Ohrid Airport celebrates 55 years

Ohrid Airport in Macedonia is celebrating 55 years since the first commercial flight landed at the airport in 1953. The special occasion will be marked with a range of promotional activities which will take place at the airport named Ohrid St. Paul Apostole (the name caused the ususal row with Greece). In memory of the first commercial flights, operated by a Jat Airways DC3 from Belgrade to Ohrid via Skopje (pictured above), the airport authorities are organising and aero meeting. The meeting is also being organised on behalf of the Macedonian Aviation Federation and will feature various air acrobatic exercises including paragliding. The last aero meeting was organised in Ohrid in 1983 when the city was the host of the Yugoslav acrobatic flying championships. Other promotional activities will include the publishing of a book outlining the airport’s history as well as a photo display which will be set up at the airport terminal featuring various airlines and aircraft which have flown and are flying to Ohrid.

Ironically Jat no longer operates flights to Ohrid. It dropped the, what once used to be a seasonal, destination from its network this summer. There are currently 3 scheduled airlines operating to the sea side town, with Adria Airways and MAT Macedonian from EX-YU.