Record year for Croatia Airlines

Strong growth for Croatia Airlines in 2011
Croatia Airlines is heading towards one of its best years on record. The flag carrier is only a few weeks away from carrying its millionth passenger for the year and is outperforming other EX-YU airlines. In May alone the airline saw a 20% passenger increase. The improving figures are on the back of a resurgent tourism industry, increase in domestic travel and a sharp increase in flights from secondary hubs. Croatia Airlines has launched several new routes this summer, particularly from Dubrovnik. The number of scheduled flights has increased by 18% and the airline’s average cabin load factor has also jumped from 67% last year to 74.7% in 2011.

The peak summer season is just about to begin and judging by the airline’s booking numbers further growth is yet to come. In the week starting June 27 and ending July 3, Croatia Airlines saw a record number of bookings. Within 7 days the airline had 48.427 bookings.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing for the national airline. Its losses are continuing to mount despite an increase in passenger numbers. Furthermore, from next year Croatia Airlines is expected to get more competition from its Zagreb hub as the country heads towards European Union membership.

Passenger wise, Croatia Airlines recorded its best year in 2008 when it handled 1.870.000 passengers with an average cabin load factor of 65.2%.


  1. Anonymous09:11

    Congrats to Croatian Airlines, i hope to fly with them soon, they are lowering there fare i found a flight from Frankfurt to Zagreb for 115 euro roundtrip there and back with tax! It would nice if i could fly to banja luka for like 200 euro, when i have to come to Zagreb i have to take a bus or have family get me!

  2. Intruder10:52

    I realised that the tourist figures this season in Croatia are boosting economy, transport and making easier relations with neighbouring countries.
    Despite the fall down of Croatian industry tourism is a good way for sustainable economy.
    I feel that all Croatian airports will reach good targets of passengers.
    Welcome Croatia Airlines and wish they may order some A330 for long haul flights soon.

  3. Anonymous11:55

    Croatian Airlines congratulations!

  4. frequentflyer12:26

    Excellent to see such positive numbers for the leading exYU airline, but it is the inability to control expenses which is the major concern. Load factor at 74% is well up from the dark days of 48% just 2 years back, but there is too much at stake for things to get worse...

    Cost reduction whilst growth has been made much easier with the introduction of the Q400s - they've been a hit with passengers and their lower cost and larger capacity than the AT4s have proved the right move. Perhaps JP could also replace their 50-seat jets to help curb their losses, especially as jet fuel continues to rise.

    How much growth will be limited by the lack of decision on upgrading ZAG? It is a major factor in the airline becoming *the* hub for OU: they need the space ASAP to increase the movement of planes especially in the morning peak wave.

    A lower CLF if the yield is right is not necessarily a bad move. OU must now walk the tightrope to let the airline function as designed: moving passengers and make money.

  5. Anonymous12:38

    Congratulations Croatia.
    I have had a chance to fly with CTN to Dubrovnik.
    Very pleasant and enjoyable experience.

  6. Phalanx13:49


    Macedonia signs with USA the Open Sky deal

  7. Wonderful news! I look forward to CTN introducing flights from ZAG to BEG!

  8. Congrats, but there is much wrong with the airline if it is continuing to loose so much money.

    I think the comment by frequentflyer hits the nail on the head.


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