Summer 2011
B&H Airlines

A look at B&H's 2011 summer chages
The 2011 summer season is just around the corner. B&H Airlines has made minimal changes to its schedule. Since there is still no official word of B&H’s schedule, this data has been provided by flights listed on the global travel distribution system.

The airline will keep all of its flights to Scandinavia, although all have sustained a 1 weekly frequency cut. Flights to Frankfurt are the only ones to see an increase in frequencies compared to last summer. From Banja Luka the airline will keep 3 weekly its flights to Zurich.

The table below displays flights from Sarajevo. The table displays the peak weakly frequency for each destination during the summer. Visit tomorrow to view Croatia Airlines’ 2011 summer changes.

DestinationFrequency S2011Frequency S2010ChangeNotes
Amsterdam30 3-
Belgrade06 6cancelled
Copenhagen23 1-
Dusseldorf02 2cancelled
Frankfurt54 1-
Gothenburg23 11 flight via Copenhagen
Stockholm23 11 flight via Gothenburg
Zurich77-3 flights via Banja Luka
Zagreb06 6cancelled


  1. Purger09:25

    32 flights per week (34, but 2 are with one stop)?

    2 planes can make 21-25 flights. That means it is not enough even for 2 planes. And the have fleet with 4 planes. What will they do with capacity 100% bigger than they need? And than they are surprised why they lost so much money...

  2. Peter from Sydney09:34

    The table below displays flights from Podgorica. << is that right?

  3. frequentflyer10:03


    Purger is on the money - fleet utilisation is non-existent due to illogical and nonsensical route planning and development. But Purger, I think your figures should be based on 3 planes not 4 (the 2nd 319 is nowhere to be seen despite the promises).

    The rotations for the 319 are appalling for this type of aircraft (just 2 return trips per day, OU, JP and JU make 3 on average) and there is *lots* of slack time available now with the AT7s. Are they paying the staff to sit around at SJJ while the planes don't move?

    ZAG and BEG need to be reopened at reasonable fares (99 euros), and at sensible hours to attract pax.

  4. This timetable is ridiculous. Half of the destinations they served last year seem to be gone.

    @ frequentflier
    Reopening BEG and ZAG won't help unless they connect them with some other flights such as IST or the ones to Scandinavia, but I guess B&H has never heard of operating such model. It's sad to see that B&H wasn't able to build more on the recent introduction of visa-free travel.

  5. Anonymous17:35

    Off topic:

    Beggining with Summer Timetable MAT AIRWAYS commences flights from Skopje to Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen and Vienna!

    ZRH goes to daily service!

  6. Nezavisna Republika Srpska18:29

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  7. Anonymous18:39

    Nezavisna what?

  8. Anonymous19:39


    Not nearly as bad as Sky Srpska is doing. How many planes do they have again?

    That is right 0. 0 passenger capacity and 0 chance of succeeding ever. Keep telling yourself nationalist fairy tales if it makes you feel better, but RS will never be anything more than an entity if it even remains that.

  9. Genocide produced Republika Srpska19:42

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  10. Comments posted by people with politically motivated nicknames will be deleted!

  11. zrak21:49

    there are probably some charter flights, so fleet utilization is probably higher (but still appaling)

  12. Anonymous11:59

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