Adria’s former owner regroups


The former owner of Adria Airways, 4K Invest, has regrouped under a new name. The company’s managing director, Martin Vorderwulbecke, registered a new company under the name HDS 35 in late December of 2019. Mr Vorderwulbecke was the responsible manager who headed negotiations with the Slovenian government over the acquisition of Adria Airways. He is linked to nineteen other companies, most of which have been liquidated. It includes AA International Aviation Holding, which 4K Invest created to formally acquire Adria Airways. 4K Invest has been under fire for its management and practices at Adria Airways, which resulted in the company’s bankruptcy in late September of 2019. The Slovenian police have since launched an investigation into suspected abuse of office and fraud at the country’s former flag carrier. A number of companies affiliated with 4K Invest have entered into liquidation following the collapse of the national carrier.


  1. Anonymous14:03

    They are preparing for OU takeover... :)

    1. Anonymous14:42

      I remember they were candidates for YM as well :D

  2. Anonymous12:33

    Nemacka medicina je najbolja.

  3. There is offer for ssj100 pilots in mediterrian these season, someone searches both cpt and fo... 🤣


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