New York service to begin soon

Priština Airport awaits Scanderbeg Air
The New York based Scanderbeg Air Corporation announced that it will commence nonstop flights between Priština and New York City this month. The 8 hour service between Priština and JFK Airport will be operated by a 214-seat Boeing B767-200ER, with flights starting on June 16. The airline’s executive director Petrit Ujkaj also said that the airline will begin nonstop flights to the Albanian capital, Tirana, on June 14.The new services are targeted at the Albanian Diaspora in the United States. This will not be the first time an airline has ventured to commence transatlantic flight to Priština. In 2007, ATA Airlines began flights to Tirana via Priština from New York. The American airline declared bankruptcy in April of 2008 and therefore did not return to the two cities during the 2008 summer season. The new flights to New York from Priština will operate on a seasonal basis.

Scanderbeg Air was established earlier this year by Albanian tour operators in the United States. The airline has a total of 2 aircraft (Boeing B767-200ERs) and will operate its maiden service by commencing flights to Tirana on June 14. The average return ticket price to Priština amounts to 1.200 American dollar (approximately 845 Euros), all taxes included. Ticket prices to Tirana are somewhat cheaper. Therefore, Priština will once again be the only city in the region to offer direct flights to New York.

All flight details can be found on the right hand side in the new route launches section.


  1. Anonymous09:06

    Pristina?? Kosovo?? Will these flights even be profitable?

    But why wont any American airline (eg. United, Delta, ...) consider flying to Sarajevo, Zagreb or Belgrade? If Jat even succeeded flying all the way here to Australia, then why would flights between ex yu and North America be successful?

  2. Anonymous09:07

    Ex yu, why dont you tell us about yourself, its been more than a year for your successful, bright and informative blog!

  3. Well I guess once a week an American flight wouldn't hurt their profits, most passengers transfer now through other big cities.

    What about feeder flights? Are other companies considering to add flights to PRN to coincide with the flights to JFK so they have a smooth connection?

  4. Hello people!
    I've been reading this blog for quite a while now, and lets say that I'm pretty impressed, so thats why I've just created my own account. I'm very interested in aviation, especially when it comes to our region. B&H Airlines would be my favourite airline, and ex yu aviation could you please continue to inform us about B&H Airlines, and not only that but also the Sarajevo airport expansion, if you have any information......or anyone?

    Thanks a lot
    Pozdrav iz Australije =)



    I know one who work on Sarajevo Airport & BH Airlines. The Sarajevo Airport expansion will cost 197,500 EURO. The duration of the expansion will take about 3 month (90 days)

    I will soon get subscription of the expansion.

  6. hvala Admine, imasli jos kakve informacije ba?

  7. Ma imam ti ja sve ;)

    Imasli e-mail ili tako nesto?

  8. Evo Admine,

  9. An american airline flying to one of the former yugoslavian republics would be profitable becuase a huge part of the profits generated by the airlines operating in ex yu have a large occupancy to connecting cities like Amsterdam, Vienna Munchen and Frankfurt.

    A lot of passenger are flying transit between the cities.

    A direct flight between New york or Sydney and Zagreb or belgrade would be very profitable since a lot of them fly through Amsterdam , Frankfurt , Munchen or Vienna.

    The only problems are the political
    reasons and this clearly shows us that to Pristina is possible because it's a UNESCO country and Zagreb and Belgrade not.

    Slovenia would be a good reason to services becuase they are within the EU.

  10. @Dusko

    What do you mean by Kosovo being a 'UNESCO' country?


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