Wizz Air terminates seven routes from former Yugoslavia

Low cost carrier Wizz Air will terminate operations on seven routes from the former Yugoslavia affecting Ljubljana and Ohrid, as well as its bases in Skopje, Belgrade and Tuzla. The budget carrier is discontinuing services between Charleroi and Ljubljana after eleven years. The carrier suspended flights between the two cities over the winter but was due to resume operations on March 26 of next year. The development leaves Wizz with just a single route from Ljubljana, to London Luton. Brussels Airlines becomes the sole carrier linking Ljubljana and Belgium. Wizz Air held talks with the Slovenian government on September 29 over the potential introduction of new destinations out of Ljubljana, however, no agreement was reached.

The low cost airline will terminate operations from its Skopje base to Turku, Turin and Billund. All three destinations were suspended during the ongoing winter season but were due to resume from late March of next year. Consequently, Macedonia will no longer have a scheduled nonstop service to Finland. Flights to Turku were introduced in 2019, while to Billund in December of last year. In addition, the carrier is terminating operations between Ohrid and Friedrichshafen. Flights between the two cities were also introduced last December. As a result, three out of the four new routes it introduced in the last expansion of its Macedonian network, in December 2021, have now been discontinued. Skopje - Bologna is the only surviving service.

Wizz Air is discontinuing operations between Belgrade and Hahn, just a year after flights were inaugurated. It joins the airline’s recently terminated routes from the Serbian capital, which include Vaxjo, Sandefjord, Billund and Santorini. The low cost airline will also discontinue services between Tuzla and Vaxjo, just over a month after vowing it would grow from the city in order to substitute for the closure of its Sarajevo base in November. So far, Wizz Air has not announced a single new route from anywhere in the former Yugoslavia for next year.


  1. Anonymous09:02

    worst airline ever

    1. Anonymous09:27

      It is not an airline; it is a mutual fund.

  2. Anonymous09:03

    While it's bad they are discontinuing flights at any airport, this will have the most impact on Ljubljana considering the relatively low level of traffic.

    1. Anonymous09:14

      "Wizz Air held talks with the Slovenian government on September 29 over the potential introduction of new destinations out of Ljubljana, however, no agreement was reached."

      Government did a great job. The outcome of the talks is that Wizz is down to its last route from Ljubljana.

    2. Anonymous09:33

      It is all down to the slo government. They don't give a s**t about aviation and public transportation in Slovenia.

    3. JU520 BEGLAX11:53

      SLO government is mostly doing what's been ordered by the German government in Berlin. It s absolutely obvious, that there is no interest to improve Slovenias air connectivity and if, than by legacy carrier. Cheap air travel is not on the agenda

    4. Hrvatska je u sengenu i dolazak na zg airport je sad ibrzan. Od 1 jan

    5. Anonymous22:13

      Slovenia is too busy playing with LH Cartel.

  3. Anonymous09:04

    This doesn’t surprise anyone anymore.

  4. Anonymous09:06

    "So far, Wizz Air has not announced a single new route from anywhere in the former Yugoslavia for next year."

    Says it all. Meanwhile they are expanding like crazy from other cities.

  5. Anonymous09:06

    This wizzair has become such a joke

    1. Anonymous09:28

      It always was; I hate them with a passion (next to LH)!

  6. Anonymous09:07

    I predict Wizz Air will be bankrupt by this time next year. They ordered too many Aircraft to get a better deal on them, but never had a proper business plan.

    1. Anonymous22:46

      At last, someone apart from me can see the problems of Wizzair. It's the reason why they pulled out of Doncaster and that's why it closed. Their current business model is completely unsustainable, and the warning signs have been obvious for long enough..

  7. Anonymous09:07

    To be honest I really did not think that HHN-BEG will be cancelled. Quite surprised.

    Maybe it will positively affect now HHN-INI operated by Air Serbia.

  8. Anonymous09:11

    Why you don't understand that this is a private owned airline . Their interest is only profit and they can't rely on their governement for the loses like all ex-yu airlines do .

    1. Anonymous09:13

      I don't see many other airlines operating to ex-Yu discontinuing flights every other day. It would be logical to have a proper route planning management team that don't just start whatever but actually does some market research before launching something.

    2. Anonymous10:19

      Nemjee do you really think that Indigo Partners owning 3.4% of Wizz Air constitutes having a major investment fund behind you?

    3. ComeOnReally19:22

      Hey Nemjee, why don't national airlines of the region get "a major investment fund" to invest in them? You make it sound so easy, so go on then let's see what fund wants to invest in pet projects of nations that suffice from the small-nation-syndrome.

    4. Nemjee21:28

      ComeOnReally, it's not the same. Most national airlines have been around for decades and have a lot of baggage. Young airlines such as Wizz don't so it's much easier to pump money into them and to keep them growing. Huge difference. That said, there is a reason why national governments are reluctant to let their carriers go.

      As for Indigo, I know they sold some of their shares, they used to have much more in Wizz Air, especially during the time of rapid expansion.

    5. Calvert10:41

      Indigo Hungary owns 18.35%, Indigo Maple 5.55%. Have you read Wizz financial statements so you can say they will go bankrupt next year this time?
      A lot of people here writting without basic knowledge and information.

  9. Anonymous09:12

    I don't know how they think to build confidence with passengers in this region when every month they suspend or discontinue routes.

  10. Anonymous09:29

    Meanwhile, they just announced 6 new routes from TIA. Eleventh plane based there I think.

    1. Anonymous09:40

      Yep and TIA got strong airlines. Lufthansa going twice daily to Frankfurt in winter!

  11. Anonymous09:29

    Maybe even JU will profit from it as they fly HHN-INI, so many people living southern from Belgrade who flew earlier on W6 to BEG will now fly on JU flight.

    I know that before pandemic FRA blocked JU to open double daily, but I am not sure that the reply would be the same if JU now ask for the same frequencies. FRA is still far from reaching 2019 level so they would be now maybe more open for cooperation with JU, but I don't know if JU wishes still to fly double daily to FRA.

    Nemjee, do you know why JU does not open BEG-MUC? It seems to be some kind of mystery here...Some people seem to know the reason but they are not allowed to talk about it.

  12. Anonymous09:30

    Yes, but some of those legacies getting a big subsidiaries. So it seems that only getting money from someone else is working on Balkans

  13. Anonymous09:32

    Just interested ... how are they blocking JU to expand in FRA and what are they doing to do so? Jat always had a daily flight to FRA, more or less the same as now although JAT had better times; if I recall they were departing BEG at around 8AM daily and returning to BEG around 2PM. Now the schedule is a bit mixed between AM and PM flights (speaking of JU only).

  14. Anonymous09:32

    Well Wizz increased a lot frequencies at Belgrade, and I heard that Wizz is waiting that JU announces all new routes and then to react. Not sure is it true but there is logic

    1. Anonymous09:44

      Can you please name which frequencies are increased by W6 in BEG?


    2. Nemjee09:48

      From the top of my head:

      BEG-FMM 6x
      BEG-LCA 4x
      BEG-BCN 4x
      BEG-NCE 3x
      BEG-HER 3x

    3. Anonymous09:49

      Thanks, but what was the frequency before?

      I would like to know how much they increaed their operations.

    4. Nemjee09:52

      Someone can correct me but I think these are the increases:

      FMM +2
      LCA +2
      BCN +1
      NCE +1
      HER +1

    5. Anonymous09:53

      Barcelona, Munich, Heraklion, Basel and not sure for else but will check later

    6. Anonymous09:58

      Thank you very much to both of you.

      W6 does not fly to Munich :)... you probably meant FMM.

    7. Anonymous20:28

      LTN is another one which is not only increased but always packed to the rafters five times a week. In previous years during winter season there were two weekly flights, with the third added for the busiest holiday stretches only.

  15. Anonymous09:35

    Jat Airways in period 2003-2012 had the following flight schedule to FRA

    Departure from BEG: 1200h
    Arrival to FRA: 14:00h

    Departure from FRA: 14:50h
    Arrival to BEG: 16:40h

  16. Nemjee09:39

    I don't know how true this is but I was told that FRA is still not giving JU the slots they want using the excuse that they don't have enough workforce at that time. Passenger numbers might be down at FRA but they are still struggling with finding enough people to work there. We all remember the meltdown this summer.

    I believe they will launch MUC one day when they are strong enough. Slots are an issue over there and I doubt the airport would be too happy to anger Lufthansa which has been in expansion mode. If MUC had to chose who to back they would always side with LH - which anyway makes sense.
    In addition to these MUC related challenges, there is also Wizz Air down the road which plans to boost FMM to 6 weekly next summer. This will become their busiest route out of BEG next year.

    Air Serbia did launch SZG and NUE this year, both airports are within the same catchment area as FMM and MUC. Unfortunately SZG experienced some issues while NUE seems to be performing quite ok for them.

    This is a much smarter tactic as you attack LH on the periphery where they weak(er) before attacking them directly at their second fortress hub.
    SZG's under-performance is a sign they struggled to beat Wizz Air in that region. FMM has been operational for a very long time so W6 is very well established here.

    The fight for Bavaria will be a tough one as neither LH or W6 are willing to give up. Both have announced additional flights for next year. Now it's JU's turn, we have to see what they plan on doing.

  17. Anonymous09:39

    FRA did not want to provide to JU requested slots.

  18. Anonymous09:43

    LJU keeps on winning! Oh and also Transavia removed ORY-LJU from summer 2023. Good job!

    1. Anonymous19:33

      OMG man, I just checked it on the Transavia website. You are right. LJU basically lost CRL and now ORY next summer.

  19. Nemjee09:46

    FRA is not allowed to turn JU down based on the Open Skies Agreement Serbia implemented with the EU.
    However, what they can do is tell JU that they are full at the times they requested and to offer them an alternative schedule which wouldn't suit them. For example JU can arrive to FRA at 22.00 and depart at 22.40 or arrive at 06.30 and leave at 07.15.

    That's what MUC did with Transavia when they opened a base there some years ago. They had to accept their base but they kept all the prime slots for their key players. When I mean by kept is that they assigned them to LH & Co.

  20. Anonymous09:50


  21. Anonymous10:12

    Getting a big subsidiaries!! I'm loving it!

  22. Anonymous10:13

    When I mean! Precious!

  23. Anonymous10:37

    Wow had no idea that there was a direct flight from Skopje to Finland, and not even to the capital. Is there a diaspora?

    1. Anonymous12:08

      According to the United nations there are 9000 Macedonians in Finalnd but according to the Finish government 270.

    2. Anonymous13:10

      I think most people used it to go to Kosovo

    3. When there was a Covid-19 on the flight they were mostly Kosovars, otherwise I don't know.

  24. Anonymous11:26

    Wizz is getting ready to introduce flights from IST.

  25. Anonymous12:55

    Is Wizzair opening a base in Pristina in 2023 or no?

    1. Anonymous15:45

      They're not. They're focused on TIA&SKP in the region (if they can get subsidies for the latter), and the greatest focus is put on Romania, Italy and their future expansion into Saudi Arabia (again thanks to Saudi subsidies).

    2. Anonymous17:59

      They are expecting 600,000 passengers for 2023 and it would be a better solution if they just open a base there

  26. Anonymous14:55

    Wizz air very unreliable

  27. Anonymous19:58

    My, oh my. Nemjee at it again.

    First he states as a fact something he doesn't know it's true and then proceeds to say 'I don't know how true this is but' I said it anyways.

    Then without any sound grounds he concludes that 'NUE seems to be performing quite ok for' AirSERBIA. There's a huge difference between not dropping a route and it doing quite ok.

    It's the same logic he used to conclude that CityJet was happy with their SSJ100s, not to mention Interjet.

    Come on dude, you're a case study of cognitive filters.

  28. Nemjee21:30

    Thank you for your comment Anon 19.58, is there some sort of point you wanted to share with us? Or was the whole point to write some sort of incoherent drivel?

  29. Anonymous03:32

    What region are you talking about: Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro?

  30. Anonymous11:35

    Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia and Serbia. Western Balkans!

  31. Anonymous13:10

    Anyone here knows anything about Liverpool-tirana flight by wizz air?

  32. Anonymous23:45

    Never flied with them but now I don't want to even if they back their flights here. I'd rather pay more for the better service. 😌


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