Qatar Airways reduces Zagreb throughout winter


Qatar Airways has reduced its operations between Doha and Zagreb throughout the entire winter season, up until March 26, 2021 compared to previous plans. The airline will maintain just one weekly service between the two cities in November, each Friday, increasing to two weekly, on Wednesdays and Fridays, from December 2 until March 26, 2021. The airline had previously scheduled three weekly rotations to the Croatian capital throughout the 2020/2021 winter season. All flights operate with the Airbus A320 aircraft.


  1. Anonymous13:53

    Given the current situation is more then enough.

  2. Anonymous14:40

    They should it leave SKP/SJJ as well and potentially combine throughout the winter!

  3. Anonymous15:52

    One more hit for ZAG

  4. Anonymous16:41

    Aw, so that means they won't be able to perform more invasive checks on female passengers like they did last week on that flight to Australia?

    1. Anonymous17:36

      The woman left the baby to die.

    2. Anonymous00:15

      So because a Jane Doe left a baby to die all women are to be forcefully examined/raped?

    3. Anonymous14:11

      Well yes, they needed to find the woman who was trying to kill an innocent child who never asked to be born in the first place. Anyway, they know what kind of country Qatar is, next time they should pay much more and fly on another airline.

    4. Anonymous12:44

      Troll, or just somebody who worked for that POS Akbar for many years. They even do it to their female cabin crew during the initial medical.


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