Twenty years in the making

Adria’s decline slows

British Airways to suspend Priština service

Croatia and Adria merger talks to begin

What next for Jat?

SAS denies Sarajevo plans

Novi Sad Airport in the works

Turkish withdraws from B&H management

No change in EX-YU airport race

Crunch time for Adria

EX-YU carrier in eight years

Zagreb numbers take a hit

SAS to Sarajevo

Six new routes from Skopje

Summer strike at Croatia Airlines

Wizz Air in Ljubljana from October

Croatia proposes merger deal

Jat sees big April surge

Wizz Air back in Ljubljana

British Airways to Zagreb

Air Méditerranée to Sarajevo

Jat back to Malta

Qatar Airways inaugurates Zagreb flights

Banja Luka Airport faces closure

Morava Airport ready for flights

Mostar’s time to shine

Belgrade’s growth continues in April

Passenger slump at Croatia Airlines

CEO confident in Adria sale

Wizz Air to skip Sarajevo

Zagreb gears up for Qatar launch