Thousands of Adria Airways items put on sale


Adria Airways’ bankruptcy administrator, Janez Pustatičnik, has published an invitation for the submission of publicly bindings bids for 21.277 items formerly owned by the defunct Slovenian flag carrier. They range from spare aircraft parts, equipment such as life vests, oxygen masks and seat covers to tray tables and stairs. The starting price for the entire collection is 396.863 euros, however, the items can be purchased individually. The deadline for the submission of bids, which must include a 39.688 euro security deposit, has been set for February 21. In addition, a 100% stake in Adria’s subsidiary Adria Airways Kosova is also being sold, with the starting price set for 20.000 euros. Those interested must submit their bids by February 18. Mr Pustatičnik has previously said he is aiming to conclude Adria’s bankruptcy proceedings by 2024.


  1. Anonymous10:46

    Janez is keen on earning his salary :)

  2. Anonymous11:50

    But there was no when they could just keep adria and wound have to pay all the debts just for payment of cabin crew and pilots.

  3. Anonymous14:44

    Is there a website for the items being auctioned off?

    1. Anonymous15:43

    2. They are even selling plants. It seems to me that the small amount of money they will get for some of this stuff will be less than the cost of putting up the pictures, taking bids, deciding a winner, and handling the sale. The lot with pillows and trays will also likely be sold at a loss. Why bother? I also like the #Adria4Ever at the bottom of their sales page. It is sad what happened to this airline and the fact that proper management could have avoided this fate.


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