Strike ends
Yesterday afternoon, Croatia Airlines announced that it had struck a deal with its cabin crew which will see the resumption of all services today after a 48 hour strike, initially planned to take place over four days. Negotiations between the opposing sides were mediated by the Government of Croatia, the owner of the national carrier. A collective agreement has been signed and the union of Croatia Airlines cabin crew has declared victory over the management. Ivan Mišetić, the CEO of the airline, said that he is happy with the new agreement but warns that irreversible damage has been inflicted onto airline’s finances, the Croatian economy and Croatian tourism, as a result of the strike. The cabin crew union did not wish to elaborate on the fine print of their new agreement.

According to the management, the airline has lost some 2 million American Dollars in the past 48 hours, although the cabin crew says that these figures have been inflated for dramatic affect. Nevertheless, a significant loss has been incurred which will only add to the airline’s embattled finances.


  1. Anonymous21:07

    I know this is not todays subjest, but I am so angry and have to say this:

    Adria which is starting flights to BNX (and I was so happy about it and willing to pay even more money than I would normally pay just to land in BNX - my hometown) charges for one return ticket LGW-BNX via LJU of course - £600 in August!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can fly to New York for that money in the peak of season!!!!!!!!!!

    I think that is outrageous!!!!!! I am not surprised that nobody flies from there and that their load is so low! Absolutely ludicres! I just WISH all these ripping national companies get buncrupt and we ALL fly with Wizz, FR and EZY happily after!!!


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