Windrose restores Kiev - Zagreb flight plans


Ukraine’s Windrose Airlines has again restored plans to commence services between Kiev and Zagreb this coming October. According to the Ukrainian Ambassador to Croatia, Vasyl Kyrylych, the carrier’s plans have changed several times due to the coronavirus pandemic, but he is now confident services will begin in October. “The coronavirus has brought about changes in lifestyle. For Ukraine and Croatia, it has confirmed the importance of direct flights. We expect that from October 4, Windrose Airlines will connect closely linked Kiev and Zagreb twice a week”, Mr Kyrylych said. Widrose has now put tickets on sale for the route. Changes remain possible. Windrose originally planned to launch a three weekly service this summer but later moved it for the 2020/2021 winter season before completely cancelling it. Flights will now run twice per week. Further details can be found here.


  1. Anonymous10:33

    not sure what to think about this any more, good luck I guess!

  2. Anonymous10:43

    Let's go with "Bravo Hrvatska!" for now, before the consensus switch to "how many airlines have lost ZAG?" as soon as another postponement is announced :)

  3. Anonymous14:09

    Croatia had a record number of new cases yesterday, Ukraine had it on Aug 22. Chances are numbers will get worse by Oct 4.

  4. Anonymous16:34

    Actually its a good time to try something new and start new routes , especially now when so many established routes are performing bad .
    Kudos to that .

    1. Anonymous19:17

      Common sense says if established routes are failing new ones will be much worse. Starting it in October and when new cases are hitting peak levels is just bad planning.

    2. Anonymous19:19

      They can't start it earlier because Ukraine will be closed to international arrivals in September.

    3. Anonymous20:03

      Then don't start it until March 2021.

    4. Anonymous00:00

      Air Serbias Oslo route is a good example for that .

    5. Anonymous00:42

      Why would you bring it up, Air Serbia OSL has nothing to do with it if you had any knowledge of aviation and common sense? Well since you don't have it:

      Air Serbia launched almost month and a half ago with most of the summer season ahead. OSL-BEG has been a stable route for many years with strong demand, it is not some unproven new destination. Wizz withdrew their route launch. Norwegian was at the verge of bankrupcy before covid, then had to shrink and was taken over by leasing companies, still getting weaker every day. Noway only had 10-16 new daily cases when Air Serbia launched the service. Incomparable to Windrose lunacy.

    6. Anonymous08:04

      BEG-OSL is a very well established market that is growing, don't forget that DY actually increased it to three weekly last year. ZAG-KBP has no one flying it and there were several attempts at making it work but they all, unfortunately, failed.


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