the table should be fixed to 9.3% according the text

  3. Anonymous16:39

    9.3% is under expected

  4. Anonymous22:13

    A proud moment to be Kosovar. Thank you and excellent job PRN!
    You just nailed it.

    1. Anonymous08:04

      It's ok, not much reason otherwise.

  5. Anonymous00:58

    actually if you check the prices from PRN and SKP to the destinations that wizz are opening out of PRN you will see that tickets from SKP are cheaper so many people may still be using SKP istead Wizz at PRN

    1. Anonymous02:08

      Price to/from SKP will change increase possibly since Macedonia annuals LCC tender.

    2. Anonymous02:22

      Every route served by Wizz Air from SKP at the moment is not subsidizied, and they are going to keep them ... LCC tender is only for new routes, so prices will not change at all, especially on destinations on which Wizz is using 321 from SKP. If you look better you can find round ticket from skp for around 80 eur in the end of september.

    3. Anonymous08:05

      So Wizz is dumping prices in SKP.

  6. Anonymous09:16

    If they abolish the visas, PRN will no doubt reach 4 million by 2025 before it become a full member of the EU and NATO.

    1. Anonymous09:53

      another nostradamus

  7. Anonymous09:57

    interesting. when you compare SKP&PRN July results from last year: SKP gained 20thousands more then PRN. Its stil ahead of PRN (which has never been the case after July)


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