Sarajevo Airport to get new control tower


The Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency (BHANSA) has unveiled plans for the construction of a new control tower at Sarajevo Airport. BHANSA said a new tower will be built at a new location which will be selected jointly in cooperation with Sarajevo Airport. Initially, in 2019, the aviation regulator planned to overhaul the airport’s existing control tower, however, it has since opted to build a completely new structure. No firm timeframe has been given for when work on the project could begin.


  1. Anonymous11:34

    Great to see development continuing in Sarajevo

    1. Meyraf13:16

      I'd highly doubt it would be a multi-purpose structure. Firstly, for security reasons, both IT and physical security. Secondly, for financing reasons - TWR is financed from the air navigation charges, therefore, charged directly from the airliners, while facilities built for purposes other than air navigation services will have to be financed from other sources.

      This is not to say that the physical construction cannot be embedded into a larger project - many TWRs form an integral part of the larger buildings (e.g. Zurich TWR is embedded into the terminal building), but has to have a separate physical access, and the premises designated as TWR must only be used for air navigation purposes.

      And, yes, great news, happy for Sarajevo!

    2. notLufthansa23:50

      Sorry my friend, but what you are saying is not true

    3. Meyraf13:01

      My saying is based on EU Regulation 391/2013 on common charging scheme for air navigation services, aimed at controlling the costs of air navigation charges and limiting the cross-subsidies, and on the fact that BH is the signatory party to the ECAA (European Common Aviation Area) Agreement, thus committed to applying EU regulations in the aviation domain, despite not being an EU member state.

      I’d like to learn what your statement “not true” is based on.

  2. Meyraf13:18

    Funny thing, my previous comment was in reply to a question that seem to have disappeared - could the new tower be a multi-purpose structure?

  3. Anonymous15:35

    And still no announcement for an airline to open up a base in Sarajevo, the likelihood of that happening seems to get smaller and smaller as the days go by.

  4. Anonymous16:54

    BHANSA will built new tower,not BHDCA


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