FlyBosnia to operate Mostar charters


FlyBosnia has partnered with the Italian charter service provider SoleAir in order to operate flights from Mostar catering for pilgrims visiting the Medjugorje sight. "SoleAir has the pleasure of communicating to tour operators working in the religious sector that it has signed an agreement with the new Bosnian carrier FlyBosnia", the company said. The airline's 138-seat Airbus A319 aircraft will be positioned in Mostar as of next month. The airline noted, "The first European destination will be Italy, providing round-trip charters between Italy and Bosnia and Herzegovina - Sarajevo and Mostar (Medjugorje). Subsequent destinations in Europe will be explored based on demand potential, with various cities in Italy identified as potential candidates". Italy was Mostar Airport's main country market for a number of years.

FlyBosnia has also signed an agreement with the ground handling group Saudi Ground Services in Saudi Arabia last week ahead of its planned operations to the country.


  1. Anonymous11:03

    Some good news for Mostar finally.

  2. Anonymous11:49

    Finally some positive news for OMO, hope their numbers will improve this year :D

  3. Anonymous12:51

    This is definitely bad news for OU :(

    1. Croatia Airlines ima bas puno destinacija iz Zagreba za Italiju. Samo Rim Fiumicino i Milano Malpensa? Ne cine samo ta dva grada Italiju, ima jos puno vise manji aerodroma i gradova.

      A za bas one putnike koji su mislili letiti sa Croatia Airlines preko Zagreba, mada svi znamo da je Mostar - Zagreb politicki let vezan uz HDZ u BiH i u Hrvatskoj i to LF pokazuje, za njih je ovo dobro jer nece morati presjedati.

  4. Anonymous14:54

    They need to take all charter flights from BiH for example OMO - Italian market, SJJ-AYT,TZL-AYT, BNX- AYT, CFU, SKG there is pleanty demand for charter traffic from BiH


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