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The most popular vintage photo published in October:

JAT ad in Macedonian newspapers, 1970

The most visitors by country:

1. Serbia
2. Slovenia
3. Croatia
4. United States
5. Germany
6. United Kingdom
7. Bosnia and Herzegovina
8. Canada
9. Macedonia
10. Switzerland
11. Australia
12. Netherlands
13. Austria
14. Sweden
15. Montenegro


  1. Anonymous14:10

    What's the airport in the picture?

  2. Anonymous16:20

    It is interesting that 40 years later we still did not succeed this level of frequency, now between ex yu countries, how it was on this vintage photo JAT advertisement.

    1. And how about frequencies between Serbia and Croatia? BEG-ZAG was at least five times daily, not counting segments of international only flights, BEG-DBV minimum 4 daily, BEG-SPU minimum 3 daily, BEG-PUY/RJK minimum two daily, daily BEG-ZAD, 4 weekly BEG-OSI, 5 weekly INI-ZAG, 4 weekly INI-SPU, 3 weekly INI-DBV, 2 weekly INI-PUY/RJK. Not to mention that majority of flights to SPU and DBV was operated on B727, other flights from BEG on B737 or DC-9, and INI was mixture of DC-9 and ATR. So not only frequencies but capacity as well was literally, without exaggeration, at least 10 times more than today. Or even more. And that potential still exists, unfortunatelly our breadcrumbs picking companies, especially OU, do absolutely nothing to take advantage of ex-yu market

    2. Anonymous17:32

      Pozdrav iz Rijeke do you maybe remember how many frequencies between Slovenia and other republics were back then and types of aircraft used?

    3. Anonymous18:49

      Could not agree more with you pozdrav iz Rijeke. For example Ljubljana was connected in summer '79 with Tivat, Ohrid, Split 2 weekly 727 or DC9; Dubrovnik 3x weekly, on Saturday two flights on 727; Belgrade on some days had 3 daily flight; Pristina and Sarajevo 2 weekly flights on DC9 and Skopje 4 weekly flights on Dc9.

    4. Anonymous19:02

      Priština and Ohrid were with transfer at Belgrade, with minimum connection time. But they were selling those flights also for example Tivat-Rijeka and Tivat-Pula with transfer in BEG.

    5. Anonymous19:02

      Priština and Ohrid were with transfer at Belgrade, with minimum connection time. But they were selling those flights also for example Tivat-Rijeka and Tivat-Pula with transfer in BEG.

    6. 17.32 and 18.49

      Flights from Croatia I listed were only JAT to Serbia, 1987-1989. At that time, Adria operated as well to BEG from ZAG, DBV and PUY. JAT also had domestic flights within Croatia, 3 daily ZAG to SPU, 3 daily ZAG to DBV, daily ZAG to OSI, daily ZAG to ZAD, daily ZAG to PUY, SPU and DBV mostly B727, others mostly DC-9. There were also weekly flights OSI-PUY, OS I-SPU, PUY-DBV and RJK-SPU-DBV. About Slovenia : JAT had daily DC-9 BEG - MBX, two times daily B727 and daily DC-9 BEG-LJU, Adria had twice daily LJU-BEG on MD-80/A320, one of these two continuing daily to SKP. JAT had, as you correctly said minimum 3 weekly to DBV, B727 mostly, SPU as well, actually the flights were LJU-SJJ-SKP and LJU-SPU-SKP, usually SKP via SPU was B727 and SKP via SJJ DC-9, but there were more frequencies, if I remember correctly it was 3 weekly each. And I think 19.02 is right, I don't remember PRN and OHD from LJU, it was with transfer in BEG. Maybe some charters operated, but not scheduled. And Adria also operated from LJU to SPU, DBV and OMO, DC-9 /MD-80

    7. Actually I think is possible Adria operated Ohrid and Pristina scheduled from LJU . Cannot guarantee, but if you remember the flights, and DC-9, it was likely Adria.

    8. And already writing, let me complete "the picture". BEG to SKP in period I write about grown to minimum two daily B727/DC-9, plus daily OHD DC-9. TIV from BEG was minimum two daily DC-9 and TGD minimum two daily B727. Two daily BEG to SJJ and ZAG to SJJ, mostly DC-9 /B737. Daily BEG to OMO and ZAG to OMO, DC-9 /ATR. And daily BEG to PRN DC-9.

    9. Anonymous21:06

      Very intetesting, thanks pozdrav. I also see that there were no flights between LJU and TGD/TIV back then? I'm surprised about this.

    10. JATBEGMEL23:03

      @pozdrav iz Rijeke

      Thank you for the information. It's disappointing that after 30 years flights and frequencies are yet to return.

      It's disappointing OU isn't doing more, actually they have pulled back on routes such as PRN and TGD which is surprising to day the least.

      JU since rebranding has done a fair bit, not yet with capacities but frequencies are increasing. TIV, TGD, SPU, DBV are mostly A319/A320, SKP and LJU are almost there jn frequencies. Not too sure what use BEG-OSI would be since they are in close proximity, but OHD and OMO would be nice to see return. Shame that RJK didn't work as a year round destination. BEG-INI is returning soon after more than a decade at 4 pw.

      Whats interesting to note from the advertisement is that JU's SKP-BEG departures are not far off from what we see today.

    11. Pozz, thanks for the detailed info on flights back in Yugo times.
      I think if it wasn't for covid restrictions in the last almost 1-2 years, we would have more inter-yugo flights today.
      But then we have mostly very good highway connections today, with many new under construction or planned.
      Autoput bratstvo i jedinstvo has been fully complete for about two years.

      Cheers boys.

  3. Anonymous23:12

    Still interesting to see OHD is no longer connected to any ex-Yu capital or city. JU did not seem to have been able to maintain the route in 2018:

    The airport now seems to be orientated towards Germany and Swizterland.

    1. Anonymous08:44

      Well it is little bit different today since we have low cost in Ohrid. But since Ohrid is tourist destination it is really odd that there are no flights to BEG,ZAG, LJU, and also OHD has a potential for transfer passengers


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