B&H heading to Belgrade

The Bosnian national air carrier B&H Airlines is looking to purchase at least one new aircraft. As the CEO of the airline Nudžeim Rečica said, the purchase of one aircraft is necessary for the airline this year. He said once the aircraft arrives the other ones in the fleet may be used for shorter distance destinations such as Zagreb (currently operated by Croatia Airlines in codeshare with B&H) and Belgrade (currently operated by Jat Airways in codeshare with B&H) while a strategic partner would be found for designations Stockholm, Gothenburg and Copenhagen. “There is a possibility for us to open up services to Brussels and Amsterdam as well which would connect our passengers coming in from the US and Canada)” says Rečica.

Jat and BH airlines have signed a codeshare agreement on route Belgrade-Sarajevo in late 2006 which is operated by Jat however is sold as both a Jat and BH flight. “We have a really strong partnership with Jat Airways” says Rečica. He says that the BH team has analysed the profitability of this route and have concluded that there is room for another airline. The airline is 90% sure it will start services to Belgrade in September or October this year. Due to a special partnership BH could sell tickets to Jat’s destinations. It would transport passengers to Belgrade which will upon arrival be handled by Jat onto further destinations.