Adria interested in EX-YU alliance

Adria interested in joining Jat and Montenegro
A day after Croatia Airlines announced that it would not join Jat Airways and Montenegro Airlines in a regional EX-YU alliance because it was already a member of Star Alliance, Adria Airways says it is considering joining. “We are still considering the invitation. We have held meetings with interested parties but we are yet to come to an agreement. If we join we expect a leading role in the company”, Adria Airways said. Jat Airways has sent an invitation to all national carriers of the former Yugoslavia to join a new regional alliance in order to counter increasing competition in the region.

Adria Airways is a member of Star Alliance and has a strong regional network. Montenegro Airlines and Adria have a code share agreement on routes between Podgorica and Ljubljana. If the three national carriers of Serbia, Slovenia and Montenegro were to join, the united company (as of this moment) would have a fleet of twenty six aircraft and would operate scheduled flights to forty eight destinations.


  1. Anonymous09:03

    I don`t understand this position. Adria is not that big in any term to dictate its own role within.
    JU should withdraw proposal to both, YM and JP.

  2. What an illustrative episode from ex-Yugoslavia: Serbia proposes a regional alliance, Croatia disagrees, Montenegro does whatever Serbia's doing, Slovenia will decide after a cost-benefit analysis and BiH & Macedonia are too busy solving their own problems to be even mentioned... :o)

  3. Anonymous10:34


    If you invite someone into something ther will always be conditions. But stil JP has the same number of aircrafts as JU does; financialy is better standing and there is no risk of bankruptcy as it was in JU case. Question is who needs who more.

  4. Anonymous10:46

    Slovenians, clever as usual. Small country - great people. Professional and business oriented. Not like Croatians politically and emotionally driven. Adria go ahead!

  5. Anonymous12:32

    now this is getting intersting

  6. I knew Adria would like the idea. It might take them some time to analyize all but eventually they will join. Such alliance would mean better aircraft utilization, better connections and eventual re-establishment of long-haul flights. Not sure if the Star Alliance would fit the new airline's strategy but I hope that Turkish or Lufthansa are smart enough to support this idea, so they can have a striong and reliable partner in the region.

  7. Anonymous17:21

    Proper name for the new company "Looser alliance"

  8. Jimmy Wang17:54

    Few months ago I posted a blog where my point of view was to express a wish that national airlines of ex-yu might establish a common airline, something alike, SAS of Scandinavia.
    Adria Airways, Croatia Airlines, Jat and Montenegro Airlines really are small companies and even in case of joint partnership they would need a very strong partner in Europe or Asia anyway.
    I don't full agree about the political and emotional mood in Croatia as a blogger underlined, because the national railways of Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia signed lately an agreement to set up a new Rail Cargo Company so I think impossibile is nothing.
    The most important next step is to privatize the state owned airlines.

  9. dassal08:33

    Even if the agreement has been reached there are many technical tasks to be coordinated: plane type/capacity are quite different, fleet utilisation is in question, who will be leading and who will feed others; even great SAS is in crysis. I think this idea is from heads of "once before great JAT" people without realistic grounds - sounds like political parole, but who knows, everything is possible in Balkans! We will see...


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