Eurowings to launch new Pristina service


Eurowings will introduce its second new route from Pristina this winter season by launching two weekly flights to Frankfurt. Services will be inaugurated on December 17 and run each Tuesday and Friday. The route was previously served by Adria Airways which filed for bankruptcy last month. As previously reported, Eurowings will also introduce flights to Vienna this Saturday, joining its existing network from Kosovo which includes Dusseldorf, Geneva, Hamburg, Hannover, Munich and Stuttgart. Further details for the new Pristina – Frankfurt service can be found here.


  1. Anonymous10:49

    Only twice a week? At least its a A320.

  2. Anonymous12:45

    Abit conservative but a good start. Except for the actual Lju-Prn route, the rest will be covered nicely and Adria won't have any significant impact in Pax statistics.

    Pristina needs a direct flight to the U.S. In my opinion, such a route is very important and should be directly subsidized and prioritized by the Government. Either NYC or D.C.

    1. Anonymous14:29

      Subsidized by the government of the USA or Kosovo?

    2. Anonymous14:50

      USA of course.

    3. Anonymous15:02

      @Anon 14:29,

      Gov. of Kosovo of course. A direct route to the U.S. is of paramount significance to Kosovo. Culturally, Politically, name it...

    4. Anonymous15:31

      You can look down and even ridicule this Kosovo, but considering its size, Kosovo has significant ties with the U.S. more than any other country in the Balkans.

      I propose you visit Bronx if one can afford. Do visit on Nov. 28th. Boroughs President officially declares it Albania Day, where streets are decorated with Albanian Flags and numerous concerts and Parades are financed by the Boroughs of Bronx and Manhattan are carried out.
      And if you need any services in any Institution of this area of 2 mln people, you can get it in Albanian, as this is an official language beside English and Spanish.

    5. Anonymous15:33

      Why would DC be feasible? In the NYC area there's a sizable Albanian community, but not in DC.

    6. Anonymous15:45

      @Anon 15:33, NYC make sense, but speaking in U.S terms, couple hours drive make no difference. Besides, only 1/3 of potential passengers live in that catchment area, rest would have to fly in anyhow!

    7. Anonymous16:02

      PRN runway extension by 1300ft is not needed for flights to ZRH, they are done for long haul. Two routes could be launched if subsidized by different parties. PRN-JFK should be subsidized from PRN side and IAD-PRN could be subsidized from Washington DC side with support from Clinton/Engel.

    8. Anonymous16:26

      Why is there such an obsession for US flights?

    9. Anonymous17:01

      A koliki bi load factor imala ta linija između Amerike i Kosova. 20 ili 30%?

    10. Anonymous17:12

      Loadfactor is irrelevant. Kosovars will chip in some millions to keep a nice Boeing up in the air.

  3. Anonymous16:50

    A direct U.S route from Kosovo is a necessity. I can list tens of reasons why that is. Mostly are ecomical, political.

    Term obsessed fits to some other Balkan countries craving to have multiple U.S flights in each of their cities - thats what I call being greedy in fact

    1. Anonymous17:09

      Yes it is a necessity in your mind. You know whats a necessity? Not being stuck in the 90s and ripping people off with the mafia Reiseburo clans. If anything, PRN needs to improve their connection with Europe. Not even ZAG, TIA or SOF have US flights, which make much more sense and have higher demand

    2. Anonymous17:18

      What are you talking about?
      - PRN is very well connected to Europe.
      -What Reiseburos?!?
      -Whats Sofia, Zag or TIA got to do with Pristina? How is any of this relevant? Please dont troll!

    3. Anonymous17:21

      If you ask these questions then you don't know much about aviation in Kosovo. Majority of tickets are sold through tour operators. Very few flag carriers fly to PRN, nonstop connectivity to any point outside Europe is nonexistent.

    4. Anonymous17:26

      One more thing Anon 17:09,

      If things worked with your analogy, not Belgrade, Dubrovnik or any other would have launched long haul flights.
      Mind you, Serbia even accepted Kosovo Passports just to feed its Belgrade-NYC. Lets not be hypocrits here.

    5. Anon 17:21, your comment just proved my point :-)
      As you just said, Kosovo needs a non-stop destination outside Europe - and that is the U.S.

    6. Anonymous17:54

      Anon 17:26 Since when does Kosovo have a flag carrier with a big European network of destinations to feed their JFK flight, and a government ready to subsidize it? Since when is PRN a worldwide known touristic destinations that gets million of tourists every year?

    7. Anonymous18:21

      Leave him, he got carried away in his mind. Let him dream of those New York flights onboard Eurowings. You know what they say: hope dies last.

    8. Since when is "Millions of Tourists" is a prerogative in determining if a route is feasible? That's such a short sighted statement.
      With that logic - half of Balkan Airports should be shut down!

      FYI: JFK was no. 1 unserved destination out of PRN. Add here ALB and MK, and numbers will add up a 1-2 weekly flights.

      If some countries give millions of Euros annually to subsidize routes to unheard remote villages across Europe, Kosovo most definitely should subsidize a single U.S. flight!
      Peace out.

    9. Anonymous19:15

      Yeah, those flights are not happening so no need to argue and fight, better to leave things as they are. Just look at ZAG which has millions more in tourists than Pristina yet KE and EK struggle there yet you think PRN-USA can happen. Ok.

    10. oh, I am confident PRN will get a U.S. flight -it's just a matter of time.
      I am not fighting anyone, I am rather amused to see ex-Yugos here pretending to worry so much about a couple mln $ of Kosovar Tax payer money.

    11. Anonymous19:25

      omnip "JFK was no.1 unserved destination out of PRN" Any source to back that up?

    12. Anonymous19:29

    13. Anonymous19:30

      And also fyi, im not an ex-yugo. It would be absolutely ridiculous for the government of Kosovo to subsidize unecessary flights to US. Because everything is fine in Kosovo and all is left to do now is spend a couple of milions for flights to US.

  4. Anonymous17:00

    I read PRN is indeed extending its runway for an additional 400m.

    Can anybody tell if a 2900m runway is sufficient for widebody aircrafts to the U.S.?

  5. Anonymous20:43

    Will they also be adopting Adria's horrendous pricing?

    1. Anonymous06:19

      It's Eurowings, they are probably going to be even more expensive. The only time when they are affordable is when they have direct competition.


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