under attack

The official internet website of the Montenegrin national airline has been under attack for the last 24 hours (and is still under attack as this news is written) by ethnic Albanian hackers from Kosovo. The attack commenced yesterday in the late afternoon hours when the Montenegro Airlines web page was covered with Albanian flags. There were a few lines written in English all reading “United Albania”. The group of hackers signed with “Kosova Hackers Group”. In the evening hours Montenegro Airlines “cleaned out” its website however attacks are still taking place. As this news article is written one can enter and come across material such as “Republika e Kosoves”, “Albanian hackers 4 ever” and a message written in Albanian.

The hacking group has become famous in the Balkans as they have already hacked into the rock internet portal “Balkanrock” when they wrote messages such as “United States of Albania”. Three years ago the Serbia’s mobile company “Mobiklik” web presentation was attacked with messages “063 never again in Kosovo) with 063 being the calling number of the mobile operator.
However this is a first time that a website of an airline company has been attacked this way. Montenegro Airlines has recently announced they are developing a new webpage which will be online by late September/early October 2008. The new website will include Internet booking and a much clearer and interesting web presentation. We hope security will also be updated.
UPDATE: has now been taken off line
UPDATE 2: Hackers have now attacked the web presentation of Montenegro’s daily newspapers