Rijeka Airport facing financial collapse

Rijeka Airport passenger terminal - empty
Rijeka’s Airport, located on Krk Island in Croatia, is facing financial collapse and bankruptcy. The airport’s new management, as the previous one has been suspended, has pleaded with the Croatian government for emergency funds so that the airport can financially survive this summer. The future of the airport is uncertain if the Croatian government, which is the majority owner of the airport, does not approve 5 million Kuna (684.000 Euros) in funds. In recent months the airport is reporting a big decrease in passenger figures. The management says it cannot do much to save this year’s summer season as charter airlines, which could operate flights to Rijeka, decide about potential flights months in advance. The management also said that the funds from the government will be used in order for the airport to survive the global financial crisis and attract carriers for the 2010 summer season. Overall this year, from January until the end of April, Rijeka has reported a 11.1% decrease in passengers using the airport.

Rijeka is served by 5 airlines, all of which operate seasonal summer charters. Croatian airports are reporting a decline in passenger figures this year and the trend seems to have continued into May, with Zagreb Airport also reporting a significant decline although official data should be published within the next few days.