B&H airlines privatisation: Deadline closes - low interest

The agency for privatisation of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has confirmed that it has received only one offer for the purchase of 49% of the national airline of the country – B&H Airlines. The tender for the submission of offers was closed yesterday at 16.00CET however the agency has stated it will accept offers sent by mail that arrive in the next 3 days as they could have travelled longer than expected and arrived late as a result. The Agency has stated it is disappointed as many announced they would compete in the tender including Croatia Airlines, MyAir from Italy and Turkish Airlines. It is expected that the offer submitted is a joint bid from the Islamic Bank of reconstruction and development and Royal Jordanian Airlines, the national airline of Jordan.

The best offer, which in this case can only be the one submitted, will be revealed in 30 days (September 29) while final talks between the purchasing party and the government will be held on October 30.