MAT hopes for June restart

MAT’s future rests on front wheel
MAT Macedonian Airlines, last Tuesday, on May 26 officially announced that it has suspended all scheduled and charter flights. This is because the Macedonian Civil Aviation Agency did not recognise as legitimate the servicing and repair of MAT’s sole Boeing B737-500 in Belgrade a few weeks ago. Thus, the airline’s aircraft is still grounded due to safety reasons. However, MAT authorities announced that the front wheel of the aircraft, which has been deemed unsafe, will be replaced within a month and that the Macedonian carrier will hopefully recommence services by the end of June. MAT is hoping that it will manage to begin charter flights by the beginning of July, which has been a big source of income for the airline in previous years.

Meanwhile, other airlines have been increasing frequencies and capacity to Skopje in order to deal with extra passengers. MAT is currently facing many criminal charges including those from EUROCONTROL for unpaid debt and from the Civil Aviation Agency, also for unpaid debt and selling tickets after the airline was grounded. Negotiations regarding a possible takeover by Jat Airways will be intensified in mid June with the Serbian national carrier still interested in purchasing the Macedonian airline.

Today is exactly a year since the first blog post. There have been a total of 367 news items and over 19.500 visitors. Thank you for visiting and reading.


  1. frequentflyer09:22

    Cestitam ex-YU i svima!!

    This blog has provided a great forum for debate and provoked thought on airlines and aircraft across the former Yugoslavia, an interest area not adequately covered anywhere else on the internet.

    Whilst one could assume certain individuals or nostalgic/nationalistic ideas may have appeared, there is no doubt that the forum is fair, equal and positive: a difficult combination to achieve!

    Congratulations once again on an exciting, interesting forum.

  2. Anonymous09:42

    I am glad that the blog is marking its first anniversary, and don't only thank us for reading and visiting it, but let's all thank ex yu aviation news for their research and for publishing these outstanding, informative and interesting articles.

    Well done! Svaka vam cast i zelim vam puno srece - samo napred!

  3. Srechna godisnjica.
    Nastavite sa odlicnim radom.
    Svakodnevno vas posecujem

  4. puno hvala za blog, ko zna kolko ljudi citaju ovaj blog u jednoj nedelji,

    samo tako, puno vam zahvalimo

  5. I too feel the need to make a point that this is a great blog regarding news from the former Yugoslavia. I visit the blog almost daily and find news articles here which if this blog did not exist, then I would not find.

    Happy 1st birthday Ex-YU AV news!

    BTW, ' certain individuals or nostalgic/nationalistic ideas ' is a part of the former Yugoslavia and also has its place here when debating aviation from the former Yugoslavia. I feel that the right for an individual to express there feelings should not be repressed.


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