Air Serbia rolls out new check-in options


Air Serbia has implemented a new self-service application at its check-in kiosks at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, offering passengers greater opportunities during the flight registration process. The Serbian carrier will provide travellers with the option to check-in for a flight, select or change their seat, or obtain a boarding pass for same-day departures on different flights. Furthermore, the airline also opted for the integration of a payment option allowing passengers to buy additional baggage allowance at the kiosk. “We are convinced that this new check-in solution will provide a better check-in experience to our passengers. The application will allow them to add bags or change their seat on arrival at the airport, as well as significantly reduce the time they need to spend at the airport and enhance the overall experience”, the head of Air Serbia's Corporate Communications, Nikola Vukomanović, said.


  1. Anonymous10:35

    Already used.

    Ok, but not practial as you have to scan the passports of the passengers.

    On LH machines in Germany or previously in BEG as well it is enough just to add the name and booking code or ticket nr.

  2. Nemjee10:39

    Such a shame they went for the Latin script for the Serbian language version.

    What I don't get is why are they being launched only now? These were sitting there for surely a month, maybe even longer. I remember seeing them for quite a while.

    1. Anonymous10:41

      Probably needed approval from CAA or god knows what sort of bureaucratic hoops to jump over.

    2. Nemjee10:43

      Could be. It's also a shame that online check-in isn't available throughout their network, especially in some busy places like Berlin.
      Talking of Berlin, I noticed they will reduce it next summer to daily (from 9 weekly). I guess they are retreating without a fight... typical.

    3. Anonymous10:46

      They need the plane for new routes. Several new routes opening next year (which will use Airbuses and ATRs). They just went down the list of routes where they are not making as much money.

    4. Nemjee10:51

      I highly doubt Berlin was performing badly especially as it was 9 weekly after Air Berlin's demise. I just think they are afraid easyJet with their much inferior schedule and product.

    5. Anonymous11:05

      can you check-in online for german Wizz destination at BEG? Its not possible at SKP

    6. Anonymous11:14

      Yes all Wizz destinations from BEG have online check-in. Why not in SKP? It's strange. So you checkin at the airport?

    7. Anonymous11:16

      JU is stupid. They should launch BCN. Vueling will have three weekly flights with beautiful departures from BEG:


      So the best schedule is horrible.

    8. Anonymous11:21

      ATH will have 20 flights next summer, almost three daily.

    9. Anonymous11:34

      Can someone post BEG's top destinations by frequencies next summer?

    10. Comparing to JU U2 has no inferior product. Actually it is opposite.

      U2 as well as JU flies on main airports, in both companies you need to buy drinks and food, in both companies you need to pay for preffered seat.

      U2 has incomparably better prices
      U2 has no weight limit for your hand luggage

      They have a very good reason why they got afraid of U2

    11. Anonymous12:03

      You forgot the fleet. U2 has a very nice and young fleet.
      I love their new logo and their friendly business model. They also started christening aircraft to European names such as Porto, Amsterdam, etc.
      JU needs to maybe change the logo and make it more business style. The current one is nice but quite traditional.
      Qantas have changed their logo
      Iberia have changed their logo
      Gulf Air have changed their logo
      Saudi have changed their logo
      Austrian have changed their logo

      Time to move on and change the JU logo.

    12. Anonymous12:15

      Nebojsa, not true, JU offers free drinks and gives you a snack.

      JU logo is fine as it is. Look at LH or TK. Serious airlines don't change their logos every day. Qantas revised its livery, the logo is still there. Austrian also kept the same logo, they changed their livery.

    13. I flew JU few days ago.

      Snack means 13 salty fish (something like this just way less and drinks mean half a glass of tap water. So, it is nothing.

      Anything else you need to pay even if it includes bottled water. U2 has much richer choice when it comes to the choice of food and drinks to be purchased.

      Anon @ 12:03 is right, U2 fleet is much younger

    14. Anonymous12:26

      It's not "tap water" they pour it from a Rosa water bottle. It certainly isn't tap water.

    15. Anonymous12:49

      So they should pour it then in front of the passengers in order this impression not to be created.

      And I do not think it is Rosa. Rosa has specific taste.

    16. Anonymous13:01

      I was on Air Serbia flight last week from FRA. They were poring the water in front of passengers and it was Rosa.

    17. I was flying BEG-FRA last weekend.
      They did not pour it in front of the passengers and it was surely not Rosa.

    18. Anonymous13:05

      Yes they probably poured you water from the toilet. Get real.

    19. No, they do it before departure and passengers do not see where they pour it from.

      Anything else is your specualtion.

    20. Anonymous13:16

      I saw it with my own eyes on flight FRA-BEG DEC3, they poured the water in front passengers and like I say it was Rosa.

      If they poured you water from the lavatory tap you would be in hospital now.

    21. Why lavatory? Is there tap water only in plane's lavatory?

      BEG-FRA 09.12 - just half empty glasses of water served on the tray

    22. Nemjee13:32

      Actually they collect rain water behind Jat Tehnika which is then put into 2L Coca Cola bottles. These are then loaded with catering carts while glasses are filled right after take off behind closed curtains. It's a new cost cutting technique.

    23. Coma13:34

      Of course not. There is a faucet for tap water that comes from the water tank, used for all purposes (lavatory, hot water for such beverages), you can give it away to passengers in a Rosa bottle easily.
      As for the easyJet loads from TXL - flown the route on the 9 th of December and the flight was packed, only few seats were empty. They have a huge variety of products for purchase, more than any low cost airline in Europe I would say.

    24. Anonymous13:35

      Some of you people are delusional.

    25. We have even a whitness who tried to be funny.

    26. Anonymous14:06

      Whiteness or witness?

    27. Anonymous14:08

      U2 inferior to JU...
      We are really going to here anything

    28. Yes, it was my mistake. Witness

    29. ...who tried to be funny.

    30. Anonymous14:19

      Anon 14.08

      Here or hear?

      Nebojsa I think your comment they give tap water was hilarious... and sad.

    31. Anonymous17:52

      Well, he is constantly trying to trash JU even with lies like this and to glorify U2

    32. Anonymous18:31

      I am a troll and my job is to glorify Air Serbia while talking trash about Easyjet. That's not nice, right? Now would it make any better if it's reverse?

    33. Anonymous18:40

      @Anon 18:31
      Nebojsa, it's really not a point to trash anybody.
      But you are narrow sighted supporter & promoter, so you need to...

    34. Anonymous19:04

      Nisam Nebojsa ali on je ocigledno U2 trol jer ovo sto je napisao nema veze sa mozgom. Uzivaj u placenom sendvicu.

  3. Anonymous11:29

    Nice improvements, JU. Definitely a reason to hire less ground staff.
    Btw, in Latin Serbian language, is there a space before inserting a question or exclamation mark as in French?

    1. Anonymous18:55

      Space before question mark is not grammar thing i think but its question good or bad practice. It should be without space because of the way how text editing should be done.

  4. Anonymous12:04

    they should not add more option to trouble passengers even more

    if they would improve the scanner and add some other languages they could improve the service much easier for much more passengers

    do not comprehend how you can invest so much money in such unresponsive screens and so underwhelming scanners

  5. Of course U2 is inferior to JU. Easyjet is a down-market airline, only superior to Ryanair. Air Serbia is a market leader ahead in quality and customer service.

    1. Anonymous15:32

      And what happened after you woke up?

    2. Anonymous15:49

      The fact alone JU uses airbridges makes it a better airline. Imagine boarding by stairs in BEG with this weather.

    3. +1. With Easyjet you get wet boarding the plane when it is raining!

    4. Anonymous16:16

      and the ATR's ?

    5. Anonymous16:17

      Thank you so much guys! I was planning to fly Easyjet to Berlin, but now i ll sure fly with Air Serbia now. Getting wet while boarding the plane is one of my worst fears. No wonder why Easyjet is doing so bad in BEG

    6. Anonymous16:38

      Atrs you board by the bus so you don't get wet.

    7. Anonymous16:42

      From what I heard easyJet isn't doing that badly, they are just offering a worse product than JU. There are just some people on here who will trash JU no matter what.

    8. Anonymous16:49

      @anon 16:17

      I like our national airline, but it is insane comparing easyJet and Air Serbia. Do you know that even in FRA you board some of LH flights by stairs? And it auomatically means that Air Serbia is better than Lufthansa? It has nothing to do with the quality of the company.

      I would honestly prefer paying much less for easyJet flight boarded by stairs than much more for bridge boarding. What is the difference? 3 minutes?

      And yes...all the planes in easyJet fleet are jet planes. Much, much younger that JU fleet.

    9. Anonymous16:57

      We are talking about principles and services airline offer. LH parks some aircraft on remote stands because it has no choice, there is no room. easyJet does it because they are cheap when it comes to passenger comfort. In Belgrade boarding through stairs is ok only if it's dry outside. You first need to get down the stairs then walk all the way around the bridge, the wing and then up the stairs. With JU at least you avoid that.

      Also, JU has 30' in economy, U2 has 29'.

    10. Anonymous16:59

      Also speaking about only jets, U2 also leases a whole bunch of Avros with horrific seat pitch and horrible interiors.

    11. Anonymous17:03

      Does it make any difference to the passenger why he or she needs to board the plane by stairs? No. They have to do it, just with easyJet they pay less for a ticket than with Lufthansa.

      Do you know that in Air Serbia your hand luggage is limited on 8+4 kg and in U2 it is not limited at all as long as you have 1 suitcase within given measures?

      That is real advantage and not 1" seat pitch.

      Not to speak about the price - it is incomparable.

    12. Anonymous17:07

      And what is the percentage of Avros in their fleet?

      Or better to say in promiles?

    13. Anonymous17:11

      You can fly for example BSL-BEG-BSL with U2 for 55 EUR.

      Can you do it with JU?

    14. Anonymous17:14

      You can't because JU doesn't fly to BSL and that price is low because they compete with Wizz Air. Look at their prices to Berlin, they are much higher than 55 Euros. ;)

    15. Anonymous17:17

      easyJet is only cheap if you book months in advance, for example from mid-Demceber to mid-January they charge over €300 without any add-ons. After that you can fly for €70.

    16. Anonymous17:28

      easyJet is obviously dumping prices, they need to attract people to fly at those odd hours.