23 planned new EX-YU routes cancelled


Airlines are further delaying the launch or completely cancelling new routes to cities across the former Yugoslavia, which were to commence between March and July, as a result of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. The latest routes to join the growing list of cancelled new services include easyJet's London Luton - Ljubljana, Kuwait Airways' Kuwait City - Sarajevo and Israir Airlines' Tel Aviv - Skopje flights. Further changes remain highly likely. The information below is correct as of May 7.


RouteOriginal dateNew date
Vienna - Zadar (Austrian)MAR 29 JUN 01
Vienna - DubrovnikMAR 29MAY 24
Vienna - Zadar (Lauda)MAR 30MAY 22
Paris - DubrovnikMAR 30JUN 15
London Luton - LjubljanaMAR 30CANCELLED
Poznan - PodgoricaMAR 30MAY 25
Gdansk - ZadarMAR 31CANCELLED
Kraljevo - ThessalonikiMAR 31MAY 19
Stockholm - TivatAPR 01JUN 17
Dublin - PodgoricaAPR 02MAY 24
Vienna - Banja LukaAPR 03MAY 22
Hahn - RijekaAPR 04MAY 23
Paris Orly - PulaAPR 04JUN 06
Nantes - DubrovnikAPR 11JUN 06
Athens - SplitAPR 19JUL 08
Brussels - PulaAPR 25JUN 10
London Luton - PulaAPR 28MAY 14
Kiev - LjubljanaAPR 30JUN 04


RouteOriginal dateNew date
Zagreb - SofiaMAY 01 CANCELLED
Wroclaw - ZadarMAY 01CANCELLED
Frankfurt - TivatMAY 01MAY 29
Paris - PodgoricaMAY 01JUN 05
Vilnius - DubrovnikMAY 02CANCELLED
Zagreb - PodgoricaMAY 03CANCELLED
Beuvais - ZadarMAY 06CANCELLED
Zadar - KaunasMAY 06CANCELLED
Zadar - BremenMAY 07CANCELLED
Vilnius - RijekaMAY 07CANCELLED
Zadar - LiverpoolMAY 10CANCELLED
Zadar - MaastrichtMAY 11CANCELLED
Zadar - AarhusMAY 15CANCELLED
Zadar - HamburgMAY 15CANCELLED
Zadar - ToulouseMAY 16CANCELLED
Doha - DubrovnikMAY 18CANCELLED
Manchester - TivatMAY 21JUN 18
London Stansted - TivatMAY 21JUN 18
Stuttgart - BelgradeMAY 21JUN 02
Izmir - SkopjeMAY 23CANCELLED
Tel Aviv - LjubljanaMAY 23JUN 02
London Stansted - ZadarMAY 24JUN 17
Manchester - ZadarMAY 24JUN 17
Qassim - SarajevoMAY 25JUN 03
Monastir - ZagrebMAY 27JUN 24
Budapest - BelgradeMAY 27JUN 01
Rzeszow - ZadarMAY 28JUN 06
Malmo - SplitMAY 30CANCELLED


RouteOriginal dateNew date
Kiev - ZagrebJUN 02 JUL 21
Belgrade - Amman JUN 01JUN 04
Belgrade - ChisinauJUN 01JUN 07
Belgrade - LvivJUN 01JUN 05
Belgrade - Rostov-on-DonJUN 02JUN 05
Brussels - OhridJUN 06JUN 13
Kuwait City - SarajevoJUN 11CANCELLED
Tel Aviv - SkopjeJUN 11CANCELLED
Podgorica - LisbonJUN 22JUL 06
Vienna - PodgoricaJUL 03JUL 20
London Heathrow - PodgoricaJUL 04CANCELLED


  1. Anonymous10:52

    The list keeps growing :(

  2. Anonymous11:02

    Izmir is a huge blow for SKP. This route has more potential than any German village. What a pity.

  3. Anonymous11:31

    Such a shame that North Macedonia is losing so many flights this summer, including Doha.

  4. Anonymous11:31

    The Adriatic coast will have a brutal summer.

  5. Anonymous11:43

    Quick Question. Will there be Luton to Ljubljana in the 2020/2021 winter season, as I have already booked tickets for that flight in February.

    1. Anonymous11:47

      It doesn't look like it unfortunately. LTN-LJU has been completely removed. They will most probably just move you onto the Gatwick flight.

    2. Anonymous11:47

      you booked a year in advance? wow

    3. Anonymous01:52

      Me too. I have my every month flites from UK to SLO pre-reserved all the way till march 2021.

  6. Anonymous12:36

    How will this affect hotels on the coast?

  7. Anonymous15:06

    I wonder if JU will schedule BEG-Oslo flights anytime soon, seeing as how Norwegian announced earlier this week that they won't operate any inter-European flights until 2021...

  8. Anonymous16:30

    Dublin - Podgorica with Ryanair is now only showing for 31st May... but likely to be delayed even further given that YM has postponed until at least 1st June.

  9. Anonymous18:45

    LOT is moving BUD-BEG from May 27 to Jun 1. That's only 5 days, what's the point?

    1. Anonymous18:47

      Because the airline is grounded until June 1st so they automatically move it to the first date after that. Of course those flights won't launch on June 1st either.

  10. Zadar hit hardest.

  11. Does anyone have any idea what will happen to Cyprus flights? I have one booked of 02 june and there is absolutely no mention of BEG-LCA or any other airport to LCA for that matter... Wizz hasnt cancelled the flight ofc

    1. Anonymous15:01

      The suspension of regular, incoming commercial flights has been extended until at least May 28 for Cyprus. So for now flights may happen on 2nd of June.


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